Planning Out Your Cost Of Diapers Per Month!

Cost of diapers per month

The expenses that come with your bundle of joy can add up quickly. You might easily overlook the cost of diapers per month. But diapers can take a big bite out of your monthly budget.

Luckily, there are ways to save on the average cost of diapers per month. Let’s explore how to plan for the cost of diapers per month!

How much do diapers cost per month

So, how much do diapers cost per month anyway? Diapers may not seem like a big expense before you bring home a baby. But once you start running through diapers, you’ll quickly see how the costs can add up.

According to New York Life, you’ll spend approximately $75 per month on diapers. That can lead to an annual expense of $900. Although that is the average cost of diapers per month, the final cost of diapers per month in your budget will vary a bit based on your child, the brand, and your luck with coupons.

Clearly, diapers are a big expense to add to any budget. But since 95% of moms in the U.S. exclusively use disposable diapers for their babies, it is an expense that most families must budget for.

Budgeting the cost of diapers per month

The cost of diapers can add up quickly. But it is possible to budget for this expense. As with all of the other expenses in your life, you can create a budget that incorporates your child’s diapers. For instance, if the average cost of diapers per month is $75, then you need to add that into your baby budget!

You can choose from a variety of different budgeting methods. A few include the cash envelope budgeting system and the zero-based budgeting method.

If you need help building a budget that actually works for you, then I highly recommend taking our free “Create a Budget That Works” course. The step-by-step class will walk you through the process of building a budget that includes your diaper costs.

How to save on the cost of diapers

It’s no secret— diapers can get expensive quickly. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to save for moms on a budget. Here are some of the best ways that you can save on diapers.

1. Use affordable brands

Not all diapers are created equally. As a parent, you’ll quickly learn which diaper brands work best for your baby’s bottom. But it is a good idea to give the more affordable brands a try. There are several high-quality diaper brands that offer an affordable price point.

For example, some generic brands offer an affordable choice without compromising on the experience.

At the very least, it is a good idea to find a few different brand options that work for your baby. With the ability to switch to different brands, you can stay flexible when one or the other goes on sale.

2. Ask for diapers at your baby shower

Diapers might not be the most adorable gift at a baby shower. But if you register for diapers, you will definitely use the gift!

If you register for diapers, it is a good idea to choose a few different sizes. Babies grow very quickly. With that, you can ask for a scale of diaper sizes to help get you started at each stage.

As a gift-giver at a shower, it can be tempting to pass up diapers for a cuter choice. However, the one thing new parents are always reaching for is a fresh diaper.

3. Shop the sales

Shopping the sales can really cut the cost of diapers per month. Diapers are expensive items that go on sale relatively frequently. Although you should absolutely keep an eye on the sale prices at big box stores like Target and Walmart, you might find better sales at smaller stores.

For example, pharmacies might not be your first thought for diaper shopping. But it is possible to rack up big savings on their diaper sales. CVS and Walgreens are both stores that regularly run sales on diapers. Plus, both offer in-store rewards programs that could help cut the cost of your diaper bill.

4. Seek out coupons

Coupons can offer a goldmine of savings on diapers. But you need to know where to look for the best coupons. You can sign up for rewards programs with the biggest brands. A few include Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs. Once you are in the rewards program, you can access big discounts and high-value coupons.

Another place to check out is Amazon Family, which offers up to 20% off diapers through your Prime account. Plus, there are more coupons available through Amazon Coupons. 

5. Buy in bulk

Buying diapers in bulk is one way to save money. You can find diapers at a more affordable price point per diaper when you make big purchases. A few places to look for these big deals include Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

6. Only buy what you need for a few weeks at a time

Buying in bulk can lower the cost of diapers per month. However, the downside of bulk buying is that your baby might outgrow the size before you finish the package.

If you are worried about having too many diapers of the wrong size on your hands, then consider only buying what you need for a few weeks at a time. As your baby grows, you can obtain the exact size that they need.

7. Exchange diaper sizes with others

If you have too many diapers of a particular size, then exchanging diapers with other moms in your area can be a smart move. The exchange will save everyone money. Plus, you won’t have excess diapers in the wrong size cluttering up your home.

Ask around in your community of moms to see if anyone is up for a trade. Or check out Facebook mom groups!

8. Give reusable diapers a try

As we mentioned before, 95% of moms in the U.S. use disposable diapers. Reusable diapers provide a more affordable and environmentally friendly solution. But this path is not the right choice for everyone.

If you choose to go with reusable diapers, you could save thousands of dollars on diapers. Take a minute to explore the possibilities of cloth diapers before abandoning the idea. This single choice could reduce your average cost of diapers per month and be a real benefit for your budget!

The cost of diapers per month adds up but you can plan ahead!

The cost of diapers per month can add up fast! As your baby grows, it might seem unbelievable at the sheer number of diapers they will go through. But with some savvy shopping strategies, you can keep this cost as low as possible.

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