How To Find A New Job You Love

Find a new job you love

Whether you prefer to work remotely or commute to an office, a job search can be an exciting time full of possibilities. The energy you feel while you hunt to find a new job you love is a hopefulness that you should enjoy.

As you start your job search, you might be hoping to find a job that not only pays the bills but also brings you at least some enjoyment. After all, the majority of us spend at least 40 hours each week tackling tasks for our job. That’s a lot of time!

Not only that, the average person spends around 4.1 years with a particular employer. You don’t want to waste years on a job that you aren’t excited about.

You also don't want to feel like you are trapped in the rat race. A new job can also help to tackle the impact of underemployment if you have experienced it.

Luckily, we’ve combed through resources to pull this guide together which will teach you how to find a new job that you love.

8 Tips to start your search to find a new job you love

Ready to find a new job that you love? Let’s dive into the steps you’ll need to take.

1. Update your resume

An updated resume is key to your job-hunting success. You want to showcase your full potential on your resume in an organized way. Make sure to include all relevant skills.

Plus, you should also consider brushing up on skills or beefing up your resume with any training or certifications you might need. Be sure that you are able to explain any job gap on your resume.

2. Compile a list of your top references

Think back through your previous positions. Is there anyone that you trust to give a glowing reference? You may want to hold off on using references from your current office if you don’t want to tip off your current employer that you are looking for new jobs.

As you build your list, seek out updated contact information from your references to use as needed.

3. Streamline your search for the best jobs

First things first, you don’t want to waste your time applying for jobs that you aren’t remotely interested in. With that, it is important to streamline your search for the best jobs available.

You can start by checking out niche job boards that are designed for your field. If you aren’t sure where you look, start by searching for ‘your industry’ and ‘job board.’ You might be surprised by the quality of the jobs you find on these niche job boards.

Another way to find jobs that are tailored to your industry is to sign up for curated career email blasts that interest you. With that, someone else will go through the hassle of finding jobs. All you have to do is apply!

Personally, I’m signed up for quite a few freelance writer newsletters that send new gig opportunities directly to my inbox. Definitely worth it!

Finally, you can consider working with a recruiter if you don’t want to spend any time combing through job listings. A recruiter will help you find the right job listings to apply for.

4. Build out your professional online presence

As you seek to find a job you love, creating a professional online presence is a must. The best place to do this is on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a useful social media network that you can use to build professional contacts.

I recommend reaching out to people that work for organizations you are interested in. Take some time to build relationships with the people in your industry, even if they aren’t hiring at the moment.

Want to supercharge your professional online presence? Our free course will walk you through the process of landing a higher-paying job through LinkedIn.

5. Reach out to your network to help you find a new job

Whether you are looking to find a job you love or are intent on finding a new career, you should absolutely reach out to your network. Tell your network that you are looking for a new opportunity.

You never know who is looking to fill a position. Need help building your network? Here are our top networking tips to help you boost your career.

6. Tailor your resume and cover letter for each job you apply to

When you find a job opportunity that interests you, take the time to tailor your resume and cover letter to the position. Hiring managers can tell if you put the time in to stand apart from the crowd -- or not.

You don’t want to be another lackluster application. You want to impress the manager with your attention to detail and your interest in the company.

7. Only search for a new job on your personal computer

If you currently have a job, don’t use your current company’s equipment to search for a new job. Unfortunately, it would likely be an uncomfortable situation if your current employer realized you were looking for new jobs on company time.

8. Stay focused on finding a new job you love

It can be extremely easy to start looking at jobs and end up down a rabbit hole. We’ve all been there. Personally, I'm guilty of getting so engrossed with the Internet and then realizing I'm not sure how I got to where I am, but it is not relevant to my situation!

The same thing goes for job hunting. Don’t waste time applying to jobs that don’t interest you. You don’t want to move forward with the time it takes to create an application if you aren’t even remotely interested in the opportunity.

A good way to avoid this is to create a list of companies you want to work for. Look to apply with those organizations or similar organizations that match your interests.

Tips to ace a job interview and find a new job you love

Once you land a job interview, here are some key tips to help you ace it!

Prepare for the interview

If you land an interview, that’s a big step in the job-hunting process. But don’t celebrate just yet. Before your interview, take the time to do some research on the company and the demands of your potential position.

Don’t walk in without talking points. Be prepared to ask the interviewers questions you have about the company culture, job details, and more. Preparing to interview over the phone? Here's how to ace a Zoom interview.

Dress smart

If you land an interview, you should make an effort to dress professionally for your interview. You want your attire to reflect your competency and professionalism.

Unfortunately, an unprofessional interview outfit can lead to a bad first impression that is difficult to reverse.

Follow up

After the interview, let the decision-makers know that you are excited about the opportunity. A brief follow-up note should thank the interviews and restate your interest in the position.

Since everyone enjoys being appreciated, your quick note will not go unnoticed. Although it may only take a few minutes, it can help you set yourself apart from the crowd.

You can find a new job you love!

A job hunt may take some time. This is especially true if you want to find a job you love. You’ll need to be discerning in your applications and patient as you continue the search. Although it may take some time, the reward of finding a new job you love is worth the effort.

As you work to find a job you love, take advantage of our strategies to help you succeed. When you land the job, don’t forget to celebrate that major accomplishment! Currently out of a job? Here are some key tips on how to live without a job.

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