21 Ideas For An Amazing Staycation At Home

Staycation at home

Have you been thinking about taking a low-key break but aren’t sure what to do on a staycation? Having a staycation at home is great Your bags can't get lost at the airport and you can save money, all while getting some much-needed time to relax and de-stress from work.

Keep reading as we give you 21 ideas for ways to take a vacation at home without breaking the bank!

Why you should plan a staycation at home!

There are several benefits to planning a staycation at home. For one, it can save you money, as you don’t have to pay for a flight and hotel, or even pay for gas money in some cases.

It’s also convenient, as there is no need to pack and organize a trip. Plus you can wear whatever you want so there’s no need to worry about wearing an uncomfortable pair of jeans or heels that hurt after an hour.

A staycation is also flexible – there’s no need to wake up at the break of dawn to beat traffic. Instead, you can have a relaxing vacation on your terms.

Staycation ideas for families

Figuring out what to do on a staycation as a family can be tricky. Not only do you have to plan, but your kids might want to spend their days making TikTok videos or playing video games. Here are several things you can do as a family instead.

1. Find free events in your city

One thing you can do with your family is see if there are any local events happening. Home Depot often hosts free events on Saturdays for kids, with activities like making a wooden birdhouse.

You could also find out if there are any special exhibits at your local museums or parks. Sometimes museums will host free events during special holidays or times of the year, so make sure to see if there are any offerings where you live.

2. Visit your local library 

Another way to spend your home staycation is to go to the local library with your family. Pick out some of your favorite books to read later.

And libraries have more than just books. They also have DVDs, magazines, and audiobooks. Some even offer free workshops and events.

3. Have a themed movie night 

Why not visit another country by having a themed movie night? Watch a foreign film and make food and decorations to fit that theme.

For instance, if you watch a Korean movie, you can make Korean BBQ. Or make some tacos and watch a movie about Mexico, like Roma.

4. Camp in your backyard

Some other staycation ideas for families include camping in your backyard. Camping is affordable and it’s a great way to unplug.

You can easily put up a tent in your backyard, especially during the summer months. Make memories as a family while making some s’mores and telling horror stories.

5. Go bird watching

Teach your kids about nature by going birdwatching. All you need is a pair of binoculars. In addition, you can have them take notes and draw the birds they find in a sketchbook.

It’s a great way to discover nature in your own backyard or local park.

6. Have a water play day

If you want to have a home staycation during the hot summer months you can plan a water play day instead of going to a water park. Have a water pistol fight, and bring out the hose and sprinklers.

7. Have a picture day

Some other staycation ideas for families include getting dressed up and having a picture day. Kids grow up quickly and soon they will be off to college. So get your camera out and document those precious moments while your kids are still at home.

Staycation ideas for individuals

If you live on your own, you can still have a staycation at home. Here are seven ideas for spending time at home relaxing instead of taking a plane somewhere.

8. Work on a DIY project

Why not spruce up your bedroom or living room a bit by working on a DIY project? That can be anything from repainting your cabinets, to making a weaving or even making some paintings for your walls.

Get creative and use the materials you already have at home. In addition, you can even sell your creations on Etsy for some extra cash.

9. Take virtual classes on YouTube

Have you always been interested in gardening or crocheting but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you want to learn how to salsa?

It's not necessary to pay for expensive classes when you’ve got YouTube. There are millions of videos and educational content on YouTube, from learning a new language to finding out how to make a roast chicken.

10. Read a book

If you’re looking for staycation ideas at home why not escape your surroundings for a bit by reading a book? Check your bookcase to see if you have a book you haven’t read yet or check out the library. You can also browse sites like Project Gutenberg to find ebooks to read for free.

11. Have a spa day

Just because you are spending time at home doesn’t mean you can’t relax! So take some time to do some self-care maintenance, whether that’s doing your nails, steaming your face and putting on a face mask, or giving yourself a hair detox mask.

12. Try a new hobby

If you’re ready to try a new hobby or maybe, you bought an embroidery kit that you never got around to trying, why not take the time to work on and start that new hobby?

Think of something you’ve always wanted to try. You can check out YouTube videos or hit your local thrift store to find new craft supplies.

13. Volunteer

If you are taking a home staycation, why not use the opportunity to do some good in the community? Volunteer a few hours at the local animal or homeless shelter, tutor kids, or spend some time playing games at a retirement home.

14. Have a yoga retreat

It can be expensive to go on a retreat, so why not have a wellness retreat at home? You can find tons of yoga videos online.

So spend time journaling and meditating and fix yourself a healthy meal. Plan out your day in advance and put on some calming music to get you in a relaxing mood.

Staycation ideas for couples

For couples looking to spend their vacation days at home, it can be a great way to connect with each other. There are a ton of other things to do besides watching Netflix again.

15. Turn your phones off

If you are looking for staycation ideas at home one of the first things to do is turn off your phones. Don’t look up your social media or email alerts.

The point of a staycation is to disconnect and reset, so make sure to remove any distractions. You’re on vacation, so make sure to enjoy the time you have together!

16. Have a picnic 

Pack up your favorite lunch and have a picnic. You can have it in your backyard or a local park or even have it inside.

You can even bring a game or book to read. Spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

17. Host a boardgame night

A staycation at home doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends! You can plan a double date with another couple and invite them over to play board games.

There's a huge variety of board games. You can even have a board game day and try to see how many games you can play in one day.

18. Go hiking at your state park

If you like being outside why not spend the day hiking in your local state park? Hiking gives you the chance to unplug and enjoy the fresh air. Being in nature can also help improve your mood.

19. Rent bikes

Riding a bike is an enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to get around town. Why not rent out bikes for the day and explore your city? You can also ride your bikes to your local park, to the ocean or lake if you live near one, or on some hiking trails.

20. Take a day trip

Another way to spend time together while saving money is to take a day trip somewhere. While you’ll have to pay for gas money, you can save on hotel costs. Plus you can explore an area you might not have thought to see otherwise!

21. Travel through food

Some other staycation ideas at home include traveling the world through food. Pick a country and shop together for groceries and plan out the meal. You can even cook together or have one person make the main course while the other one makes dessert.

A staycation at home can be tons of fun!

A staycation at home doesn’t have to be boring or mean just watching Netflix all day.

Whether you’re on your own or spending time with family, there are plenty of ideas for ways to spend your vacation time in a way that you’ll remember for years to come.

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