• Are you a US college undergrad student who is serious about getting her finances together?
  • Want to step into the workforce after graduation with a sound financial plan to build real wealth?
  • Are you a social leader and love being part of a team?

This exciting opportunity is for you!

Bola Sokunbi

The Clever Girl Finance Brand Ambassador Program is a virtual, remote mentorship program that teaches young women how to make the right financial decisions for their current and future selves and it is free of charge!

The Opportunity:

  • Participate in the Clever Girl Finance mentorship program through monthly group mentoring calls and get free access to the Clever Girl Finance 6 Month Accountability program

  • Build leadership skills by organizing Clever Girl Finance on-campus events and participating in social media brand awareness campaigns

  • Build your resume as a program ambassador and gain valuable life and money skills

  • Connect with other Clever Girls via our private Facebook ambassador program community and accountability program community

  • Get free Clever Girl Finance digital tools to help you as you work on your finances and get discounts on the Clever Girl Finance Shop through the accountability program


The Details:

As a Clever Girl Finance College Ambassador, you will have access to our group mentorship calls to provide guidance on your finances, resume tips, interview guidance, salary negotiation and more.

You'll receive weekly challenges to help you master your finances via the Clever Girl Finance Accountability Program in the Clever Girl Finance academy and you’ll also have a support system via the other ambassadors in the program and from Bola.


The Commitment:

The Clever Girl Finance College Ambassador Program is completely free and we only ask one thing in return - your full participation. This means:

  • Attending the mentorships calls
  • Completing the Clever Girl Finance Accountability Program (a 6 month / 26 week program)
  • Completing surveys / sharing content as needed 
  • Planning on campus events
  • Acting as a Clever Girl Finance Ambassador by sharing your experience with this program

When does this program run?

The Clever Girl Finance College Ambassador Program runs year round so you'll only need to submit your application once. Once you are in the program it lasts for a period of 6 months.

Want to apply?

Complete the application below - we'll be back in touch!

The Clever Girl Finance College Ambassador Program Application

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