3 Of My Favorite Personal Finance Books

My favorite personal finance books

Every few months I like to read a new finance book to keep me focused on my goals, as a refresher for things I've already learnt and to stay motivated about my plans.

Below are a few books that I've recently read / re-read that I highly recommend for wherever you are in your personal finance and investment journey. Understanding your bottom line is critical to living the life you really want and these books can help you and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

#1 Rich Bitch

This book is funny, easy to read and covers the basics really well in a simple 12 step plan - where to bank, retirement accounts, buying a home, debt, relationships, careers etc. Every young female needs to read this book. There's a big difference in being smart rich and being dumb broke.

#2 Money Master the Game

Tony Robbins takes complex topics like investing, retirement accounts, life insurance and annuities and breaks them down into simple logic. He also discusses loop holes that allow you to keep more of the money you earn .e.g. for your retirement - converting an IRA to a ROTH if you are above the ROTH qualification threshold etc. This book focuses on motivating you to be your best self.

#3 Live it, Love it, Earn it

This book is by far my favorite - it steps away from the conventional finance basics a little bit and talks about breaking bad habits, adding affirmations  into your everyday life and building the life you REALLY want by taking action. The exercises in this book are great.


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