"Clever Girls Know" is an extension of the Clever Girl Finance platform based on a foundation of financial wellness and created to help women navigate all aspects of living a beautiful life.

Clever Girls Know inspires, empowers and motivates women to live their best lives through relatable stories, guides, tutorials and other featured content.


Smart, beautiful and diverse, the Clever Girl is all about:

  • Achieving financial independence
  • Working in her dream job, business, or being the amazing CEO of her home
  • Being a great individual, friend, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, girl boss or whomever she chooses to be
  • Taking advantage of the amazing experiences life has to offer 
  • And looking and feeling fabulous while she's at it

Because Clever Girls Know.


Clever Girls Know is currently seeking the following:

  • Article contributors for subject matter topics and personal success stories

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