This is Why I’m Broke! 5 Money Blocks to Fix Now

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Money blocks are real. And at one point or another, most of us have experienced them. You might actually read this article and as a result of learning about these blocks have an ah-ha moment and tell yourself, This why I'm broke! This is because it can be really hard to realize that it's a money block that's keeping you broke.

Most people just assume that to stop being broke you need to change your financial habits but there's more to it than just that. That's why it's important to learn about these blocks and how they could be impacting you.

But what is a money block anyway? A money block is a series of thoughts, a mindset or a feeling, that gets in the way of you accomplishing financial success. It could be getting out of debt, saving a ton of money, increasing your income streams, or affording the lifestyle of your dreams.

Here are 5 money blocks you can identify and work on breaking through to achieve financial success:

1. Money blocks related to your limiting beliefs

Ever found yourself thinking things like:

I have to be a millionaire to afford that.

There's no way I can save all that money.

How will I ever pay off all this debt?

Well, those are classic examples of limiting beliefs, many of which we may have even learned in childhood. Believe it or not, we have hundreds of them running throughout minds every single day. So how do you combat this? It's all about being conscious of what you're thinking and then reversing your thoughts. Over time, you'll find yourself doing this automatically.

So going forward, instead of thinking about what you can't do, focus on what you can do:

I can afford that and I'm going to figure out a way to get there.

I will create a savings plan to be able to save all that money.

I will pay off all my debts.

In addition, make it a goal to start your day off positively and end it positively. This will help you combat those negative thoughts. Pray, meditate, journal. Find what works to get you into the right headspace. When you are in the right headspace and thinking the right thoughts that don't limit what you can achieve, you will be motivated and more inclined to make the effort toward achieving financial success.

2. Negative-self talk

Thinking negative or limiting thoughts causes money blocks. But speaking them out loud amplifies them. Speaking negatively or saying limiting words over yourself or your situation makes those words tangible and gives them power out in the universe because they have now been said. Plus all of this negative self-talk can lead to stress, impacting your health!

Be mindful of the words that come out of your mouth. If you catch yourself saying something negative, immediately adjust your verbiage and rephrase your statement in a positive light. Keep in mind that your words and thoughts are very much related—the more you say something, the more you think it, and the more you think something, the more likely you are to say it.

Both combined (your thoughts and your words) tie deeply into your motivation, mindset, actions, and perseverance in all situations including accomplishing financial success.

3. Money blocks related to non-specific goals

Not having a rhyme or reason around what you want to accomplish with your finances will lead you into block after block after block. You'll find excuses as to why things are not working out, other less important things will take up your time and financial resources, and you'll lose motivation fast. If your financial goals (and life goals in general) are not specific and measurable, you are less likely to stay focused on them. In turn, you'll be less likely to accomplish them.

In order to get rid of this type of money block, it's important for you to set very clear and specific goals around specific timelines. Don't just state, I will pay off all my debt. Instead, state how much in total and by when, and how you plan to do it. Then, write it down somewhere you can keep track of it. It could be in a notebook, on a spreadsheet, or in an app.

Also once you've set those big goals, break them down into smaller chunks you can track weekly, monthly and yearly so you can stay motivated by the progress you make over time.

4. Your emotions and grudges you hold towards other people

Ah, this is a big one. So many people harbor jealousy or even anger toward other people who seem to be doing better than they are. They spend their energy (and time) feeling this way toward friends, family, co-workers and sometimes even towards strangers on the internet! These emotions, in turn, send a ton of money blocks their way.

Are you guilty of this? Well, you can set things right by redirecting your time and energy. Instead of focusing on what other people have that you don't, you can focus on what you can do to start taking the necessary actions to stay motivated and really start finding your own financial success. It's also important that when you start to feel envious of other people, you remind yourself to be grateful.

Gratitude is such an essential part of the journey to financial success. When you're grateful, you realize all the blessings you have in your life. This leads to contentment. Also realizing that someone, somewhere is praying for something that you already have can help to put things into perspective.

5. Not forgiving yourself for your money mistakes

This is another big money block so many people struggle with. In order to move forward with achieving your financial success, you have to forgive yourself for your money mistakes, take the lessons you've learned and kept it moving. Yes, mistakes happen! Everyone has made bad decisions with money from time to time—even the world's wealthiest people.

It's all about acknowledging where you went wrong and figuring out what to do to make things right. Even if you wind up making the same or similar mistake again, you rinse and repeat (acknowledge, learn and implement the lessons) until you get past your error. This is how you release those money blocks and start really succeeding with your finances.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I want you to understand that you can achieve anything you want. Anything. This means that you have it in you to break the cycle of always being broke. Let that sink in for a moment.

You just have to want it bad enough and be willing to put in the work and stay the course. So take some time out to identify what's causing any money blocks you might be experiencing right now and take the steps to address them. Also, understand that sometimes you might fall short of your goals, and that's okay. The people who succeed are the ones who power through their shortcomings and failures and keep going anyway.

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