How your student loans really work

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 How do your student loans work? Ever wondered?
Struggling to create a strategy to pay off your student debt?

If you are like most student loan borrowers, you signed up for loans to pay for your education without much thought or useful guidance on how they really work. Sure you know what your monthly payments and interest rates are...but do you know how your student loans really work?

In order to get ahead paying them off, you'll need to understand the inner working of those loans you have.

This course breaks exactly how your student loans work and what you need to know about them.

What you’ll learn:

    • Key student loan terms you should know
    • How your student loan lifecycle works
    • How the interest on your student loans work
    • All about interest accrual, capitalization, amortization, and deferment
    • Guidelines to successfully communicating with your loan provider
    • The different student loan payoff options you can leverage
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