Featured! Catch me on PRFect Pitch - A Radio Show by NRPR Group!

I'm super excited to have been featured on the radio few days ago!

I was a guest on NRPR Group's radio show - PRfect Pitch and was interviewed by Nicole Rodrigues, their amazing CEO, who by the way also just did an amazing interview on the CGF blog!

If you are a small business owner, you definitely want to catch the replay HERE because we talked all things PR, pitching and making connections on social media.

More Detail about my interview from the WSRadio.com Website:
In this episode, Bola beings by introducing listeners to Clever Girl Finance, a blog dedicated to empowering women and giving them the tools they need to make educated financial decisions regardless of where they come from. Bola shares that it was her own mother’s savvy financial prowess that sparked her interest in this industry, and that it was that passion that led to her starting her blog.

When it comes to working with other PR pros, Nicole asks Bola what she thinks works best (and what should NEVER be done) to build a good relationship and make a great pitch. The two talk about the importance of making meaningful connections on social media, and just how far being polite will get you. Bola ends with a few pieces of advice to publicists: be personable, a good communicator, pay attention, and do your research. With these skills, and a little bit of patience, Nicole and Bola agree that there is no limit to your PR-potential.

Get to know Bola:
Bola Sokunbi is the founder of CleverGirlFinance.com, a website for women that provides financial education and empowerment for successful decision making tied to everyday life, as well as tips to inspire women to pursue their dreams of independence and wealth creation through small business ownership.

Bola’s goal is to empower women to make the right decisions for their current and future selves as she believes every woman can be financially successful in her own right, no matter where she comes from, if she has access to the right resources and support.

Bola’s educational background is in technology and business, and her career has spanned business consulting and strategy over the last 11 years.


Bola Onada Sokunbi

Bola is a Certified Financial Educator, money coach, finance writer, business strategist, social media influencer and founder of Clever Girl Finance, a platform that empowers and educates women to make the best financial decisions for their current and future selves and to pursue their dreams of financial independence in order to live life on their own terms.