Master your federal student loans

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Do you have federal student loan debt?

If you're like more than half of graduates in the U.S, you've probably finished college with multiple federal student loans.

As a result, you're also probably dealing with multiple loan programs and different interest rates, loan service providers and repayment plans. Plus, you've heard about the public service loan forgiveness, but how does it really work?

With all of this, dealing with your federal student loans can be really confusing and overwhelming.

To get a handle on the various aspects of your federal student loans, you'll need to understand where they fit, in the maze of the U.S. Department of Education's many programs.

This course breaks down what you need to know about your federal student loans and the best approach to paying them off.

What you’ll learn:

    • Types of federal student loans
    • How federal student loan interest rates work
    • How to get a handle on your federal student loans
    • Federal student loan forgiveness and repayment options
    • The best approach to choosing a repayment plan
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