The Ultimate List of Best Personal Finance Books, Career, Business & Personal Development Books

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The best personal finance and career books for women

Let's talk about the best personal finance books and more! I’m an avid book reader and proud to say that reading has changed my finances and in turn, my life overall. As a result of reading, I've gotten new ideas and fresh perspectives which have ultimately led to my growth and success as an individual.

So when people ask me about my opinion on the best books, I always have a ton to share. Hence this ultimate list of best personal finance books and more that I've put together. There are just so many good ones!

Reading finance books motivates and inspires me to stay on top of my financial planning and keeps me focused on my long-term financial goals.

Educating myself on personal finance by reading also contributed to my being able to achieve a major financial milestone—saving over $100,000 in just 3 years.

Book categories in this post include:

  1. The best personal finance books of all time: The top books every woman should read
  2. Investing for beginners
  3. Women in business
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Books for women on personal development

Why should I read books about money?

Learning about finances and money is crucial if you ever want to have financial freedom. It’s important to learn different viewpoints and perspective and figure out what is best for you and your family.

A recent study found that the most common hobby of wealthy people was reading. We also know that some of the most successful people with money and business read a lot!

Plus there are numerous health benefits to reading books!


  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helping you fall asleep faster
  • Increasing overall life satisfaction and happiness

Whether you want to read about personal finance, career development, business or personal development, this ultimate list of the best books, will help you be successful.

Benefits of reading books

But aren’t all personal finance books the same?

This is a comment I hear a lot. But here’s my take; Financial concepts are financial concepts. And while they don’t change much, there is tremendous value in learning the various ways in which people implement these cornerstone financial concepts into their lives and the strategies they’ve used to create their own financial success.

Personal finance books provide you with a variety of opinions and strategies. And importantly, if you read them often enough, they keep you immersed in what you should be doing to achieve your own financial success.

In addition, reading about personal finance from other people’s perspectives isn’t boring, especially when it’s by an incredible author.

As women earning money, we owe it to ourselves to define our financial success. Reading to educate yourself is a great way to get started.

That being said, below is my ultimate book list of the best personal finance books, career, business, self-improvement, and personal development books. These are books I've read over the years and books that have been recommended to me that have excellent reviews.

These books have guided me through saving, investing, business, life and more.

The Best Personal Finance Books of All Time: The Top Books Every Woman Should Read

In the lists below, you'll find some of my favorite books for women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. They will help you build a foundation to grow your money and live the life you want.

These books are great for beginners and will change your life for the better. They will help you stay motivated to do what you need to do with your finances and money.

Here goes:

  • Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money and Build Real Wealth. My first pick is my book (yes!). I wrote this book for women from a woman's perspective and to provide an actionable personal finance guide for beginners. Why? Well, at the beginning of my journey to building wealth, there were so few books by women or even by women of color. Most of the books I read were by men and while they are great books, I wish I had something directly relatable to me. So I wrote the book I wish I had. This is top on my list of the best personal finance books if I might say so myself!

Best Personal Finance books Clever Girl Finance

Best Personal Finance books Nice girls don't get rich

Best Personal Finance books Smart women finish rich

Best Personal Finance books Money a love story

Best Personal Finance books You are a badass at making money

Best Personal Finance books Secrets of six figure women

Best Personal Finance books The 5 lessons a millionaire taught me for women

Best Books for Investing for Beginners

Learning about investing doesn't have to be scary and overwhelming. These beginner investing books are perfect for those that are just learning about how to invest. Plus some of the best personal finance books are about this very topic.

It is so important for women to learn about investing in order to have financial freedom. Studies have shown that women are less likely to invest and when they do, they start when they are older.

Investing at a young age is crucial in order to take advantage of long-term gains and compound interest. The younger you start investing, the better off you will be when you decide to retire.

These are the best books for investing for women:

Women's guide to successful investing book

The intelligent investor book

Rich dad's guide to investing book

The book on rental property investing

Best Books for Women in Business

Building a business or career is not easy, especially when trying to balance family life and career. Most business books are written by men to men. These are the best books for women in business written by other women.

Nice girls don't get the corner office book

Women don't ask book

The myth of the nice girl book

Best Books for Entrepreneurs

Building a business is not easy and it is a constant balance of learning, reading, and building our customer base. However, the more we can learn from others that have already been there and done that, the better off our businesses will be.

We can grow faster and make money doing what we love. These books will help you grow your business and make it profitable from the get-go. Especially considering that over 50% of new businesses close in the first 5 years.

Profit first book

Million dollar women book

Blue Ocean Strategy

Best Books for Women on Personal Development

These are my favorite books on learning how to improve your mindset and beliefs in order to live your best life. These books will help you be successful in your personal and professional life.

The year of yes Shonda Rhimes

You are a badass book

Girl wash your face Rachel Hollis

Abundance now Lisa Nichols


Finding the best books for women will help you grow finances, business, and mindset. A good book can inspire and motivate you to move to the next level of success in your personal and professional life.

It is so important to read books that will help you grow personally and professionally. The more you learn, the faster you can grow and become who you were meant to be!

I challenge you to read one book a month and see how it can change your life for the better. I hope this list of best personal finance books and more inspire you.

Let me know in the comments what you are reading right now and how it has helped you in your life.


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