17 Best Items to Resell for Extra Cash

Are you searching for new ways to make extra income? Let us introduce you to reselling and give you ideas on the best items to resell! In this article, we’ll discuss where to find items (some are right in your own house!) and where to sell them as well.

Best items to resell

If you’re a natural bargain hunter (maybe a coupon-clipper who constantly looks for the best coupon websites), keep reading to learn how to use that skill to make extra cash. Let’s get to it!

How does reselling work?

As the word implies, reselling involves buying items and selling them again for profit.

So, follow the age-old advice to buy low and sell high. But how do you figure out the best things to resell?

With the help of technology, it’s never been easier to build a reselling business or learn how to start business from scratch ideas. Nowadays, you can essentially sell anything.

My advice is to start with your unwanted stuff. Then, find items from yard sales, auctions, and marketplaces. Sell items you find for a profit, noting what sells well and what you can list at a higher price.

Why reselling for cash is a great idea

Reselling is great if you’re looking for ways to make money. It’s one of the best and most unique side hustles you can do in your spare time.

You might even learn new skills. Most importantly, starting a side hustle can help you build a financial cushion through the following:

Build your emergency savings

With the extra income, you can build or boost your emergency fund account.

We’ve been living through a series of “unprecedented times.” Many households are feeling the impact of inflation on savings, an unstable job market, and a looming recession.

That’s why it’s crucial to pad your emergency savings in case of job loss, medical emergency, and other unexpected expenses.

Pay off debt

You can also use any additional cash you generate to learn how to pay off credit cards fast. Paying off debt saves you interest and fees.

It also frees up more disposable income to spend on things you like. Flipping items for a higher price in a resale business can help you enjoy more of your life. 

In addition, being debt-free not only benefits your bank account but also helps you feel better physically and mentally as well.

Have cash on hand

Starting easy side hustles like this and making extra money is an excellent way to save for vacations, home renovations, and other planned expenses you might have.

It also increases your ability to invest, so your money works for you. 

The 17 best items to resell for a profit

There are two approaches you can take when choosing what to resell. The first is to buy or sell items you know enough about.

You can also research the most lucrative items for resale and learn how to sell them. It’s not necessarily hard, but it does take time and effort.

You’re never too old to learn new things! Check out the list below for some ideas of the best things to resell. 

1. Sports memorabilia

With technology, it’s become easier to buy and sell sports memorabilia. It’s expected to grow into a $200 billion industry by 2032, according to Globe Newswire

People have always been passionate about their teams and sports heroes. So, look for items connected to well-known teams and players since a large fan base means a bigger market for you.

In addition, the age, rarity, and condition of the items affect the price you can sell pieces for, as well as whether the item is authenticated or not.

Sports jerseys, autographed pictures, game balls, action figures, and trading cards are some of the best items to resell.

2. Antique items

There’s always a market for antique pieces, so they’re some of the best items to resell. Think antique clocks, lamps, china, decorative items and even vintage toys.

With antique items, you’re dealing with a small number of products. So, you’ll most likely spend most of your time looking for inventory.

Check out thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets for great options at affordable prices. You may be able to buy from auctions and other antique dealers as well. Of course, don’t forget to check the good ol’ Facebook marketplace.

3. Shoes

There are many ways to resell shoes depending on who you want to sell to and what you know.

So, if you know sneakers, there’s money in selling limited edition sneakers like Adidas and Nike styles.

You can also make extra money from selling designer shoes from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin.

Similarly, there’s a market for more mainstream brands like UGGs, Converse, or Michael Kors.

4. Toys and games

Collectible and old-school toys are some of the best items for reselling. You can always find buyers for vintage action figures and Barbies, Beanie Babies, and American Girl Dolls.

Apparently, there’s also a market for Pokemon trading cards.

If you don’t know anything about trading cards, you can make cash selling video games and board games instead.

If you can find the season’s hottest toys, you can also make a good amount of money.

However, this would mean ensuring you’re up to date with what’s trending on social media. 

5. Musical instruments

Kids and adults alike are known for starting a hobby only to abandon it shortly afterward. That’s why musical instruments are great items to resell. There’s always someone looking to buy one and another looking to sell.

Guitars, basses, and amplifiers are the most popular to flip. But you can also sell drums, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, etc.

6. Sporting goods

There’s a high demand for used sporting goods because they’re expensive to buy new. Bikes, ski equipment, golf clubs, and camping gear are among the best items to resell.

Find items online at places like Facebook Marketplace or garage sales that you can try to flip for profit.

7. Exercise equipment

Many people buy exercise equipment with the best intentions. However, these items can sit for years without being used. Often, they’re also heavy and bulky, so people are happy to get rid of them.

You can typically sell treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and home gyms for decent profits. Even weights, kettlebells, and yoga mats are some of the best items to resell.

8. Clothing

The secondhand apparel market is growing. It’s expected to become a $350 billion industry by 2027, according to ThredUp

If you have a talent for fashion, you can niche down and only look for designer, vintage, or branded clothing to sell. You may also choose to curate well-loved pieces for everyone. It’s best to start with what you know and what you own.

You could ask family and friends for unwanted clothes as well.

Then, get comfortable sourcing items from consignment stores, shops like Goodwill, garage sales, store clearance racks, and thrift stores. ThredUp is also a good place to find branded and designer items to sell.

9. Books

I think books are one of the best items to resell because it’s not difficult to find inventory. Remember that Amazon started as solely an online bookseller. That said, you can resell books through Amazon.

I check out library sales and yard sales when I want to find books to sell. Sites like NextDoor and other local classified ads can turn up some good finds, too. Check the best online marketplaces for reselling books to make a great profit.

The most popular books to resell are textbooks since they are so expensive, and no one typically wants to reread them after they’re done. (Find the best place to sell textbooks online!) There’s an audience for most non-fiction books, arts and crafts, and sheet music as well.

10. Household items and decor

To find household items to sell for quick cash, look around your home for stuff you want to get rid of. It’s a win-win! You get to declutter, make money, and try your hand at reselling.

It may take trial and error to find what sells in your area. But shelves, paintings, decorative pieces, and holiday decorations are great things to sell via online marketplaces.

You can also make good money from selling expensive kitchen appliances such as air fryers, espresso machines, or blenders.

11. Furniture

You would need a large area for storage and a bit of sweat equity to resell furniture. But people are always looking for affordable furniture. So, they’re great items for resale.

Start with basic pieces like tables, chairs, couches, and desks. Mid-century modern furniture is making a comeback, so these are great items to look for.

You can also fix up pieces like dressers and sideboards and make more money. As always, the first place to look for furniture is your own home or storage space. 

Keep in mind that furniture is bulky to ship, so it is better to do it locally. Facebook Marketplace is a good option for this.

12. Handbags

Just like shoes, handbags are a great reselling option, especially if you want to sell designer handbags for cash.

But again, it’s best to start with what you know because there are lots of imitations out there. Authentic luxury handbags are some of the best things to resell in today’s marketplace. Personally, this is one of my favorite ways to make money!

As you gain experience and get to know your buyers, you can focus your attention on brands that resell well.

You may choose to specialize in high-end designer bags, such as a Hermes Birkin bag investment, Chanel, Prada, and Gucci. On the other hand, your bestsellers could be brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Longchamp.

13. Jewelry and other accessories

Jewelry and accessories are very lucrative resell items. Finely crafted jewelry pieces like engagement rings can be worth a lot because of their quality and material. The same is true for high-end sunglasses and expensive watches.

For instance, diamond earrings or costume jewelry from well-known designers can fetch you a pretty penny. Just ensure you have authentication or an appraisal so you can ask for a better price. 

With inexpensive accessories like belts, hats, and scarves, focus on selling more items. Show customers fun and interesting ways to wear them, and they, too, can become some of your best resell items. 

14. Tools

People usually buy hand tools and power tools for one project and then decide to sell them. On the other hand, these tools can get expensive, so many would look for previously owned items first.

This is why selling tools is a great way to make extra income. Look for name-brand tools like DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch because buyers want trusted brands.

Power tools like weed whackers, circular saws, and cordless drills sell well. But so do common tools like hammers, saws, socket sets, and screwdrivers.

15. Electronics

Electronics offer multiple avenues of reselling. Smartphones, gaming systems, cameras, and laptops are popular items that are both in demand and readily available.

At the start of your selling venture, stick to brands and models that retain their value, like Apple iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy phones.

There’s also a market for popular consoles and games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. So, you can make money sourcing and selling them.

16. Kids’ gear

Baby gear, clothing, and toys are expensive, especially for parents trying to stick to a baby budget and keep up with changing needs as their kids grow. That’s why kids’ stuff is one of the best items to resell.

You can also feel good about reselling these items because you’re providing a great service to parents looking for ways to save.

There are ways to earn money selling gently used kids’ stuff. You can focus just on children’s clothes. Or you may choose to focus on the best things to resell, such as good quality toys, gently used strollers, high chairs, and cribs. 

17. Vinyl records

Vinyl records are somewhat of a nostalgia item for some collectors, making vinyl LPs one of the best things you can sell.

In addition, vinyl record sales continue to increase in sales over consecutive years, per VarietyThis means theres strong demand and a strong market for these collectibles.

Expert tip: Determine what items sell best

One great way to make extra cash is by reselling items that you have around the house or that you find at other resale shops. By using online marketplaces as well as local options for reselling, there’s likely a good chance of finding buyers for these popular resale items. 

I like to do my research ahead of time to determine the best items people want to buy in my area. And I keep in mind that I might also have other used products that could fetch a decent resale price.

Use the idea of extra cash as motivation to declutter your home or check out vintage retailers for great resale items. 

5 Ideas for where to find items for resale

If you didn’t automatically think of a pile of stuff you’ve got lying around, you may wonder where to locate these great items to resell. Avoid retail stores and check out these common treasure troves of the best stuff to resell, which could be worth real money to someone else.

1. Your home

First of all, you definitely want to take a look around your home for any potential resale products. Even if you don’t live in a large place, you might be surprised at how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the months and years. 

Do a closet purge, and go through your drawers and storage units to see what you don’t need anymore. Chances are good that you’ll uncover some great items that will draw a higher price. It’ll feel great to clear space in those cluttered areas, and your wallet will thank you, too.

2. Relatives’ homes

Along the same vein, why not consider if your parents, friends, or other family members are holding on to stuff they don’t need?

Now, be sure these relatives are on board with clearing out their things, but they may be thrilled that someone else wants to help them get rid of household items! 

If you get their approval, you could spend a few Saturdays going through spaces in a loved one’s home to find anything worth reselling. Being open to flipping items is also helpful. 

You’ll have to work out an agreement with your relatives about how to divvy up the money—or maybe they’ll say you can keep it all!

3. Antique and vintage stores

Once you’ve exhausted options at home and within your family, it’s time to go antiquing. Antique stores and vintage shops are fantastic places to find items. 

It may require some research on your part unless you’re an antiques expert. You can look up items online or talk to appraisers in your area to find out the potential value of something and the best items to flip

Just be careful not to spend more to purchase vintage items from a retailer than you can reasonably expect to earn through resale. 

4. Flea markets

Similar to an antique store, a flea market is a wonderful resource for stuff to resell.

In most cases, the sellers at flea markets are also reselling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good deal. If you’re really interested in spending time on this side hustle, you can explore area flea markets regularly to pick up some of the best resell items. 

5. Garage sales

Let’s not forget about the good old garage sale (or yard sale). People holding garage sales are often eager to unload their stuff and may be happy to make a quick 100 bucks for a day’s work if they need $100 dollars fast

I find that weekends are a good time to explore garage sales in nearby neighborhoods, and it just takes time and effort to pick out the types of things I can resell for the biggest profit. I look for items that are good quality, of course.

Where to list items for resale?

Now that you’ve got a few ideas on what to resell for profit explore your options to find the places where you can make the most money.

Different platforms cater to different customers. Check the fees and policies of the platform before you sign up, and make sure it’s right for your inventory.

Here are a few sites to consider.

Social media sites

You can post pictures and descriptions of items you’re selling on social media sites. Instagram and Facebook Marketplace are free to use.

However, you have to keep in contact with buyers and give them directions on how to pay, and some customers will make it a hassle for you. 

Another way to use social media is to drum up interest from potential buyers by posting photos or descriptions of items. But redirect people to your website, where they can browse and purchase your products.

Your own website

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a website. You can also get one done from freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Building and maintaining a website costs money, but it would also save you from paying commissions and fees.

Keep in mind that drawing traffic (customers) to your website can be challenging if you don’t already have a large following. You’ll probably still need to post on free marketplaces to direct people to your site. 


Amazon is a good place to sell everything we have on this list. To sell on Amazon, you have to sign up for a merchant account.

They also charge a fee for every item you sell, depending on your plan. But you can sell on a well-known site with a built-in system.


Just like Amazon, there’s nothing you can’t sell on eBay. You can list a huge variety of the best resell items, including collectibles, antique items, video games, clothes, shoes, etc.

You’ll need to follow the platform’s guidelines and selling policies, of course. They also charge fees based on the item’s category and selling price.

On eBay, you have to build up a reputation with reviews. You might start with less expensive items first to establish your account.


Etsy is another platform that’s been around for a while. If you want to sell on Etsy, you’re restricted to only items that are handmade, vintage, or qualify as a craft supply


Poshmark is another marketplace you might consider. It’s a great place to sell accessories, home goods, designer clothes, and shoes.

Poshmark also takes commissions, so take that into account when setting prices. For sales under $15, they charge a flat fee of $2.95. And for items that sell over $15, they take a 20% commission.


OfferUp is an app that lets you purchase and sell items locally. Once you download the app, you upload photos and create descriptions for the items you want to sell.

Listing on OfferUp is free, and you can arrange payment and delivery with your buyer.

However, if you choose to accept payment and ship items through the app, you’ll be charged a service fee. (It’s either $1.99 or 12.9% of the final price without shipping costs, whichever is larger.)

Vestiare Collective

Vestiare Collective is an online luxury consignment with one of the most meticulous authentication processes, so you know you’re getting the real deal. It could be a great place to source vintage clothing pieces and designer brands for your reselling venture.

Similarly, they accept designer bags, watches, jewelry, and clothing in case you need to offload pieces you can’t sell.


Try Craigslist when you want to list items that are good quality but cheaper than retail price. There are items under a wide range of categories, including sporting goods, books, CDs, jewelry, furniture, electronics, and so much more. Craigslist is just one of many online marketplaces where you can set up a resale business. 

What is a good resell item?

There are quite a few good resale items to choose from, as seen above. Think about items that are likely to still be in great condition even after use.

Kids’ gear may be a good option, as well as exercise equipment that often goes unused by the original owner. And, of course, if you have collectibles that are in demand at the moment, those may be some of the best things you can sell.

What is the best item to flip?

One of the best items to flip is anything in the furniture category, especially good-quality wood furniture.

It isn’t a skill we all have, but if you’ve got space to store and refinish wooden dining sets, for example, you could make a good resale by doing the work of making it look like new. Try flipping furniture to get the best return on your investment potentially. 

What is a good resell profit?

A good resell profit really depends on what you need to earn. In general, figure out not only how much money you’ll spend acquiring items to resell but also how much time and energy it’ll take between flipping items and finding places to sell them. According to Rayobyte.com, resellers like to aim for a 50% profit margin.

For example, an item you pay $20 for, you’d want to resell for at least $30 (that’s only if you didn’t spend any money to repair or refurbish it). You don’t have to stick to that amount, but make sure you’re pricing things high enough to make it worth your while to resell it. 

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Start reselling to make extra cash!

Finding the best items to resell is truly a great way to make extra cash. There are multiple ways to get started, like decluttering your home and selling your own unwanted stuff.

The start-up costs are minimal. Also, you can begin making money right away with a few listings on social media sites and apps.

However, it’s not one of the businesses that run themselves for passive income. 

Start today and use your extra income to pay off debts, or take a lovely vacation. Check out our completely free courses on investing and learn how to make your money work for you.

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