The Ultimate Clever Girl Book List For Your Personal Finances, Career, Business & Life

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The best personal finance and career books for women

I'm an avid book reader and proud to say that reading has changed my finances and life overall. Reading has given me new ideas, fresh perspectives and ultimately led to my growth and success as an individual so when people ask me about my favorite books, I usually have a ton to share - there are just so many good ones!

Reading finance books keeps me motivated and inspired to stay on top of my financial planning and focused on my long-term financial goals. Educating myself on personal finance by reading also contributed to my being able to achieve a major financial milestone—saving over $100,000 in just 3 years.

But aren’t all personal finance books the same?

This is a comment I hear a lot! But here’s my take; Financial concepts are financial concepts. And while they don’t change much, there is tremendous value in learning the various ways in which people implement these cornerstone financial concepts into their lives and the strategies they’ve used to create their own financial success.

Personal finance books provide you with a variety of opinions and strategies. And importantly, if you read them often enough, they keep you immersed in what you should be doing to achieve your own financial success. Plus, reading about personal finance from other people’s perspectives isn’t boring, especially when it’s by an incredible author.

As women earning money, we owe it to ourselves to define our financial success. Reading to educate yourself is a great way to get started.

That being said, below is the ultimate book list of my all-time favorite books that I've read over the years and books that have been recommended to me that have excellent reviews. These books have guided me through saving, investing business, life and more. Check out a few and get inspired to build the life you truly want!

Books on personal finance

My first pick is my book (yes!) titled Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money and Build Real Wealth. I wrote this book for women from a woman's perspective on personal finance. Why? Well, at the beginning of my journey to building wealth, there were so few books by women or even by women of color. Most of the books I found were by men and while they were great, I wish I had something directly relatable to me! So I wrote the book I wish I had!

Clever Girl Finance Book

Some other favorite books include:

Books on investing

Books on business & entrepreneurship

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