5 Female Personal Finance Experts On YouTube

Favorite female finance experts on YouTube

If you're anything like me, YouTube is probably a go-to place for you when it comes to looking up tips on hair, beauty, recipes, fashion and a bunch of other stuff but did you know there are some really awesome financial experts sharing amazing content on YouTube too?

Below are 5 of my favs female finance experts on YouTube that I highly recommend you check out!

1. Sugar Mamma - Canna Campbell


I'm a huge fan of Canna Campbell's Sugar Mamma YouTube channel. Her videos are short, sweet and to the point and I love the fact that she focuses a lot on mindset and minimalism, a lot of what I'm about. She shares practical money advice and some really awesome investing tips (she's a financial advisor) especially if you are looking to get started with investing. Definitely, a channel for you to check out.


2. Budget Brain Consulting - Ashley Narcisse


The budget brain consulting channel by Ashley Narcisse teaches people how to properly manage their finances as they navigate life. From Ashley's favorite money book reviews to her Foodie Friday videos where she shares healthy and cost-effective recipes she's all about guiding people on how to live a well-rounded life while working towards financial success.


3. Stefanie O'Connell

Stefanie O'connell YouTube

Stefanie's channel is dedicated to helping young adults achieve financial greatness. She shares videos on career, budgeting, credit, savings and more. Her content is easy to understand and very relatable for millennials trying to navigate their career and finances.


4. Financially Wise Women - Brittney Castro

Brittney Castro Youtube

Brittney is a financial planner (CFP) that uses her channel to answer common financial planning questions that are specific to women and couples so they can start living out their dream lives. She also shares some pretty awesome interviews with other female financial experts to get their insights on things.


5. Clever Girl Finance - Bola Sokunbi (Yours truly!)

And of course, there's yours truly - me! On my channel, I talk about various tips and tricks you can use to get ahead when it comes to accomplishing your money goals and I share some of my own personal stories too!


Who are your favorite finance experts on YouTube?

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