Master your private student loans

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Private student debt is expensive and if you have it, it's costing you a ton of money.

One important fact to know is that taking on private student loans is one of the more expensive ways to finance your education. The most common ones have variable interest rates and also limited repayment options, which as a result, can cost you a ton of money over the life of your loan.

However, there are ways to get ahead with your debt.  For instance, you can track down your loans, reduce your high-interest rates, get a co-signer released and get a predictable repayment locked; All of which will allow you to tackle your private student loans head-on.

This course is here to help you do just that! Get a breakdown of your private student loans, trim down those high costs quickly, and most importantly, get closer to becoming student loan debt free.

In short, with this course, you'll get more confident about your loan knowledge and also about paying them off.

What you’ll learn:

    • All about the way private student loans work
    • The key private student loan terms you need to know
    • The process for determining the interest rates on your loans
    • How to track down your private student loan
    • How to prioritize paying off your private student loan
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