5 Ways To Save Money Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping can be a huge pitfall when it comes to sticking to a budget - from being tempted by all the new and amazing organic products to the mouthwatering food packages to the delightful smells coming from the bakery and deli -  it can be very hard to resist buying things you don't need or haven't planned for.

By now everyone knows that if you make a list in advance and go the store with a full stomach you are less likely to overspend but what else can you be doing to ensure you can save money when it comes to shopping for your groceries? Here are 5 ideas to help you save!

1. Buy your groceries online

Online grocery shopping is a great way to save money because you aren't distracted by yummy smells or product placements, you can simply search for and purchase what you need. In addition, because you are shopping online, you have time to think about whether or not you really need the items you have added to your cart.

Yes, the delivery fees might be pricey - typical fees are from $10 to $20 - however you are very likely to spend much more than the delivery fee when you go shopping in store and fall to the temptation of buying things that you didn't plan for.

You may be able to save money on the cost of delivery by opting to pick up your online shopping at the store. You basically place your order online and then your store provides you with a pickup time to come and get your pre-packed groceries. Many times the cost of a pickup can be cheaper than delivery by up to 50 or 75%. If online shopping is something you have available to you, you should definitely consider taking advantage of it!

2. Get the grocery store rewards card

Most grocery stores have a free discount card, points card or rewards card that you can use to not only earn points but also to get sale prices and other discounts when you shop. In many instances, unless you have the store card you will not be able to get the items you want at the sale price.

That being said, it's very easy to miss out on receiving the sale discounts. During checkout, items are scanned pretty quickly and you may not realize it until after you get home and look at your receipt - that's certainly happened to me many times.

To ensure you always get the discounts, put your points card next to your source of payment and if for some reason you were not asked for it or you forgot to use it, be sure to head over to customer service for a price adjustment. Keep in mind that you can also use your points card online too.

3. Sign up for your store emails

In addition to signing up for the store points card or rewards card be sure to sign up for your store email newsletters. Many times stores will email additional discounts including printable coupons or free grocery delivery or pick-up offers. They may also make up you aware of sales going on in-store that are based on your shopping habits or things you typically buy or have bought in the past (using information from your points card).

Be careful not to get caught up shopping every store sale you are emailed unless you really need the items and it fits into your grocery budget.

4. Get the store flyer when you walk in

Every noticed that pile of papers as you walk into your local grocery store? They are most likely store flyers. The next time you walk by them-grab one! You might just find a few cutout coupons in there and they are a great way to get a summarized view of what's on sale in the store this way you can determine what items on your list are discounted.

5. Search online for manufacturer coupons

Many of your favorite grocery brands sometimes offer manufacturer coupons on their websites or on coupon sites that you can use in-store or online. Just do a quick google search before you go grocery shopping to see what you can find.


Trying out one or more of these tips could very possibly save you a good amount of money grocery shopping.

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