3 Reasons Summer is The Perfect Time to Find a New Job


You’ve likely heard it before; The best time to look for a new job is at the beginning of the year. Specifically, January to March.

This is when hiring managers and recruiters are back from holiday vacations, hiring budgets have been finalized and the number of open roles begins to skyrocket as people start turning in their resignation letters after waiting patiently for their annual bonuses to direct deposit.

And on the flip side, job seekers are usually advised to slow down their job hunt (or stop it completely) during the summer due to scheduling conflicts from vacations and companies taking a break to recuperate from all the projects they’ve worked on during the winter months.

But if you’re contemplating decreasing your job search efforts as the temperature starts to increase, you should actually take a moment to rethink your approach.

Here are three reasons summer is actually the perfect time to launch your next job search.

1. You'll have less competition

Since so many job seekers are either assuming summer’s not a good time to be on the job hunt or on vacation, you’ll probably find there are fewer people going after the same roles you are. While the average job you see on any given job board has 250 candidates vying for the position, that number can decrease significantly from June through August.

Part of the reason the job search process can be so challenging is that of the sheer number of applicants you’re competing with every time you hit “submit” on a company’s career page.

Applying for open roles while many of these applicants are on hiatus, is a simple way to instantly improve the odds of standing out in your search.

2. You'll have a shorter interview process

The last job search I launched during the summer lasted five months. And while that’s not ideal, there was really no way around it. Between my pre-planned two-week-long vacation out of the country and the various vacation schedules of my interviewers, it seemed there was never a convenient time that worked for us all.

It’s true, a summer interview process has the potential to be lengthy because of the difficulty in trying to accommodate people’s schedules, but surprisingly it can also mean the process is expedited for the same reason.

Think about it, if all of your interviewers are going to be out of the office at some point in the next 4 weeks, it’s in their best interest to double down on scheduling to ensure the interviews are completed before the marathon of vacations start. A typical eight-week process can easily turn into four during the summer months.

3. It'll be easier to sneak out of the office for a job interview

Things around the office tend to be more relaxed in the summer. Mostly due to the dress code being more casual, the office being emptier while people are away and the onset of a seasonal favorite – Summer Fridays! You may find you’re able to disappear from the office for longer periods if you strategically schedule your interviews for Friday afternoons when it’s easier to escape undetected.

Even if your company doesn’t have Summer Fridays, you may be able to accommodate interview scheduling without setting off any red flags. How? By taking longer lunches, arriving later in the morning, or scheduling an extra vacation day or two.

The bottom line

Summer is as good a time as any to jump-start your job search. Sure, you may have to go through certain hoops specific to the season, but these shouldn’t cause you to slow down or stop your job search altogether.

While other job seekers are taking a break from their search, you’ll be the one continuing to push through, ultimately getting more job offers.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the outcome was for my five-month summer interview process – I got the job. And without tipping off my former boss or coworkers as to what I was up to!

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