Tax Season Planning: A review of H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go

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**This post is sponsored by H&R Block however the opinions shared in this blog post are all mine.**

When it comes to tax season, it can get a little stressful especially if you are thinking of filing your taxes on your own or are worried about what it will cost you to have a tax professional file your taxes for you.

Personally, I run my own business and my spouse works in our home state and also in a neighboring state and this means that in addition to filing our federal taxes, we also need to file two different state taxes as well as my business taxes - not something we are interested in doing on our own especially because tax laws and codes are always changing, we are not tax experts and we need to make sure we are getting all the credits and deductions we qualify for.

We’ve gone the route of hiring a tax accountant to help us out and while they did great work the pricing was very steep.

So when I got the opportunity to check out H&R Block Tax Pro Go, I was pretty excited. H&R Block Tax Pro Go allows people to get their taxes prepared and filed by a tax professional based on the information they provide online. The tax professional they are paired with will ensure every tax deduction and credit their clients are entitled to are found and will work to get them their maximum refund. Communication with the tax professional is secure and happens at the client’s convenience - this means..drumroll…no waiting for hours at a tax office - a huge selling point for me!


One thing I really like is that you get to know your pricing upfront (my experience with other tax professionals is to get billing after the tax filing work has been done and the costs have always varied) and for one federal and one state return with H&R Block, pricing starts at just $60. Here’s an overview of what the overall experience is like:



Tax Pro Match & Upfront Pricing

You’ll need to go to the H&R Block Tax Pro Go website to get started and you’ll get asked specific questions about you and your unique tax filing situation to ensure you get paired with the right tax professional.

You’ll get asked questions about your marital and family status, employment and business, the states you worked in and more. It’s pretty simple and straightforward and as opposed to typing in a ton of information, you can conveniently select your answers from multiple choice questioning.

Once this is done, you’ll be paired with a tax professional - You can even see what they look like, their years of experience and certification - and you’ll be immediately presented with the cost upfront - a major plus for me as I like to know what I’m getting into.

You’ll then be able to create a secure account and enter your personal information that will enable your tax professional to file your taxes.


Tax Document Upload

I love the fact that your documents can be uploaded easily especially if you are signed up to get electronic tax documents and you can save your progress at any point if you need to come back to it. The option to message your tax professional or call for support is also visibly available throughout the process which is great.


Talk with a Tax Pro & Virtual Tax Preparation

Once your documents have been securely transmitted, the tax professional you are paired with will call you personally to go over everything. From there it’s a pretty fast turn around as your return is completed with 5 business days and sent over to you along with a detailed explanation of your credits and deductions for you to review and for your approval before you pay.


Tax Filing

Once you’ve approved your return, you’ll make your payment or you have the option to use your refund to pay and have nothing come out of pocket. And then you sit back and relax and wait for your refund to arrive.



All in all this was a very convenient and comfortable process and I love the focus on customer first. If you have yet to file your taxes and like me, thinking about doing it yourself is daunting, then definitely check out H&R Block Tax Pro Go. I’m glad I did!



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