Business Coaching Sessions

Work with me and get the clear strategies you need to grow an incredibly successful business!

Bola Onada Sokunbi
I reached out to Bola as I was really impressed with how she handled her business and needed help getting out of a “business funk”. Working with Bola has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. The advice she gave and the tips are priceless. Within just a few days I accomplished more than I felt I ever had. She gave me the motivation I needed to push myself more. I now have a solid plan that I can organize into small goals that are easier to reach over a shorter time. Each time I reach a goal it gives me such a great feeling of success and that extra boost of confidence to keep going. I now know there is no limit to my success!!

Make your dreams of a financially successful business your reality

During each session with me, we'll focus on addressing your main business concerns, how you can create a business built on a solid financial foundation, and how you can implement the strategies your business needs to grow, succeed and make money!

Session topics may include:

  • Establishing your business plan and vision

  • Understanding & reaching your target audience

  • Creating & pricing your products (physical & digital)

  • Marketing & sales strategies

  • Branding & establishing your online presence


Cost: $397 Per Session

- Session durations are approximately 90 minutes long
- All sessions are conducted via Zoom, Skype or by phone
- Multiple sessions can be scheduled as needed
- If you need a time outside of what is available e.g. an evening, please book your session and then send a message requesting a time adjustment

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