Female YouTubers Who Talk About Personal Finance

Female Youtubers

If you're anything like me, YouTube is probably a go-to place for you when it comes to looking up tips on hair, beauty, recipes, fashion, and a bunch of other stuff but did you know there are some really awesome Female YouTubers sharing financial advice too? These financial education YouTube channels provide expert advice on all things finance!

Below are some of my favorite female finance experts that I highly recommend you check out!

1. Clever Girl Finance by Bola Sokunbi

Of course, there's Clever Girl Finance founder, Bola Sokunbi! On the Clever Girl Finance channel, she talks about various tips and tricks you can use to get ahead when it comes to accomplishing your money goals, and she shares some of her own personal stories! Bola founded Clever Girl Finance to empower women with the right products, services, and financial guidance to teach them how to ditch debt, save money, and build wealth. All of the financial courses and resources are 100% FREE to help you with your financial journey and set you up for success! Don't forget to subscribe to the CGF channel to stay up to date on our latest finance tips!

2. The Broken Wallet by Vee

The broken wallet

Tired of broken resolutions and ready to set real money goals? Vee is a personal finance writer that helps viewers improve their financial life. She started writing back in 2005 and is now one of the best Female YouTubers for financial advice. The Broken Wallet focuses on frugal living, personal finance topics, and budgeting tips. She even has videos about changing your money mindset and shopping hacks.

3. Camille Collazo

Camille Collazo

Camille not only has a popular financial education YouTube channel, but she is also an Iraq war veteran. On her channel, she shares tips on saving money, personal finance, and frugal living. She also talks about side hustles and ditching toxic friends which can help your circle of influence. Camille's goal is to help empower women to plan the life they deserve.

4. Sugar Mamma by Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell

I'm a huge fan of Canna Campbell's Sugar Mamma YouTube channel. Her videos are short, sweet, and to the point, and I love the fact that she focuses a lot on mindset and minimalism, a lot of what I'm about. She shares practical money advice and some really awesome investing tips (she's a financial advisor), especially if you are looking to get started with investing—definitely, one of my favorite Female YouTubers I recommend.

5. Mama & Money by Fo Alexander

Mama & Money teaches you how to make and manage money to be financially free. Fo is a personal finance writer and expert, and she shares how to budget your money, earn passive income, and steps to start an online business. Her channel also features videos on side hustles, financial goals, and how to sell printables. She is also one of our super talented Clever Girl Finance Writers! Fo is one of our favorite Female YouTubers with fabulous financial advice.

6. Investing With Rose by Rose Han

Rose Han

Rose is living proof that the sooner you invest your money, the better. She bought her first stock at the age of 14! She holds a Finance Degree from NYU Stern School of Business, making her an expert in her field. Rose teaches you about long-term and short-term investing, earning passive income, financial goal setting, and more. Her motto is, “Give a woman a fish, and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish, and you feed her (and her family) for a lifetime.” Rose is one of the best Female YouTubers with expert advice. Check out her channel Investing With Rose.

7. Stefanie O'Connell

Stefanie Oconnell

Stefanie's channel is dedicated to helping young adults achieve financial greatness. She shares videos on career, budgeting, credit, savings, and more. Her content is easy to understand and very relatable for millennials trying to navigate their career and finances. Stefanie has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and more. She is the go-to money expert for great financial advice on getting more out of your money.

8. Lynn Richardson


Lynn is an entertainment executive, author, and celebrity financial coach with one of the best financial education YouTube channels yet. Her goal is to help her viewers with their money issues and achieve balance personally and professionally. On her channel, you'll find videos on tax tips, building wealth, fixing your finances, and more. She has two decades of experience in the banking and real estate industries. Her book "The Real Deal Money, Credit and Financial Security received the best-seller status at the 2008 Congressional Black Caucus Conference Book Pavilion. Lynn's knowledge and qualifications make her one of the top Female YouTubers to watch.

9. Finance & Fashion by Cherry Tung

Cherry Tung

Finance & Fashion's channel shares how to create multiple income streams, dividend investing, building wealth, and luxury living content. Cherry is a millionaire wealth coach and also has a video about being a millionaire at 24! She also features videos on launching a coaching business, cheapskate hacks, and more. Cherry has 17 income streams, so she is one of the go-to Female YouTubers for financial tips.

10. Aja Dang

Aja Dang

Aja's personal experience of paying off $200,000 in TWO YEARS will inspire you to tackle your debt too. She discusses her personal finance tips on saving money, tips on budgeting, and tax tips for the self-employed. Aja also has videos on how to be healthy on a budget and how to make a debt-free flow chart. Learning from someone like Aja, who's actually paid off debt, helps you realize that you can do it too.

11. Money Confident Club by Sarah Nourse

Sarah Nourse

Sarah shares how to plan, manage and invest your money with confidence on her financial education YouTube channel Money Confident Club. Her videos cover topics such as budgeting, saving money, setting money goals, and more. Her goal is to empower women to control their financial present and future and close the wealth gap. She is one of the top Female YouTubers that provides an encouraging space to learn.

Check out these Female YouTubers for financial inspiration

Watching inspirational videos, reading financial blogs and books can teach you how to live your best life and achieve your financial goals. Creating a budget, slashing expenses, and developing good money habits is the key to financial success. Whether you are a female breadwinner or a side hustling queen, these Female YouTubers will inspire you to manage your money the right way. Who knows, maybe you will have your own YouTube channel one day!

Be sure to check out our top lists of female finance experts and black women financial experts you need to know!

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