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The 22 Best Work From Anywhere Jobs To Earn More Money!

Let me guess: You've searched Google trying to find the best work from anywhere jobs and the results were overwhelming. Working from home is now both a necessary and popular option for many, but there don't seem to be enough opportunities.

Work from anywhere jobs

When you check out the remote job market, some look like scams, and others ask for payment. And the rest ask for skills you simply don't have. Meanwhile, you're seeing a ton of people post about how they made $20,000 this month while sitting in their PJs at home.

Every now and then, you read legitimate stories of how people radically changed their lives with the best work from home jobs. You know it’s possible, but how? You need to find your own perfect job so you too can start making money online today!

Whether you prefer to work alone, are a stay-at-home mom, or a teenager looking for ways to make money, we've got you covered! P.S. We also have a dedicated list of jobs that pay well without a degree.

Benefits of work from anywhere jobs

The gig economy is booming. In fact, more than one-third of the U.S. workforce participates in the gig economy (that is 36% to be precise). In real numbers, that works out to 57 million people!

It is clear that this movement is here to stay, and culturally, work arrangement thinking is changing fast. The advancement of technology is a major factor in teleworking.

Plus, people are more mobile and therefore able to participate in the workforce independent of their location. Shared economies such as Uber and Etsy are dominating their markets presenting more and more opportunities for everyone to get a share.

These work from anywhere jobs have many unique benefits including:

1. You can set up a home office the way you want with a work from anywhere job

Not into working from a cubicle with an uncomfortable rolling chair? Have you always wanted a standing desk but your employer never supported such arrangements?

Working remotely from home lets you customize your workspace the way you really want. No questions asked. No one to explain yourself to.

It makes a world of a difference if your work environment influences your creativity and productivity.

2. Work from anywhere jobs give you the freedom to wave goodbye to office politics

An often unpleasant part of a regular day job is navigating the waters of office politics. In some roles, this isn’t an issue, but in others, politics can really ruin what is an otherwise pleasant field of work.

Work from anywhere jobs free you from the politics in the office, rigid hierarchical structures, and the stress that can come with such a role.

3. Work from anywhere jobs mean your office can be anywhere you want

Related to the above, your office can really be anywhere. As unrealistic as it may seem to see people working from the beach, the best work from home jobs make this possible.

You’ll have the flexibility to work from any location – coffee shops, home, library, outdoors, car. Pretty much wherever you like!

4. You save more money with a work from anywhere job

Work from home arrangements come with cost savings benefits in categories such as transport and even food. With no need to commute anywhere daily and the ability to eat at home, you'll save money.

You can also look for top paying jobs from home to add to your income. As a result, you are in an advantageous position to accelerate achieving your financial goals.

5. You learn new skills with a work from anywhere job

While it may be less convenient to no longer have colleagues whose brains you can pick on the fly, as you work from home, you’ll gain really valuable skills.

You may find yourself making simple changes to the backend of a website or running social media campaigns that you previously knew nothing about! Whatever the case, embrace the process and learn as much as you can because you will likely use it again in other endeavors.

6. You experience a greater amount of flexibility in your schedule with a work from anywhere job

With less focus on face-time and 100% focus on producing results, working from home can give you the flexibility you need to control your own schedule as long as you finish what you set out to do.

If you’re a night owl, freelance jobs from home help you work in your productive windows with no disturbances and without a need to start your workday at 9 am. You can also take breaks as you need to and run errands during the day that you otherwise would not have been able to.

Are work from anywhere jobs legit for making money?

In a nutshell, yes. Working from home through an online job is possible and legit. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Behind all the success stories of people making a really good income from their online endeavors are countless hours spent learning a new craft or running an online store.

In many cases, it presents a much higher earning potential than a regular 9 to 5 job. The key is to put in the work.

How to avoid online job scams with work from anywhere jobs

Scams around work from home and freelance jobs from home are a dime a dozen online. It's understandable that many people are wary of them.

If you’ve been out of work for a while, you may be more vulnerable to scams but the key to avoiding any pitfalls is to trust your instinct on any opportunities that present themselves.

How to spot a scam

Key indicators of scams include requests for payments, pushy and overly insistent recruiters, and an unrealistically high salary for the amount of work you will put in.

Others like weird-looking contact information such as [email protected], or an immediate offer for work without any formal interview or recruitment process are also red flags.

Additionally, it is very important to do thorough research on any company offering promising work-from-home jobs. Especially if they are not a widely known company.

Where to look for work from anywhere jobs

To mitigate risk, you can use a remote job site that screens employers for you like FlexJobs. It's a very well-curated site for freelance jobs as well as remote and other flexible gigs.

FlexJobs is sorted by the type of job you may want, and you won’t have to worry about scam postings, because they research the jobs and monitor new gigs pretty thoroughly.

The following suggestions are great work from anywhere job ideas. There are different requirements based on the job, but many of them are easy to get into.

1. Virtual Assistant

As the gig economy grows, more and more people are scaling their businesses, and many need an additional hand to help them manage routine tasks while they focus on growing their companies.

If you’re a ninja at organization, a great communicator, and are self-motivated, then a virtual assistant position may be just what you need. Typical tasks include schedule planning, email management, answering phone calls, data entry, booking travel, and managing social media.

Experience required: Organization and basic computer skills to get started.

Recommended places to start: Check out this course that will help you set up your Virtual Assistant business in the next 30 days, and sites like UpworkFlexJobsand Remote.co.

Average pay: $10 - $28 / hour.

2. Online ESL tutor

The internet opened up a ton of opportunities including the ability of two people on different continents to communicate live. Fluent English speakers can teach others looking to brush up their English skills.

As an ESL teacher, you will be able to teach English to clients in places such as Hong Kong, China, and the Middle East who are looking to improve their career prospects by learning English. Lessons can be conducted via Skype or through software belonging to agencies that hire tutors for their clients.

Experience required: Bachelor’s degree and fluency in English.

Recommended places to start: Legitimate online sites such as VIPKid and Teach Away.

Typical pay: $22 on average.

3. Proofreader

If you love catching grammatical errors in writing, proofreading may be the online work you need. Proofreading skills are useful in many arenas – from transcripts for court reporters to the world of book writing.

Proofreaders take the time to read through articles and writing before it is finalized. They check for errors and anything that looks off about the writing. Some bloggers also hire proofreaders to edit the content on their sites to ensure that it reads well and is error-free.

While proofreading may not make you a ton of money, it can certainly boost your income and even allow you to travel the world or make big purchases.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: Check out resources like Proofread Anywhere.

General pay: $28.15 per hour.

4. Blogger

Over the past decade, blogging has grown extremely popular as one of the best work from home jobs for women who enjoy writing. It gives you the opportunity to share information with an audience that is interested in your topic.

Starting a blog today has never been easier. You can have a site up and running within minutes. Your own computer and internet connection can make blogging one of your work from anywhere jobs.

If you’re a new blogger, you may find yourself caught up in trying to figure out the perfect name, color scheme, WordPress template, etc. Instead of getting stuck on the technicalities or the look of your blog, focus on building great and helpful content.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: We absolutely love the resources on YouTube.

Usual pay: Unlimited, anywhere from $0 - > $10,000 / month and beyond.

5. Freelance writer

Many blogs and websites hire writers to put together content for them. This includes blog posts, specific web pages, or any other long-form content related to their business.

Freelance writing is a great service to provide and demand is expected to grow as more and more businesses go online. Plus, you'll have the chance to make your own hours.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: Explore local businesses in your area that may be in need of writers, join Facebook groups, and market your services on LinkedIn.

Standard pay: $50+ per article.

6. Social media manager

Social media accounts went from a guilty pleasure to a mandatory part of every business over the past few years. The quickest way to engage with your audience is through social media channels such as PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.

Curating a perfect Instagram feed or finding group boards to join can be very time-consuming for business owners, so many will hire a dedicated social media manager to do digital marketing.

To start, it will be helpful for you to know and understand what an audience in your client’s niche is drawn to. Are they looking to be inspired, motivated, or educated? Job responsibilities include curating the content, tracking engagement, and making tweaks to the social media strategy.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: Familiarity with how different platforms work, responsive attitude.

Average pay: $52,958 a year.

7. Data entry clerk

Data entry jobs tend to be all over the internet but as you browse through them, you need to be really careful to avoid scams. These jobs will by no means make you rich so they should ideally be considered as supplemental income.

Data entry jobs are work from anywhere jobs where you are behind a computer or laptop, and you input data – numbers or any other information such as phone logs into a database. Be sure to cultivate skills such as organization, attention to detail, and teamwork.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: Check out Clickworker.

Typical pay: $10 to about $17 per hour, with the average being $14.42 per hour according to Payscale.

8. Resume writer

Many job-seekers don’t have the time or the adequate skills to put together a well-crafted, interview-winning resume. This is where a professional resume writer comes in who can put this together in good time.

If you’re wondering how to get started, putting together resumes for friends and family is a great way to begin, in addition to selling your services on online marketplaces. You can do this type of remote work part-time or full-time once you get enough clients.

Experience required: Understanding of hiring practices in a corporate environment and good writing skills.

Recommended places to start: Edit resumes for people you know, and find clients on sites like Upwork.

Standard pay: $100 - $2,000.

9. Graphic designer 

If you’re creative, you’ll love working on graphic design projects. Armed with some creativity, motivation, and minimal design skills, you can have a thriving graphic design side business.

The key thing to remember with graphic design is that while technical skills can be developed over time, developing a “good eye” for colors, elements, and themes will be what sets you apart.

In addition, while there are many creatives out there, only a handful are well versed and comfortable with marketing their services, so to set yourself apart, polish up on your design skills, and equally importantly, learn how to sell yourself.

Experience required: No design school necessary, but pros depend on tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Recommended places to start: The Graphic Design School Book or a Graphic Design Bootcamp or sell your work on sites like Etsy, RedbubbleCreative Market or Zazzle.

Usual pay: Approximately $47,000 a year.

10. Website designer

It’s no secret that almost every business needs to have a web presence to be competitive today – it’s the primary “home” for many businesses and this creates a lot of opportunities for web designers. So website designing is a great freelance jobs from home option.

Businesses needing web design services come in all shapes and forms – from doctors' offices and law firms to e-commerce stores and bloggers.

The one thing they all look for is an on-target web experience that speaks well to their target audience and results in the conversions, subscribers, or sales they are looking to achieve.

Experience required: Knowledge of programs such as HTML and CSS.

Recommended places to start: With a book on designing and building websites.

Typical pay: $55k/year as a freelancer.

11. Customer service contractor

Recently, some companies have been shifting much of their workforce into remote positions, and often, customer service jobs fit the bill for this type of change. Customer experience is very important, and businesses want to know that their clients are receiving great help.

For this role, you'll likely answer telephones, book appointments, help clients, and do administrative tasks. It can be one of the best work from home jobs for women with kids at home.

If you’re really ambitious, you can establish your own Customer Service company that hires other customer service representatives. Hire your employees out to organizations looking to ramp up their customer service teams.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: Job sites such as Flexjobs or Craigslist.

Average pay: $10 to about $17 per hour, with the average being $14.42 per hour according to Payscale.

12. Online store owner - Etsy/eBay/Amazon

If you’re skilled in making things with your hands, you can sell your items online. Or make and sell things from home such as digital products and printables that your customers can download using your store. It's one of the most fun work from home jobs for females who are entrepreneurial.

If you’re not an artisan, online stores are still a great option for you. Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay can be great places to sell items ranging from electronics to books, and pretty much any product customers may need.

The beauty of these marketplaces is that you don’t have to have an existing audience to start making money. The key instead is to focus on building great products, taking really good photos, and ensuring that you have the right keywords and good descriptions in your listing. You just need a laptop and a good attitude.

Experience required: None.

Recommended places to start: Join Facebook groups related to the specific platform, check out Etsy, and gather information from blogs and books.

Usual pay: Unlimited, making this one of the top paying jobs from home. It will however likely require some start-up costs.

13. Appointment setter

Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Are you great at getting answers to questions and quick thinking? You could be well suited for the job of appointment setter.

To be an appointment setter, you'll need to set up appointments between the company you work for and clients, and this may include cold calling. You want to help the company make sales so it's best if you are good with details and like to get results.

Experience required: Communication skills and sales are both helpful.

Recommended places to start: Try LinkedIn or sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter.

Standard pay: Zippia reports approximately $15 an hour.

14. Online juror

And you thought jury duty was just an inconvenience! Turns out, this is one of the legitimate work from anywhere jobs! If you want to do something that is unique yet interesting, this could be your gig.

Online jurors get paid to be part of mock trials. You will be presented with evidence and then asked for your decision to help lawyers and attorneys prepare their cases. So if you're interested in law and enjoy reviewing information, try this out.

Experience required: 18+ years, US citizen, no criminal record, literate, and able to make judgments clearly, according to Indeed.

Recommended places to start: Try out ejury.com or Resolution Research to start.

Typical pay: Generally between $20 and $60 per case, though rates can vary a lot.

15. Event and wedding planner

If you're great at organizing, schedules, phone calls, and giving instructions, then event and wedding planning might be for you. It can be fun to help people create a special day or event, and you can get paid for it!

You can do this online by setting up appointments and communicating with people via email and phone. While most events will require you to be there for the day of the party, there may be exceptions and you can simply handle all the planning up until the party.

Advertise yourself as a virtual event planner and offer services online, including Zoom meetings, schedule creation, vendor contacts, etc.

Experience required: None, but some organization and planning skills are important.

Recommended places to start: Your own website, and gather information from sites like Eventbrite.

Usual pay: Approximately $57,000 annually.

16. Investor

Unless you have quite a bit of start-up capital, investing is one of the work from anywhere jobs that will take quite a bit of time to become a full-time income. So begin investing slowly after research. You may choose mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, or other investing options.

Your investments will grow over time until you make an income from dividends or interest. When this replaces your income, you can cease working a regular job and begin living off investments as one of the top paying jobs from home.

Experience required: None, but some knowledge about investing is important.

Recommended places to start: Fidelity Investments or Vanguard are good options to begin with.

Typical pay: Varies depending on dividends, interest rates, and the amount you invest.

17. Coach

Becoming a coach will allow you to work flexible hours and work in a field you enjoy with clients you choose. There are many types of coaches, from career coaches to financial and more, and it's one of the work from home jobs for women who enjoy teaching and motivating others!

If you're qualified and know a lot about a subject, you may be able to take on some clients as a coach and help them to excel in whatever you specialize in. Be sure to get any necessary certifications and training first.

Experience required: Depending on the type of coaching services you offer, you may need a degree or certification.

Recommended places to start: Your website, social media, and networking can help.

Usual pay: Extremely varied depending on the work you do and the rates you set.

18. Accountant

This requires some job training and a love of numbers. But if you don't mind the work, it's one of the best work from home jobs for females who love math. Being an accountant is a great work from anywhere job, and it's pretty lucrative.

Experience required: CPA license, and a bachelor's degree in a related field may help.

Recommended places to start: Check Indeed or LinkedIn for job opportunities, or advertise to get your own clients.

Average pay: Around $73,000 on average.

19. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist job is well suited for people who are very good typers and can work in a quiet environment. Transcriptionists listen to recordings and then type out what they hear. The work isn't too challenging but it may be very time-consuming.

This might be a great idea as a part-time job. It's a good way to make easy money while working from home.

Experience required: Typing skills are helpful and you may need some computer equipment.

Recommended places to start: Try out sites like Rev that specialize in transcription.

Typical pay: According to the Transcription Certification Institute the usual pay is about $19 an hour, though you can make more with experience.

20. Translator

If you're bilingual you can find work as a translator. If you enjoy reading and are fluent in multiple languages, this can be a fun and lucrative job. You will spend your time translating documents from one language to another in most cases.

​Experience required: Fluency in multiple languages, sometimes a bachelor's degree.

Recommended places to start: Try out Gengo or sites like Blend Express to begin.

Typical pay: Over $78,000 a year according to ZipRecruiter.

21. Travel agent

Do you find flight and hotel deals all the time? Are you great at planning out trips and booking accommodations? You would make an amazing travel agent, which can be one of the most exciting and rewarding work from anywhere jobs.

This type of job can be done for a company, or you can work on your own if you prefer that. If you enjoy helping people and planning amazing vacations, this job is for you.

Experience required: A high school diploma and computer and communication skills help.

Recommended places to start: Check out ADTRAV to work with a company or start your own business.

Usual pay: A little over $16 an hour.

22. Cyber security professional

If you have a technology background and the right experience, you can work in cyber security from anywhere. You'll help protect businesses from cyber-attacks. This job is definitely in demand and not going anywhere anytime soon, so it's a great career choice.

Experience required: A degree is helpful but not always necessary; you do need training, though.

Recommended places to start: Check out ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Indeed, and other job sites.

Typical pay: You can make $85,000 up to $130,000 a year usually, making this one of the top paying jobs from home.

Leverage these work from anywhere job ideas to achieve your goals

Earning some extra cash with work from anywhere jobs or freelance jobs from home can be a nice boost to your income. However, it's important to make sure you leverage the extra income you are earning to reach your financial goals.

So start investing in yourself through bookspersonal finance coursespodcasts, etc. They are a great way to start acquiring the knowledge you need to use your earnings to build long-term wealth for you and your family.​

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