Changing Your Perception Of Money

Changing your perception

Money can come with lots of negative connotations. But you get to choose how you perceive earning, spending, saving, and investing your cash. If you feel negative about your finances, you can make a change! Changing your perception of money to a positive mindset can help you attain financial success.

But before we get into how to change your perception, let's cover why you should first.

Why you should want to change your perception of money

When you change your perception of money, it can open up opportunities for you and help you be better with your finances. Maybe you feel you’re not earning your full potential at work or in your business. Maybe you’re in a rut of racking up debt and overspending without a clear way out.

Or maybe you just want to improve your ability to communicate your money needs and wants to a partner, your family, or a friend group. Regardless, if you’re fed up with how you feel when it comes to money habits, changing your perception is how you reach your goals.

How changing your perception about money can change your life

A simple (although not necessarily easy) shift when it comes to money management is to change your perspective. Perception often creates reality or at least influences it. Changing your perception of money gives you more control over your daily decisions and future life.

If you feel empowered to charge your worth, save toward your goals, and spend in a way that feels good to you, you’ll be on the path toward success and happiness. Putting yourself in a positive frame of mind allows you to see more opportunities and be ready to act on them. Basically, you’ll be able to attract what you want and repel everything you don’t.

8 Steps for changing your perception of money

Money influences much of our daily life, which can be positive or negative. However, you have the power to make it a positive experience, all you have to do is change your perception. So, here's how to change your perception of money and work towards financial success!

1. Be willing to change

It's true changing your perception can be challenging, but like anything else, it's about taking baby steps. One way to get started is to look for patterns of past successes....and shortcomings. You can also reflect on your current money mindset and any past experiences that have led you here.

Our childhoods can have a big effect on the way we view money in adulthood. After some introspection, keep what moves you forward and release anything that doesn’t. Have an open mind about changing your view and habits. A willing attitude is how to change your perception for the better!

2. Decide you’re in charge

Take matters into your own hands! Ask for that raise, start that side hustle, and pay down that crushing debt. Get started investing and have your money work for you! There’s so much you can do with your money.

Even when you acknowledge there are elements that are outside your total control, remind yourself that you’re able to control how you react to situations as they arise and how you prepare for the unexpected and inevitable.

3. Visualize the future you want

A big step in changing your perception is visualizing the future you want. Sit quietly and reflect. Draw what you see. Journal how you feel. Talk it out with someone close to you. Getting a vision of the future makes it that much more of a reality.

One of the best ways to help you visualize the life you want is to create a vision board. A vision board is a collage of pictures, quotes, and goals you want to achieve. It will motivate you to work towards your vision and accomplish anything you desire!

4. Get clear on your goals

Once you have your vision, define how you’re going to get there. Your financial goals can be lofty. They can stretch you. Just make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure. Try setting smaller milestones or layering one attainable goal on top of another.

Use the SMART goal method to make your goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Break big goals down into smaller goals to make them easier to achieve!

5. Gather all your resources

You have so much to offer the world—and your future self! Think about your skills, savings, assets, and personal network—practice gratitude for all that you have. Then get creative about how you can leverage everything in your arsenal.

For instance, use your skills to earn more income or tap into your network for career opportunities. Changing your perception and using your resources can help you improve your financial situation.

6. Believe in yourself

Be your biggest fan. Root for yourself like you’d cheer on your best friend. Belief is one of the biggest factors in perception, so the more you believe in yourself, the closer you are to making your vision a reality.

An excellent way to change your perception and start believing in yourself is to practice positive affirmations. In fact, studies show that practicing positive affirmations daily can increase your neural pathways!

So instead of saying to yourself, "I'll never have enough money," say, "I have an abundance of money!" You'd be surprised at how much your affirmations will lead you to actions.

7. Hold yourself accountable

Learn how to hold yourself accountable to following through on all your plans. Maybe writing it down is enough to keep you on track. Maybe you’ll do best if you recruit an accountability partner. Sometimes having someone to answer to helps us hold ourselves more accountable.

Find whatever method works for you so that you keep your eye on the prize. Don't forget to reward yourself when you follow through with your plans and goals so you will be more motivated to stick with them too!

8. Don’t settle

You deserve the best—whatever you define “the best” to be. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses or following social media trends. Instead, you should be striving for exactly what you want.

Never give up on your dreams no matter how big they are because when you change your perception and believe in yourself, you won't settle for anything less.

Start changing your perception of money to succeed financially

Ultimately, changing your perception of money comes down to choosing happiness rather than resistance. We all need money to survive and to work our way toward our dreams.

So use these steps to start changing your perception of money so you can be financially successful. Take it a step further and enroll in our free financial courses and worksheets so you can learn how to save more money and build real wealth!

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