The 10 Most Affordable Cities For Millennials To Live Alone

Top cities for millennials to live alone

Given the current cost of home prices and rents across the country, it’s common to assume that millennials cannot afford to live alone. However, there are still some really great cities across the country where millennials can live alone (and live alone well at that!) with good financial habits and good planning.

These cities, like Richmond VA, Pittsburg PA, and Buffalo NY, are attractive to millennials because housing expenses are lower and great employment opportunities but because they are still big cities there is still a lot do socially.

I'm sharing this pretty cool infograph from the folks over at that shows the top 10 cities with the highest percentage of millennials living solo. 

Top 10 Cities Where Millennials Are Living Alone



Are you a millennial living alone in one of these cities? Are you considering it? Share your thoughts in the comments!