The Craziest Thing I Did To Save Money!


What's the craziest, silliest thing you ever did to save money? You'll probably laugh at this one but I'm going to share it anyway!

I'm seriously terrified of being broke. Like seriously, seriously. I'm one of those people that gets peace of mind from having a fully-funded emergency account and sinking fund, and from having savings accounts that are tracking towards long-term goals. Financial security is at the very top of my lists of priorities and goals.

I've done a few fun things to save money and one of them was attempting to make a $1 transfer to my savings account (which I'm not ashamed to admit by the way). However, I couldn't make the transfer but I really needed to get that $1 into my savings account by all means.

Let me explain what happened

Way back when I first got aggressive about saving money and I was in the middle of saving my first $100,000, I had a spare dollar in my checking account that I didn't need. So I figured why not save it?

I logged into my savings account and attempted to make the transfer from my checking account into my savings account but the transaction was not approved. Apparently, the minimum transfer amount was $10.

Well, I decided not to get deterred. I had a spare dollar and I didn't want it to get spent on miscellaneous junk (e.g. gum lol). So I decided I was going to drive all the way down to my local bank branch and make that deposit - in person. The cashier thought it was funny, (hey it was) and it was a little embarrassing but I wanted that dollar in my savings account no matter what.

This was how aggressive I was about saving money and a huge part of how I was able to save $100,000 in the 3.5 years right after I graduated college. Crazy huh? Well sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Having the right money mindset matters

That leads to having the right mindset when it comes to your money. For many people, $1 is nothing since can't buy you much of anything with it. But I'm of the opinion that a little + a little + a little = a lot and me making even the small deposit to my savings account, made a difference in my bank balance and I saw my balance steadily growing over time.

Not just that, making those consistent transfers and deposits no matter how small, helped me to solidify my savings habit and helped me get accustomed to making consistent transfers to my savings.

It also helped improve my money mindset and the way I thought about my finances. I believed (and still believe) that I could save a ton of money and I did.


So now it's your turn to share; What's been the craziest thing you've done to save money? Leave a comment!

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