Teach your children healthy money habits

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Do you feel like the school system failed you as a child when it came to learning healthy money habits? Specifically how to manage money, how to build wealth and how to become a financially successful adult?

Ever found yourself wondering, "Why wasn't didn't they teach me this in school"?

And given the money mistakes you may have made, do want things to be different for your children?

Well, the truth is that the school system does not properly equip children with the skill set to become financially successful adults. As a result, many of us grow up as adults seriously lacking in the financial skill set department. With this in mind, raising financially successful children is your job, and starts at home, regardless of what is being taught in schools.

This course has been created to give you guided action steps to teach your children how to win in the money game. It provides real strategies for each age group, in line with the money skills they should be learning to ensure that they can evolve into financially successful adults.

Forget the prehistoric way of teaching about money that will bore your kids. This course caters to how children learn today and more importantly, builds these money lessons into their everyday lives. For example, building the use of apps into the way they learn about money. You’ll get to engage with your children and they'll learn the critical financial lessons that will help them become financial successes.

What you'll learn:

  • Actionable steps to teach children of specific age groups between 3 to 18 about money
  • How you can get your children involved in the process and fall in love with building wealth
  • Lessons for you and your children to do together; Teach them about money and foster bonding time with your children
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