3 Reasons Why Having A Budget For Your Vacation Is Worth It

Most people are taking at least one summer trip, whether it’s by plane, car, or bus. While all these trips are taking place, let’s be real here, a budget is rarely in use due to the perception of the “limiting” factor.

I get it, we all want to enjoy ourselves without thinking about money. We want to do all the things we rarely do at home such as eating out every day at fancy restaurants, going out on excursions, and splurging on other fun activities.

Why having a budget for your vacation is a game changer

Well, not having a budget for your vacation is a problem.  A huge problem because it’s a setup for failure. By failure, I mean overspending money you shouldn’t have spent. I know I’m not the only one that has done this. It’s the worse feeling in the world and it’s stressful.

The average American plans to spend up to two to three weeks pay for summer vacations which can be a lot of money - so a budget is necessary.

Dipping in money that you allocated for something else or taking 6 months to pay off your credit card because of that overindulgent vacation is not where it’s at.

Instead of allowing that stressful feeling to occur, reverse engineer your processes so you can feel accomplished instead of stressed after vacation.  Before getting into the benefits of planning financially for your trips, let’s get into the psyche of a budget.

The word budget has the same effect on people as it does a diet. It’s often seen as a tool for deprivation and limitation especially when it comes to planning vacations.

To clarify, a budget is a spending plan for you to set you up for success. It allows you to determine whether you have enough money to do what you want to do. If the word budget just makes you cringe,  be creative and call it something different.

For this blog post, we’ll refer to it as a “glow up plan” because of the transformation it provides to you mentally and financially.

1. Your vacation budget can help you make accurate financial decisions

A glow up plan for your vacation encourages you to maneuver differently. Creating one allows you to stay focused and make informed and accurate decisions.

We all know that not having a plan and procrastinating is expensive- especially when it comes to flights. Knowing exactly what you can afford and planning your trip ahead of time will save you money and stress. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Feeling stressed just thinking about creating a vacation budget? It's all about learning how to budget and finding the budgeting style that works best for you.

2. It can help you avoid anxiety

We all take vacations to relax, immerse ourselves in different cultures and embark on new adventures. Wouldn’t it be great to keep that momentum going even after your vacation?

Setting a glow up plan will help to avoid anxiety so you don't dread having to face that credit card bill knowing that it's no bueno (not good). Plus it will save you some money on that credit card interest.

3. It will teach you financial compromise - in a good way

With everything in life, compromises will have to be made. You might have to swap that expensive hotel view by the water for that bungee jumping adventure you want to go on. It’s all about balance.

It doesn’t mean you’ll have less of a great time, it means that you value that excursion more than the view by the hotel. A glow up plan allows you to prioritize what you want to get the most out of your trip.

In summary

These are just some of the many benefits you can have by implementing a glow up plan for your vacations. I guarantee if you try this at least once you will see how beneficial it is.

Enjoy your vacation and thank me after!

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