9 Black Women Financial Experts You Need To Know

Black Women Financial Experts

As financial institutions continue to target women of color, many black women financial experts have taken a stance. But why is this important? Well, when it comes to black women and money, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome. Not only are black women disproportionately impacted by the student loan debt crisis, but we’re also victims of wealth disparities due to race. This, coupled with mortgage discrimination, further cripples the ability to purchase a home and build generational wealth.

Despite being the most educated group in the US by post-secondary degrees, black women are still only paid a fraction of their counterparts. Most recently studies showed that black women receive $0.63 for every dollar earned by white men. With all of these odds being stacked against us, we continue to excel—hailing as the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America.

Black women financial experts are providing financial education and resources to our communities. These are Black women who understand the importance of our financial wellbeing and have made it their mission to educate others. Here's our top list of the Black women financial experts that you should know about.

9 Black women financial experts that you should know

Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi is one of the leading faces in personal finance for women. As the 2021 Financial Educators Council Financial Education Instructor of the Year, her mission is to help women become accountable, ditch debt, save money, and build real wealth. She does so through this very platform—Clever Girl Finance. She has also authored three books centered around money management, investing, and business for women. Be sure to check out the completely free courses here on Clever Girl Finance.

Jamilla Souffrant

Jamilla Souffrant

Jamila is the founder of the award-winning podcast, Journey to Launch. She's on a mission to help others eliminate debt, save more money and increase their net worth. This way, they can ultimately achieve financial freedom & independence. With a community of over 135,000 people, Jamilla shares the lessons from her own journey of becoming financially independent. In addition, provides both a course and membership community for those who want hands-on assistance with their journey to financial independence.

Valencia Higuera

Valencia Higuera

Better known as Vee from The Broken Wallet, Valencia Higuera has been a personal finance writer for over 16 years. Most recently, though, she has gotten in front of the screen to provide financial education via her YouTube Channel. With over 44,000 subscribers and nearly 2 million views, she has become a staple resource for those wanting to learn more about frugal living. Vee provides this content for free each week to her audience.

Nicole Hatcher

Nicole Hatcher

Nicole Hatcher of Frugal Chic Life is on a mission to achieve financial independence in 10 years. And she’s helping others along the way. as she does it. With a focus on eliminating debt, spending wisely, and saving for the future, she teaches others to do so while being “chic". Outside of offering free content on her popular YouTube channel, she also offers courses and products on budgeting, investing, and side hustles. In addition, you can also work with Nicole one-on-one via coaching and consultation sessions.

Tai McNeely

Tai Mcneely

As one half of the His & Her Money pair, Tai McNeely is on a mission to help couples become better with their finances and their relationship. Having become debt-free millionaires, Tai and her husband, Talaat, provide weekly content. This content includes debt-free living, money management, entrepreneurship, faith, and more! Alongside her husband, she is the author of the book Money Talks: The Ultimate Couples Guide to Communicating About Money. Additionally, they offer courses on budgeting and paying off your mortgage. They also offer a membership community for couples who want to manage money better, build wealth for their family, and work on their relationship.

Dannie Vann

Dannie Van

Dannie is the founder of Pennies to Wealth. On her platform, she shares her own personal journey of going from poverty to stability. She is on a mission to help others live within their means and accomplish their financial goals, even after divorce. While providing actionable content on her popular Instagram page, Dannie also offers one-on-one coaching and accountability.

Dr. Melody Wright

Melody Wright

Dr. Melody Wright is the founder of Broke on Purpose. It's a platform designed to teach others to streamline their finances, reach their financial goals faster, and have flexibility. A former parasitologist turned financial educator and coach, Melody developed her own money management framework that helped her family pay off $100K in debt in less than three years. Now she helps others through financial empowerment coaching. She's also the author of Start Here: Your Guide to Building Your Money Management System.

Naseema McElroy

Naseema McElroy

Having overcome $1M in debt in just two years, Naseema McElroy now helps other nursing professionals create financial freedom through Financially Intentional. Through her platform, she teaches others how to take control of their finances to get out of debt and to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Naseema currently offers a 6-week coaching program specifically for nurses who want to attain financial independence. She also hosts the podcast Nurses on FIRE.

Fo Alexander

Fo Alexander

As the founder of Mama & Money and a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI). My mission is to see women of color, especially moms, make more money and lead debt-free lives. Gleaning from my own financial mistakes and experiences, I teach women how to make and manage money to become financially free. I provide products for money management and courses on starting a profitable online business. You can also get a complete guide to money in my book Dump Debt & Build Bank: The Everyday Chick’s Guide to Money.

Final thoughts on black female financial experts `

These women are doing the work to further financial literacy in their communities! Each of these black women financial experts produces consistent, valuable content to help you become better with your money and reach your financial goals. Be sure to check them out and take advantage of the free resources available to you here on Clever Girl Finance.

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