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Regina Byrd

Regina Byrd

Generational wealth specialist & money coach for kids

Regina Byrd is a Generational Wealth Specialist and money coach for kids and the founder of Prosper with Regina. She educates working ambitious mothers on how to create wealth for their families. Regina ensures that her clients are on the path to wealth building, not only for themselves but for the children as well. Instead of worrying about the future, she teaches her clients how to prepare and master the future.

Her profession as an accountant provided her with the skill and knowledge to write her first a book titled, “10 Prosperity Secrets for the Young and Fly” for teenagers. Today, she teaches teens and kids at local high schools and libraries about money. She also serves mothers who want to give their kids a good financial future and teaches them how to purchase stock for their kids, teach their kids financial education (money school), and build a trust fund for their kids. 

She has been featured in VoyageATL as one of the inspiring stories in Atlanta and since she is a mother, she can relate to all mother's who want to create a better financial future for their families while making the most of today!

Her Clever Girl superpower:
Regina is the Energizer Bunny! Her reason why: Like most mothers, we carry many hats such as homework assistant, cleaner, chef, social planner, and much more. With all those roles we might feel depleted and tired. Mothers must understand the importance of taking the time to rejuvenate and practice self-care. So like energizer bunny we keep going and going, but even the energizer bunny has to be charged up to perform at its best potential. All mothers need to refuel so they can bring their best to their families and the world!

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