Violet Has Saved $90k Over The Last 12 Years!


Meet Violet! She's saved $90,000 in 12 years. After realizing that most people in her field were living paycheck to paycheck and she didn't want to end up broke. Now she's focused on her financial future and building long-term wealth. She's made great progress and has some major plans to take her wealth-building efforts to the next level. Enjoy her story!

What was your "enough is enough" moment that caused you to focus on saving?

I was nominated to attend training for work as an entry-level banker. During one of the sessions, the facilitator asked participants who had worked for 5 year's to put up their hands, they were quite a number.

He then asked those who had worked for 5 years or more if they could come up with $1,500 right then and absolutely no one had that amount. Around the same time, my boss was terminated and he had no money to go back home to his family.

After being a manager in a commercial bank over so many years, he had to resort to borrowing money from his co-workers to buy his plane ticket. That was when I realized living paycheck to paycheck was not going to work for me.

How much money have you saved in total?

Over the last 12 years, I've lived below my means and saved up $90,000. I've invested in a term deposit account, bought stocks and also invested in real estate. So I have my investment diversified. I have also saved over $1,000 in my emergency account and every month interest return from my gratuity account goes into my emergency savings account.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

By abiding strictly to my monthly budget. This cut across savings, phone bills, gas, tithe, my employees pay, internet subscription, parents, clothing, and kids account. I am also very disciplined in my spending. My summer vacations are planned well ahead of peak time. I shop the sale only whenever I am on vacation and still look elegant.

How do you manage the days where you just want to go out and spend money?

I go into my miscellaneous account or clothing account. I do not get to buy clothing every month.

What would be your money advice to your younger self?

Start little by little to save. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step. Get your mind in the savings mode and continuous education by familiarizing with various investment options and following coaches like you on IG and Twitter.

What savings goal are you aiming for right now?

To save 25% of my ROI in my retirement account and a 100% from gratuity investment to emergency funds. With these options, I will stay liquid all through.

What advice would you give anyone reading this looking for encouragement?

I would advise everyone reading my money story to stay focused and stop making excuses why you can't save or pay down on your debt. It takes extra discipline to cut down on the things you don't need. Before you embark on a purchase, always crosscheck if your assets are way higher than your liabilities, if NO? Then you don't need that purchase.

I stopped eating out too, which was one of my major weakness. Every morning, I pack lunch for work and I eat dinner at home. This saves me close to $1,000 a year.

Today I'm able to mentor individuals struggling with their finances on how to become financially stable and start their journey to building wealth.

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