15 Personal Finance Books Every Woman Should Read

Personal Finance Books For Women

I get asked very often about my favorite money books and so in this blog post I'm sharing 15 of my favorite finance books that I own and that I've read and reference often. These 15 represent just a few of my favorite books but they are amazing personal finance books I think every woman should read.

"Below are some of my absolute favorite personal finance books I think every woman should read."

I will say the book closest to my heart is Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach because this was the very first personal finance book I picked up when I first graduated from college and it was a big motivator to me saving $100,000 in 3.5 years (click HERE to read how I did it). I literally read this book to shreds and had to buy a new copy. 

Regardless of where you are in your personal finance and investment journey, understanding your bottom line is critical to living the life you really want and these books can help you.


Below are my favorite personal finance books every woman should read:

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What are your favorite books? Share them in the comments? I'd love to check out some new books!

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