10 of The Best Career Blogs For Women


Need help updating your resume, networking, preparing for interviews, and more? Let's talk about the best career blogs you can leverage for support!

I talk to women all the time who are seeking advice to help them make smart career decisions. Knowing the best resources, including the best career blogs can help you make these decisions. This, in turn, can lead you down the path to a career you love. Having a career you love ties into your overall happiness and your mental wellness.

In addition, many of us are navigating our careers earning 20% less on average than men do for the same job functions. And so making those right decisions is more important than ever.

Being well positioned on your career path is a major determinant of how much money you'll earn during your working life. This directly impacts how much you'll be able to save and invest for your future self.

That being said, here are some of the best career blogs for you to check out.

These incredible career blogs can help you out if you find yourself in a career rut and need to figure out the best career steps to take. From asking for a raise to writing the perfect self-assessment to work from home tips; they will provide you with a variety of tips to achieve the career of your dreams.

1. The Muse

The Muse is an epic job resource that provides millennials with an insider look at various job opportunities with hundreds of major companies. They also provide expert career advice on their blog.

Their blog gives millennials at different career stages ideas, tips, and suggestions to job hunt and develops careers they truly love.

2. Career Contessa

Career Contessa consistently puts out amazing content on their website and blog with a focus on helping women cultivate successful careers. They do this through expert advice, interviews, and videos, one-on-one mentoring, online skills-based courses and resources, and a curated job board.

From job searches and opportunities to career advice, career coaching, and mentoring, Career Contessa offers a ton of resources. In turn, these resources can help you gain clarity in your career and teach you how to excel at your job as a newbie, manager, or leader.

3. The Prepary

The Prepary is a job search consulting service that focuses on helping you make your job search well thought out and enjoyable. They are passionate about taking candidates from good to great as they embark on their job application process.

Their blog has a great resource library of free downloads, courses, and events. All of which will prepare you to not just knock your interview out the gate but to stand out in a major way so you get the job too.

4. Classy Career Girl 

Classy Career Girl focuses on helping women set not just career goals but business goals too. They empower women to reach their career goals. They also help women who are job searching or starting new businesses.

The content on their blog helps women to find ways to balance their career success, happiness, health, and life.


Watch Her Work is a multimedia digital platform focused on closing the achievement gap for professional women by providing the much needed professional advice they need.

They carefully curating work/life wisdom from top female professionals from all walks of life on their career blog. This in turn helps women make the decisions that propel them to success.


At Career Shifters, they believe life is too short to be unhappy at work. With their blog content, they help bright, motivated people who feel stuck in the wrong career find and move into more fulfilling work.

They are reinventing traditional career guidance by drawing from the worlds of entrepreneurship, psychology, and design thinking. With this insight, their blog will definitely keep you inspired.

7. Power to Fly

PowerToFly was launched in 2014 to connect Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups with women who are looking to work for companies that value gender diversity and inclusion.

On their blog, they provide women with tips on working from home, career advice, inspiration for life, access to in-person and online events, and more; all of which help women achieve their best careers.

8. Fairy GodBoss

Fairy Godboss offers women expert career advice, job openings, and company reviews to help then grow in their careers.

They provide awesome content through their career blog. They also offer free resources, and a safe, inclusive community for highly motivated women to connect and help one another to succeed.

9. Corporette

Corporette is a career blog with a twist in that they focus on helping working women who need to look professional but want to look fashionable at the same time.

For the best tips on office style, to how to stay stylish working from home to the best accessories for your commute, their blog will absolutely not disappoint. Their career advice is also spot on.

10. Women 2.0

Founded in 2006, Women 2.0 is a media and tech company focused on gender equality and inclusion in the tech space. Through the content on their website and blog, they offer resources for women to grow their careers and their companies in the industry.

They also provide services for workplaces and the technology startup ecosystem. These services create diverse and inclusive environments that support the advancement of women.

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