How to Stop Hiding Purchases From Your Spouse

How to stop hiding purchases

Raise your hand if you've ever hidden a purchase from your  significant other - don't be shy lol. My hand is up - because I've done it in the past and I'm sure some of you (if not all of you) reading have done this at least once. Right?

In talking to other women about this particular topic, I realized we are the masters of camouflage when it comes to purchases we know our significant others will have something to say about. 

From leaving purchases in the car for long periods of time to sneaking them into the house in discrete bags to keeping them until we can wear them without notice to acting like we've always had them - "you mean this old thing?", we do camouflage really well.

 Isn't it funny though that for the most part, guys are more open about what they buy than us? My husband for one has no issues telling me what he's bought or plans to buy.

Over the last few years though, I've made some behavior adjustments and I can now proudly say that I no longer have to hide purchases from my husband and below is what I do!

1. I talk about the things I want to buy.

If I want something, I talk about it. It's that simple. I talk about why I want it, what I need to do to get it and make him aware it's something that I'm thinking about. 

2. I have a splurge account

This is where I put money away for the expensive things I want to buy and my husband knows about it. I talk about how much I've saved, how I plan to save, how long it will take me and when I intend to make my purchase.

3. I ask my husband what he thinks

I ask him what he thinks about the purchase I'd like to make. If he hates it, I may reconsider (key words "I may" lol). If he doesn't agree with it for good reason, then it gets shelved. If he's nonchalant, which he usually is when it comes to fashion and accessories then my plan is full speed ahead.

4. I prioritize and tell him my priorities

We talk about our life and financial goals, not directly in relation to the purchase I want to make, but it's a given that if for whatever reason a goal is not on track or something more important comes up then my purchase gets put on hold.

Doing these simple things help me make my purchases guilt free - no more hiding crap in the car or putting packages in the corner of the garage lol.

But in all seriousness, if you allow it, money can cause serious issues in any relationship (It's the number 1 reason for divorce today) and the one way to avoid having money issues is to be open and honest with your significant other. In the grand scheme of your relationship, hiding irrelevant purchases from your spouse knowing it could cause arguments and lead to bigger issues is really not worth it!

Bola Onada Sokunbi
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Bola Onada Sokunbi

Bola is a Certified Financial Educator, money coach, finance writer, business strategist, social media influencer and founder of Clever Girl Finance, a platform that empowers and educates women to make the best financial decisions for their current and future selves and to pursue their dreams of financial independence in order to live life on their own terms.