Personal Finance - Worksheet Bundle + Excel Workbook

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PF Worksheet Bundle Image.png

Personal Finance - Worksheet Bundle + Excel Workbook


These 6 worksheets are designed to help you organize your finances, create a solid money plan and put you on the path towards building real wealth.

What you get:

  • Excel Workbook including all worksheets
  • Printable PDF versions of all worksheets

Worksheets included in this bundle (see below for more details):

  • My current financial snapshot
  • My core money values
  • My debt prioritization
  • My budget
  • My insurance coverage
  • My accountability partners

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The Clever Girl Personal Finance 6 Worksheet Bundle + Excel Workbook

Worksheets included in this bundle:

My current financial snapshot

To help you determine where you currently stand financially a.k.a Your financial “big picture”

My core money values

To help you determine what matters the most in your life and where you should really be spending your money

My debt prioritization

To help you prioritize your debts, select a payoff method and determine what debt to pay off first

My budget

Your monthly spending plan to help you keep track of your income and expenses. The goal here is to spend less than you earn, pay debt and save more

My insurance coverage

To help you track what insurance coverage you have and which ones you should consider

My accountability partners

Identify people that will keep you motivated and help you stay on track with your money goals


Tip: Start by writing things out on paper first and then move to spreadsheets later.

Important Notes for Excel version:

  • Do not delete formulas
  • If you need to add more rows remember to update the formulas to include the new rows