2 Key Money Tips To Plan Your Honeymoon

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As you plan out your glam wedding, one of the things you might also be thinking about is your honeymoon. And while in many cases this is usually left until later in the planning process, there are a lot of opportunities to plan an amazing post-wedding getaway that won't deplete your bank account.

Honeymoons are not trips, we would typically play down. However, you can still have an extravagant honeymoon without going into debt.

While the gorgeous honeymoon photos will look really nice on Instagram, it is important to ensure that you are taking the steps to plan a honeymoon that you can afford. Here are a couple of key tips!

1. Find travel alternatives

During the summer months and on holidays (Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.), airports tend to be more congested with people and travel is much more expensive. Instead, opt for a month and date for your honeymoon that will have far fewer travelers, and thus cheaper flights.

Similarly, try flying during the week since weekend travel to popular vacation destinations is usually busier. Flights tend to be much cheaper if you choose to travel in the middle of the week. For instance, instead of leaving on a Friday or Saturday morning, look into Tuesday and Wednesday flights.

A tool you can use to find cheap flights is a site like Scott’s Cheap Flights. It offers users flights that are at a major discount. It is a great resource because unlike other airline ticket websites, they actively look for flights that airlines have made mistakes during the booking process. This could potentially result in saving almost double on airline tickets.

 In addition, another way to save even more money is to avoid hotspot destinations that have higher currency values than the dollar. Instead, look into places that will not make a major dent in your budget due to the high exchange rate.

Locations in Asia, South America, and Africa can provide you with the same quality hotels and experiences at a much lower cost. You can even forgo a trip overseas all together and opt for beautiful locations in the United States. Hawaii, Miami, and Puerto Rico are great options for couples to vacation without spending an excessive amount of money.

2. Determine all your  honeymoon costs ahead of time and  build them into your travel budget

According to Forbes, the average honeymoon costs between $4,000-$5,000. That being said, it's a good idea to take this range into consideration as you plan your honeymoon and use this to establish a ballpark estimate to create your honeymoon budget. Keeping in mind that just because the range is $4,000 to $5,000 doesn't mean you need to spend that much if you don't have to.

Next, make a list of all the potential expenses and include how much you are willing to spend on them e.g. hotels, flights, additional transportation costs, excursions, pampering yourself/spa, sports/activity lessons, food, clothing, shows/theaters, sunset cruises, etc and be sure to include an additional subsection for unplanned purchases or events. 

Other options you may want to consider in your budget are vacation packages and travel agents. Travel agents may be able to work with your current budget or offer packages that are more affordable than the amount you would have originally paid putting together your honeymoon package on your own.

In closing

Overall, be cautious and look into the various costs before you book your trip to avoid going over your budget.  Take a day to sleep on potential purchases that do not fluctuate. However, purchases, such as flights, are best to buy early.

Lastly, a honeymoon does not have to be an endeavor that occurs right after your wedding. You can delay taking your honeymoon until you have saved up enough money. Many people end up going on their honeymoon a year or two after the wedding, and it is still just as enjoyable.

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