5 Calendar Reminders To Set For Your Finances

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Sometimes it can get tedious and even annoying to manage your finances especially with so many bills and events to remember. You've probably forgotten that something was due at one time or another, right? To avoid any more forgetfulness when it comes to paying your bills and to make your finances easier to manage, it's a great idea to set yourself some calendar reminders.

Having them on your phone or computer is a great idea since these are the most commonly used devices. However, a planner or journal that you use frequently works just fine as well.

Below are 5 money reminders you definitely want to set up:

1. Savings reminders

Saving money is something you should be doing every single time you get paid. This would include saving for retirement, in your emergency account and for other goals that you might have.

Set reminders that coincide with your pay dates so you remember to make the transfers. Better yet, automate the transfers and set the reminders so you can check your accounts to ensure the transfers took place for the right amounts.

2. Bill payment reminders

This is usually where things get annoying. With different bill due dates, bills dues monthly, quarterly and annually, it's easy to forget when something is coming up.

A good way to get around this is to build all your bills into a budget and then set reminders to alert you a week or a few days before they are due. Your reminders should include ALL your bills including utilities, memberships, subscriptions, insurance payments, etc.

3. Reminders to check your credit

At a bare minimum, you should be pulling your full credit report once the year which you are entitled to get for free via AnnualCreditReport.com. You should also be monitoring your credit score often and you can do this for free via tools like CreditKarma.com. Set monthly and also annual reminders to be sure you keep up with your credit.

4. Reminders to file and pay your taxes

Be sure to set reminders in advance of the April 14th tax filing deadline to complete your tax filing and also to pay any taxes you may owe. It's a good idea to get this done a couple of months in advance so you don't find yourself scrambling a few days before the tax deadline.

5. Reminders to shop around for the best rates

It's definitely worth taking some time out once a year to shop around for the best rates for things like your insurance, cell phone, and cable plans. Set a reminder to do some comparisons across different service providers so you know what else is out there. You never know, you may be able to find some really good savings!


Do you have any of these reminders in place? Do you not need any reminders?
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