6 Tips On Investing: Because The Sky is Always Falling Somewhere

There is always something scary happening somewhere in financial markets around the world. The sky is always falling somewhere and people always have something to say about it and let's not forget the panic and hysteria that follows. With all the nay saying going on, you might as well go to the bank right now withdraw all your money, cash out all your investments and stuff it into your mattress and then put whatever doesn't fit into your pillowcase. Right? Wrong!

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What You Need To Know Before You Do A Credit Card Balance Transfer

One of the common ways to manage multiple credit cards and pay off debt quickly is by transferring your credit card balances from one or multiple credit cards to a single card that offers a much lower interest rates usually for a fixed period of time. While this approach might work if you are trying to save money on interest while you pay off your debt, it is also a huge trap people fall into.

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