6 Ways To Still Save Money When You Have Children

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Having children is an amazing blessing and it is also completely life-changing. Not only does your entire lifestyle and schedule change after your bundles of joy arrive, your finances are also impacted in a major way. From food and clothing to paid activities and healthcare, a chunk of your finances goes towards the well-being of your children.

A lot of times it might seem impossible to save money as a result of the expenses that come with parenthood but it is very possible for you to still save money with children. Here are a few tips on how:

1. Eat more meals at home

Trips to the ice cream shop and your favorite fast food spot add up fast. Cut down these visits to once a month and enjoy meals at home with your children instead. Make it fun by having ice cream at home or popcorn and pizza night. These are things you can buy for a fraction of the cost at the grocery store ( or make at home yourself with ingredients from the grocery store).

2. Try out the farmers market

Most people don't realize that farmers markets can be a lot cheaper than the regular grocery store - by as much as 40% because they have much less overhead than the big brands. And the best part is that at the farmer's markets, you can buy the freshest locally grown and also organic foods - saving money and supporting your local farmer's community at the same time.

3. Substitute toys and video games with home games and activities

Toys and video games can get really pricey. Instead, limit how much you buy and substitute them with activities at home and with home-made games. There are a ton of ideas that can be found online on websites like pinterest.com.

4. Buy less stuff ...for you

Yup, sacrifice shopping for yourself and instead allocate that money to savings and to your children's needs.

5. Don't move house right away

A lot of times the next step after having a baby or two is to move into a bigger space. However, moving can be expensive and your bigger space could cost you more money that could be used to bulk up your savings account if you can wait for a year or two. However, if your move will save you money - then you should absolutely do it!

6. Automate all your savings

Automating your savings means that the money can automatically be taken out of your paycheck before it even hits your bank account and that's great because if you build it into your budget, after a while, you won't miss it the money. An amount as little as $50 to $100 a paycheck to your retirement, emergency fund and/or children's account can add up to big savings over time.

In addition, since your retirement savings are taken out pre-taxes, it means you are possibly reducing your post-tax bracket and your overall tax burden if you are able to max out your retirement savings.


It might seem difficult to save money with children but with a few changes, it's definitely possible! To my readers who are already parents. what other things do you to do so you can save money now that your children?

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