7 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding


Weddings are very expensive and if you are a bride-to-be planning your wedding, you probably realized how expensive they are very early in your planning process. There are, however, ways to cut costs on your big day and below are 7 suggestions on how you can save some money!

1. Don't go crazy with expensive wedding stationery

Letterpress, gold foil, jeweled boxed, feathered.... It's easy to go crazy over your wedding stationery and those costs can add up fast. Some fancy letterpress invites go as high as $5 to $7 per invitation - yikes. Instead, choose to print simple, less costly invitations, you'll be amazed at the beautiful options that exist.

One of my favorite online printing presses is tinyprints.com but there are also several designers that will work with you to create gorgeous stationery for your wedding at a budget-friendly price!

2. Find a venue that let's you bring your own caterer

Most wedding venues offer in-house catering services because the mark up on food is incredible and they make a ton of money this way. If you can find a venue that allows you to bring your own caterer, you can find one that not only makes great food but also that fits your budget.

3. Get married any day but Saturday  

Saturday is the most expensive day to get married especially in the summer and fall. Why? Because everyone wants to get married on Saturday! You maybe be able to book your dream venue at a considerable discount (anywhere from 10 to 40% off) by getting married on a Sunday on a weekday. And if you choose a date that is offpeak - like in the winter or early spring, you might be able to save even more!

4. Have a brunch or lunch wedding reception

Dinner is typically the most expensive meal when it comes to planning an event. Brunch or lunch are somewhat lighter meals and people tend to drink less alcohol during the day so you can save a ton of money there too 🙂

5. Serve signature cocktails

Serving signature cocktails is an awesome way to show your personality at your wedding and it helps you manage the amount of money you spend on alcohol (if you choose to serve alcohol) because the varieties available are limited. You'd still be serving great drinks though.

6. Do your decor yourself; Use flowers that are in season

Take advantage of your friends, bridesmaids, and family and have them help you create your wedding ceremony and reception decor! Pinterest is great for getting inspired and you can find a ton of great decor items from your local craft store at a fraction of the cost that you'd pay to a florist or event designer. Using florals in season will also save you some more money and as, an alternative faux flowers can look amazing too if put together well.

7. Choose a cheaper photography package

A lot of people are very particular about their wedding photography and so if there is a photographer that you absolutely must have for your wedding, consider choosing their cheapest photography package. Do you really need a photographer at your wedding for 10 hours with your friends and family also taking pictures as well?

Once people start dancing, 30 minutes of those photos are good enough as after that it's just a bunch of repetition. Plus those photos rarely make it into the wedding album.


Other ways to save are by shopping at sample sales for your wedding dress, having a friend make the cake or desserts and by skipping wedding favors.

Remember your marriage is for more than just one day of celebrations and it's important to be financially smart about your wedding costs so you don't impact your financial future.