5 Reasons Why I Practice Minimalist Fashion

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Minimalist Fashion
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...Well, almost minimalist!

Over the last few years, I've been seriously compelled to own less. A lot less. I've pared down my closet (and home) in a major way by getting rid of a ton of stuff.  I've kept only what I truly love. As a result, I can find my things easily and I have a better appreciation of what I own. Here, I'll outline my journey to minimalist fashion.

It was the spring of 2012 when I first got started on my goal of minimalist fashion. I started with a closet cleanse. I went through my closet and got rid of things that didn't fit or were too old, and things I didn't use. But then gradually, I found myself replacing what I'd taken out. By the end of summer, I was back to having a closet full of more things than I needed in my life!

After some serious deliberation, I started my closet cleanse over again, committed to fully practicing minimalist fashion. For the second time, I got rid of things that I just didn't need or want, like stuff I purchased for "my fantasy life"- yes really - my "glitz glam fabulous fashion week every day all day" life that is completely unrealistic in the world I live in currently and only ever happens occasionally.

I did a second pass at stuff that didn't fit and stuff that was too old. Finally, I was able to scale my closet down to a place that was comfortable for me. Since then, I've actually been able to stick to owning a much smaller, leaner closet. I'm fully practicing minimalist fashion now, and I'm super proud about it! (See my post on my once epic handbag collection here)

So why practice minimalist fashion? Below are five reasons why I'm all about it!

Why I choose minimalist fashion

1. It helps me hone in on my true style

I'm now able to explore my existing closet instead of always buying something new that I wear once or not at all. I have fun mixing and matching clothes and picking out new outfits. In the past, I had a closet full of stuff but struggled to find what I wanted to wear.

2. I'm a more deliberate shopper

Owning less means I'm more deliberate when I actually do go shopping. I ask myself questions like, "Will I use this? Does this work well with my current wardrobe? Can I walk in these shoes?" I'm all about cost per wear and getting my money's worth for the purchases I make.  Learn how to apply cost per wear to your purchases in this article I wrote.

3. I no longer shop for my fantasy life

For real. No more shopping for my fantasy life. For instance, buying cocktail dresses when I rarely ever go to any cocktail parties. Or overdosing on sequins when they are not realistic for my day to day life and are not really my style (showing up at my kids' school in full sequin swag? Um, no).

4. I truly believe less is more

Who says owning more is better anyway? There's nothing wrong with using and reusing your items. Luxury goods cost so much money that it only makes sense to wear them and wear them well. I'm also a bigger believer of quality over quantity. I would rather save to buy one thing I know I will wear well than buy a bunch of cheap stuff that will wear out and end up in the trash later.

5. I save a ton of money as a result

It's amazing how much money I save by not buying random and subpar things. This is the key to minimalist fashion. Now my purchases are planned and well thought out for the most part. Instead of shopping for anything and everything, I shop based on my needs and also based on a wish list I have created of things I really want that I know will work with my existing wardrobe. And all that money I save? I put it toward my investment accounts and future financial goals!


In summary: While minimalist fashion is not for everyone, I hope this post inspires you to be more deliberate about your shopping. I hope it helps you determine what you're spending your money on. Most importantly, I hope it helps you assess how you could be saving money for the more important things in your life.

Minimalist Fashion
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