The 15 Best Financial Podcasts For Women

Best financial podcasts for women

Looking for the best financial podcasts for women? Look no further! Finding great podcasts to listen to upgrade your finances can be quite a challenge. Today, there are literally thousands of podcasts out there – some of which are pure gold and others, not so much. 

If you’ve tried to cut through the noise to find the best financial podcasts to listen to then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will break down each of the top financial podcasts for women and why they’re so great! 

These podcasts were put together by women who’ve walked through the financial trenches in their own lives and came out victorious and are now helping hundreds, if not thousands, to achieve the same success too! It pays dividends to hear what worked and what didn’t – especially when it comes to your money.  

So, get ready as you’re in for a treat! 


15 of the best financial podcasts women should listen to in 2020

You’re about to dive into some of the best podcasts you can invest your time into to take your personal finances to the next level. But before you dive into the other podcasts, we have to showcase our very own highly reviewed podcast - Clever Girl Knows. 

1. Clever Girls Know

Clever girls know podcast

Podcast host: Bola Sokunbi

With close to 2 million uniques and ranked as a top podcast for women by Black Wallet, Black Enterprise, Refinery 29, and Yahoo Finance the Clever Girl Knows Podcast covers business, finances and life topics.

Our podcast was built to inspire women to achieve financial success. We take on everything – interviews with inspiring guests, tough questions from our audience and actionable tips to get you set up for success. 

Favorite episode? Habits to help you improve your self-discipline – a very important topic for the new decade!


2. Her Dinero Matters

Her dinero matters

Podcast host: Jen Hemphill

Her Dinero Matters is a bilingual podcast great for women who want to take charge of their money. Frequent show listeners are called “reinas” aka queens – which is Jen’s vision for the women in her community. If you’re Latina as the podcast addresses some Latina centric topics, however, the content is easily relatable to everyone! 

Jen is fully invested in building community and has woven some fun and engaging themes into her podcast such as “Reina of the Week” or “Pregunta of the Week” (Question of the Week).

Favorite episode? How to get the most out of a no-spend challenge. This episode gives clear guidelines on how to take such a challenge and more importantly, what to do after it's done!  


3. So Money

So money podcast

Podcast host: Farnoosh Torabi

Recently celebrating one thousand episodes, Farnoosh doesn’t skip a beat with her weekly podcasts that air on Fridays. If you love to hear from top business leaders and are looking for candid, well thought out answers to your tough money questions, then look no further than the So Money Podcast.

Farnoosh has welcomed guests that include the likes of Gretchen Rubin, Tim Ferris, Ariana Huffington, Margaret Cho among many others. 

Favorite episode? Episode 989 where Farnoosh answers the question “What are some smart ways to earn passive income” with insights on top side hustles to maximizing retirement savings to finding a financial planner. 


4. The Redefining Wealth Podcast 

Redefining wealth podcast

Podcast host: Patrice Washington

In a world where chasing money is the norm, Patrice’s message on the Redefining Wealth Podcast rises boldly above the noise: Chase Purpose… not money. As such, she has a fresh take on financial matters that have left her at odds with some traditional personal finance wisdom. 

Patrice has also been the resident personal finance expert for Steve Harvey’s radio and tv shows and has been featured in a ton of major publications such as Dr. Oz, Fox & Friends, Essence Magazine and Cosmopolitan. 

Favorite episode? The joy of missing out with guest Tonya Dalton who shares how to avoid letting to-do lists and priorities from making us feel empty and incomplete.


5. The Fairer Cents

The fairer cents podcast

Podcast hosts: Tanja Hester and Kara Perez 

Branded as “a must-listen podcast for anyone who is ready to change the status quo” The Fairer Cents Podcast touches on personal finance and career topics hosted by Tanja and Kara. Tanja, is the author of Work Optional: Retire Early the Non-Penny-Pinching-Way. And Kara, is a blogger at Our Next Life, an early retirement blog. They hold nothing back in discussing pressing and current financial topics such as the wealth and wage gap, motherhood and female ambition. 

Favorite episode? Achieving creative dreams, a deep dive into the creative process, the mess and the beauty in having a finished product. The episode is inspired by the completion of Tanja’s book, Work Optional. 


6. Journey to Launch

Journey to launch podcast

 Podcast host: Jamila Souffrant 

Ever hear of anyone who saved money in their teens so they could buy a piece of real estate straight out of college? In case you haven’t, let me introduce you to Jamila Souffrant. Raised in Brooklyn New York by a single mom, Jamila knew and understood the concept of hard work. When her friends were out splurging on the latest trends, she was saving all her coins with the single goal of buying a property – and she did it. 

Today she hosts the Journey to Launch Podcast that teaches and inspires others to pursue financial freedom. 

Favorite episode? The Black Tax: The cost of being black in America covers some challenges unique to minorities in America and how they can overcome and essentially “catch up” financially. 


7. Brown Ambition

Brown ambition podcast

Podcast hosts: Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche

The Brown Ambition Podcast is hosted by Mandi and Tiffany. And each week they answer listener questions about money, career, and business. Both Mandi and Tiffany are finance experts. Mandi worked for several years as a finance editor and Tiffany is a best selling personal finance author.

Favorite episode? When you earn 6-figures and still feel broke. On this episode, the hosts discuss a recent study on families living in the U.S. earning six figures but who still feel broke.


8. The Wander Wealthy Podcast 

Wander wealthy Podcast

Podcast host: Tess Wicks

You might not know her, but Tess, the brains behind The Wander Wealthy Podcast, is a down to earth everyday money and mindset coach. With her easy-going approachable vibe, Tess tackles the questions some may be too shy to ask anyone. 

Tess spent years working as a money coach for working women and has since pivoted to serve the self-employed. If you’re a business owner, you definitely want to check this out. 

Favorite episode? Building a single-product business. It tackles strategies for building a one-product business into your very own empire! 


9. Afford Anything

Afford anything podcast

Podcast host: Paula Pant

Available on: Apple podcasts 

After escaping the 9 to 5, Paula is determined to help others do the same. She tackles common financial advice head-on and offers her own proven systems to help people get ahead financially. If you want to explore alternative philosophies to common advice on topics such as budgeting, you’ll want to check out Afford Anything. As a bonus, you can go to Paula’s website and download a free copy of her book “Escape” which will teach you how to escape the 9 to 5. 

Favorite episode? In this episode, Paula tackles some great reader questions and drops some serious nuggets on the episode, how to invest for the next five years.


10. She Makes Money Moves

She makes money moves podcast

Podcast host: Samantha Barry

Podcast host Samantha Barry takes on the task of openly sharing intimate, unscripted stories from women across the country together with expert guests who share advice for listeners. On the She Makes Money Moves Podcast, she tackles topics such as “Should couples combine their finances,” “Spending and saving as a single mom,” and “Chasing money vs. chasing your passion.” 

Favorite episode? Confessions of a real-life shopaholic. A must-listen for any recovering shoppers out there! 


11. Frugal Friends

Frugal friends podcast

Podcast host: Jen Smith and Jill Siriani

Jen, the blogger behind Modern Frugality, is no stranger to debt. After being $78K deep in debt, she and her husband engaged in a 2-year journey to get out of debt which they navigated successfully. Together with her cohost, Jill, they’ve produced a podcast, Frugal friends, that has been described by listeners as “relatable” and perfect for people who like “money, minimalism and fun people.”

Favorite episode? Budgeting on an irregular income – we all have those seasons where our income is not consistent. This episode helps you to prepare and thrive in those times. 


12. The Financial Grownup 

Financial grownup podcast

Podcast host: Bobbi Rebell

The Financial Grown-up Podcast is all about sharing money tips and stories from experts and everyday individuals on how to be a financial grownup. Host, Bobbi Rebell is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), an award-winning TV anchor and a personal finance columnist.

Favorite episode? What to do if you are getting paid less because of your gender which covers how to navigate getting paid your worth and dealing with dream bullies.


13. Her Money

Her money podcast

Podcast host: Jean Chatzky

Founder of Her Money and the host of Her Money Podcast, Jean is not new to the public eye. She’s spent over two decades reporting on financial matters and has a big heart for inspiring women to manage their financial destinies. Jean is also the financial editor of NBC’s Today Show. Starting her journey in college as an English major, she has since gone on to write 11 best-selling books and to create a powerful brand called Her Media. 

Favorite episode? Credit, credit cards and debt where Jean answers listeners questions, providing them with strategic advice to ditch debt for good.


14. Side Hustle Pro

Side hustle pro podcast

Podcast host: Nicaila Matthews Okome 

If you’re looking to increase your income and wondering how to make more money in 2020 and beyond, look no further than the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. Started by Nicaila, the podcast explores how women of color have built thriving businesses and escaped the 9 to 5. 

Favorite episode? Learn from a Shark Tank contestant who turned down a deal – none other than CurlMix Founder Kim Lewis on how to market your physical products.


15. Mo Money Podcast 

Mo Money Podcast

Podcast host: Jessica Moorehouse

Recording from her home in Canada, Mo Money Podcast host Jessica Moorehouse started recording in 2015 and has grown her show to over 1 million downloads. She grew up with limited means and started working at 15 – inspiring her to learn as much as she could about money and how to manage it. Her podcast is directed at millennials, but the lessons can be used by nearly anyone to achieve financial freedom. 

Favorite episode? Money and its effect on mental health. Such an important topic as you navigate achieving financial wellness.


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