7 Tips On How To Afford Designer Items

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7 Tips On How To Afford Designer Items

I'm pretty open about the fact that fashion-wise, my weaknesses are designer handbags. While I don't buy as many anymore, when I do, I know exactly what I want to get and I make sure I don't get side-tracked by purchasing other random things.

"Occasional splurges are allowed, if done the right way."

Below, I've put together some tips that work for me on affording high-end pieces or other expensive items and how to stay focused.

7 tips on how to afford luxury items

Tip #1 Save first

Make sure you are consistently saving for your future first before you think about any shopping. This means putting money aside for retirement, your long-term, and short-term goals and also paying all your monthly expenses.

Tip #2 Buy quality over quantity

You'll find yourself becoming a lot pickier. Think about all the times you've purchased something cheap that after a few wears fell apart. Completely not worth it right? It's better to buy 1 item of quality than 5 items that won't last.

Tip #3 Wait for your "must have" pieces to go on sale

Although classic pieces from designers rarely go on sale, if you are patient, you can find a lot of seasonal items with a classic vibe in the annual or bi-annual designer sales.

Tip #4 Save for the big-ticket items

These are the items that you must have regardless of whether they are on sale or not, as opposed to slapping them on a credit card. While you save, it helps you decide if you really still want the item and then once you do get it, you'll value it more and regret it less. (You can create a designated saving account - your purchases will be 100% guilt free).

Tip #5 Stay away from fast trends

Stay away from expensive things that are overly trendy - that's what stores like Zara and H&M are for if you must. If you are spending a ton of money, it should be on timeless pieces. So ask yourself, "Will I want to wear this a year from now?" and use your response to make your purchase decisions.

Tip #6 It's not a competition

Buy what you like and what you can afford because you like it and not for anyone else. Don't get caught up keeping up with the Jones or with the social media fashionistas; You have no clue about their financial situation, focus on yours, buy what you love and what you can afford.

Tip #7 Mix it up

There's nothing wrong with wearing a $10 dollar tank top with a Chanel handbag. Absolutely nothing. Determine what your style is and mix it up. Not everything you wear has to be super expensive.


When it comes to expensive handbags or other high-end fashion purchases, as long as you are doing it the right way with no debt and you are planning for your future self, occasional splurges are allowed.

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