15 Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV!

Things to do instead of watching tv!

Let's talk about things to do instead of watching tv! There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and catching up on your favorite shows, but too much of anything is unhealthy. When working towards your goals or looking to achieve overall wellness, watching tv may not be the best use of your time.

Television consumption usually doesn’t require much cognitive effort and it’s a way of shutting down rather than being productive and getting things done. If you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day, you could get more done if you found things to do instead of watching tv!

15 Fun and productive things to do instead of watching tv

Rather than spending your free time in front of the television, be more intentional with your time to make the most of it. Here are 15 fantastic things to do instead of watching tv:

1. Journal

Take some time to journal and get your thoughts and ideas out onto paper. Journaling helps to clear your mind and may even bring about new ideas and goals.

It is also a great way to decompress. If you need some inspiration, check out our post 60 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery!

2. Read a book

Whether you’re reading something educational or getting lost in a novel, reading is a great alternative to watching tv. Reading non-fiction gives you the opportunity to learn or improve upon something.

Reading fiction opens up your imagination and provides a deeper, less superficial form of entertainment.

3. Go for a walk

Being out in nature is beneficial for your physical and mental health. You’ll get the benefits of movement and exercise while also giving yourself time to think without too much external stimulation.

You may even discover things that you may not have noticed or paid attention to in your neighborhood.

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4. Go for a drive

Maybe there’s an area in your city that you’ve been longing to explore. Get out of the house and drive around!

Go somewhere that’s new to you and familiarize yourself with the area. You may uncover some hidden gems and find some other things to do instead of watching tv.

5. Spend time with your friends

Host a dinner party or game night to spend time with your friends. Enjoy some time being social and conversing with others. Being isolated can be overwhelming, and seeing and spending time with your friends can be a better alternative to watching tv alone.

6. Complete projects around your house

There may be some home improvement projects, either big or small, that you have started or want to start. Instead of watching tv, get to work on those projects.

You may have put them off due to a lack of energy or time. Make some time to complete them by cutting back on your tv time.

7. Deep clean and organize your home

When looking for things to do instead of watching tv, organizing and decluttering is a great task to take on. Spending time cleaning & organizing will reveal things that you no longer want or use.

You can then donate or sell those items to free up space in your home. You may even find things that you do need or want that were misplaced in the clutter.

8. Listen to music

Pull up your favorite albums or playlists and listen to the music that you love. Some of this music may be tied to memories that spark and inspire conversations.

Listen to music from certain eras of your life, and allow it to inspire thoughts and feelings from that point in time.

Take some time to belt out and dance to your favorite tunes. The music may also make you feel productive and help you get other things done.

9. Learn something new

When it comes to achieving your goals, increasing your knowledge or learning a new skill may be a big part of the necessary work.

Maybe there’s something that you’ve always wanted to learn but you’ve never had the time to do it. Like learning to play an instrument, learning how to cook, or learning how to invest and be better with your money.

Putting some time into your education is one of the most useful things to do instead of watching tv. Learning something new not only increases your knowledge and skills but also gives you the opportunity to experience new things.

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10. Practice meditation

Turn inward and bring your awareness to the present moment via meditation. Meditation will relax your mind and body and can reduce stress and anxiety by clearing your mind of racing thoughts.

It also improves your mental health and self-awareness which can help you be more productive and work towards achieving your goals.

11. Improve your finances

Instead of watching tv, spend some time working on tasks that will improve your finances. Set financial goals or make a written plan to meet the goals that are already in place.

Take a few moments to create or update your budget so that you’ll have more control of your money and where it's going.

Use this time to improve your knowledge of personal finance. You can research and read about financial management, budgeting, investing, etc. with your time not spent watching tv.

12. Make more money

One of the most beneficial things to do instead of watching tv is to make more money! If you have a side hustle, put some work in to bring in more extra income. If you don’t already have a side hustle, take this opportunity to start one.

There are several different ways to bring in extra income such as blogging, starting a business, passive income streams, selling on Amazon or Etsy, and joining the gig economy. Cut back on tv to do something that will bring in extra money.

13. Volunteer your time

Take some time away from the tv to volunteer and make a difference. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and volunteer to help out. This is also a great way to socialize and meet new people while doing your part!

14. Rest and relax

We spend a lot of our day being mentally stimulated in one way or another. How often do you get some time to relax and just be without any sort of stimulation?

Resting is among one of the most productive things to do instead of watching tv. Yes, rest is productive.

Your mind and body aren’t meant to always fire on all cylinders, so resting is a cheat code to helping you be more productive. Instead of watching tv, just relax and do nothing for a little while.

15. Get more sleep

Last but not least, cut back on tv in favor of getting more sleep. If you’re watching tv late at night while the day is winding down, you’re cutting into the time that you have to sleep. Turn off the tv and get some rest instead.

Watching tv when you’re about to go to sleep increases external stimulation and you may get caught up and continue watching even if you told yourself that you would only watch an episode or two. Limit yourself to how much tv you watch before bed, and set a time where you turn off the tv and go to sleep.

Try these fun and productive things to do instead of watching tv!

Watching too much tv can cause you to be antisocial, unproductive, and anxious, among other things. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying tv, but too much of it has proved to have some unhealthy consequences and can be detrimental to achieving your goals.

Rather than spending several hours in front of the tv each day, there may be better ways to spend and maximize your time.

You don’t have to cut out watching tv completely, just cut back a bit and use that time to do other things that contribute to your productivity, your goals, and your overall quality of life.

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