31 Hacks For Money Making!

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Hacks to make money

Who doesn't love making money? Some extra cash now and then can help you out, but what's even better is when you can make that cash without a lot of effort. A money hack is just that - a way to add more money to your wallet that doesn't involve a big-time commitment.

Money hacks are great to try if you are busy with a full-time job or crazy schedule but would still like to make some extra money. You should be able to add at least a few into your life easily.

You can take the approach of adding many money hacks to your life to make more each month. Or you might try just one or two that take more time to set up but also pay off.

There are many hacks to make money from; ranging from simple things like adding an app to your phone or a browser extension to starting up a side hustle that earns passive income. You can pick out some money hacks that you will enjoy and that fit with your life. Soon, you'll find yourself earning without even trying.

Simple hacks for money making

Simple hacks to make money work best for those that want to make a fast change and earn a few extra bucks quickly or effortlessly. These hacks include investing apps, survey ideas, and more. Check out these super easy and time-saving hacks for money!

1. Sign up for emails

This might seem like it will just clutter up your inbox but think again. It's one of the best hacks for money. So, if there is an online store you shop at a lot, sign up for their email list. You might get coupons or free offers for things you were already going to buy.

However, you want to be mindful of this becoming a slippery slope. Be sure to build your spending into your budget and it's perfectly fine to delete or pause those emails once your purchases have been made.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a way to earn some easy cash back while shopping for things like groceries. Many major retailers can be found on this app such as Target and Walmart.

You can add receipts or link an account, and start earning money back. You'll be earning cashback just from your regular shopping for groceries or home essentials.

3. Surveys

Some apps allow you to make money by taking surveys. The apps may have specific requirements, so you may not always qualify for the survey, but you can likely make a few extra bucks. Try out something like Survey Junkie and take surveys in your spare time.

4. Rakuten

Using Rakuten is one of the simplest hacks to make money because you can add it as a browser extension and use it for cashback whenever you purchase something that qualifies online. The amount you make depends on the retailer but it's a great way to save money while you're shopping!

5. Old fashioned rewards cards for grocery stores

It's not fancy, but it's easy, and it's an old trick for finding deals. If there's a grocery store you shop at frequently, get their rewards card. It doesn't cost anything; you just scan it when you shop there and save money with most purchases. So sign up for those rewards cards to get great discounts!

6. Inbox dollars

This is a trusted company that gives you cash back for doing things like surveys or watching videos. It's a simple way to earn a bit of extra income.

Inbox Dollars has multiple ways to make money, including playing games and coupons. This is one of the simplest hacks to get money from!

7. Swagbucks

After signing up you can turn this into one of the best hacks for money. There's a mix of surveys, videos, games, and shopping that can help you get cash. Swagbucks is easy and highly rated by trusted companies. Plus sometimes you can get a sign-up bonus too!

8. T-Mobile Tuesdays

So if you are a T-Mobile customer, this app is fantastic. Every Tuesday, T-Mobile Tuesdays will send out rewards. Things like cheap travel deals, free food, and more. All that's required is being a T-Mobile customer.

9. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is a game that you can make money playing. It may not be the easiest way to gain more cash, but it can be fun to try if you are typically good at this sort of game. So brush up on your skills and make some cash!

10. Betterment

This is a super popular investing app. It's an awesome way to get your money working for you without having to know everything about investing.

You can begin with even a minimal amount of money, and Betterment uses robo advising and helps you make good choices for your portfolio.

11. Opinion outpost

This is a good survey site that allows you to earn points when you give your opinions. Get paid in Visa cards, Paypal, and more. You can use Opinion Outpost on the go on your phone or on a computer, too.

12. Coinbase

Coinbase lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency. While there is still debate about the merits of crypto, it's gaining popularity.

However, it's good to understand the basics of cryptocurrency before diving in. This platform lets you buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency with ease. You may be able to earn a bit in the process.

13. Titan

Titan helps you invest your money. It's a relatively new company with a unique approach. This investing firm will help manage your money while also giving you easy access through their app. So if you're still learning about investing your money, this may not be a bad place to start.

14. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a broker that can help you with investing. As soon as you have a good amount of cash, you should invest it to gain a profit. This company is nearly fifty years old and is reportedly suitable for those just getting started with investing. 

Hacks to make money with some effort

While these hacks may take a bit of time or money to set up, they require minimal effort to maintain once you do. Because of that, we still consider them awesome hacks to make money.

They are best for those that don't mind taking the time to create something, knowing it will pay off later.

15. Create a course

If you can teach others and have a desirable skill, you can create an online course. This can be anything from writing to yoga to starting a business.

Advertise or put your class up for sale on your website or use a site like Teachable. It can take a while to make videos and instructional PDFs, but you could make a lot of passive income in the future if you market it well.

16. Create an ebook

Are you a great writer? Try creating an ebook. Yes, you'll need to write the book and possibly handle editing too if you want to save money. But after publishing all you need to do is market it and make extra cash. You can self-publish on sites such as Amazon Kindle and Ingramspark!

17. Start a blog

Setting up a blog is easy, but then you need to create blog content and market it. However, there are many ways to monetize a blog. For instance, affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored blog posts, and more.

Depending on the time and effort you put in will determine how much money you will bring in. But it's a great way to earn income while doing something you are passionate about!

18. Sell old furniture or items around the house using apps

Many apps allow you to sell unwanted furniture and items from the comfort of your home. For example, you can sell locally on sites like Facebook Marketplace. You can also sell nationally on sites such as eBay and Poshmark.

Not only will you clear up your space, but you'll make some money in the process. All you usually have to do is create your account and add a description and photos of the item.

After that, it's easy to make cash. However, most sites do take a percentage of the sale and you need to check on shipping fees as well.

19. Sell crafts or art on Etsy

If you are creative or love to make art, you may be able to make some money from this hobby. Etsy is an excellent platform for selling everything from jewelry to calligraphy. You may even be able to create digital designs of artwork and sell them multiple times. So why not give it a try?

20. Rent out part of your home

This may work well for those with a large home or if you don't mind having a roommate. If you have an extra room or a part of your home that you don't use and can rent out, you can easily make money from rent each month. It's one of the tried and true hacks to get money.

21. Create digital printables and sell them

If you have a flair for graphics and are good with technology, it can pay off big time. You can create and sell digital printables on a website or from your own shop online. Once you make the printables, selling them is easy and could be considered passive income.

22. Walk dogs

If you like animals, try walking dogs a few days a week for extra money. This doesn't require tons of planning or time and usually pays reasonably well. Try out an app like Rover that will help you get started. You can easily connect with people looking for dog walkers.

23. Become a house sitter

House sit for friends and neighbors while they're away. You can make good money, usually without doing much more than watering plants and checking that all is okay at the house.

You might start by just asking around to see if anyone you know needs a house sitter. But you can also check out websites like TrustedHouseSitters to find job opportunities.

Money hack to save more

Sometimes saving money is the same as making money. That's why one of the best hacks for cash is just not spending it. Being frugal is a good strategy, but these ideas can help you be more effective with that. You can save easily using these techniques.

24. Use coupons

This is an old favorite of the hacks to make money. Use apps or even the newspaper to find coupons and deals. If you can find a coupon for most of the things you buy in a week or month, your savings may be significant. Cutting a grocery bill in half is definitely worth it.

25. Create a budget

If you don't budget your money, a lot of it may be getting spent without you even knowing it. Take the time to create a budget each time you get paid.

That way, any money you spend is on purpose. You can also help yourself save more by adding money to savings and investments as soon as you get paid. Then you won't have easy access to that money for spending.

26. Check out the library

You can check out books, movies, and more at your local library. You can even check out and read books through your phone. This saves you from needing to purchase as many things for entertainment. Instead, you can borrow what you want for free.

27. Start a change jar

It might seem simple, but a change jar can really add up over time. Find a large container and place it somewhere you'll see it every day, like a counter or bookshelf.

As often as possible, add your extra change and even dollar bills to the jar. Once it's full, exchange it for dollars. The amount you save over time may surprise you!

28. Upcycle clothes

Save money by upcycling the clothing you already have instead of buying new things. Since many people tend to overspend on clothing, challenge yourself to not buy anything new for a while.

Try mixing and matching outfits to keep your look fresh and prevent impulse buys on more clothing. Put your savings to work with investing if possible.

29. YNAB App

YNAB stands for You Need A Budget. It is a program that helps you get organized and plan out a budget that works for you. If being better with money is a goal and you want to save more, but you aren't sure how this could be just the thing you need. This software claims that it can help you save more cash. They also offer a free trial.

30. Credit Karma money management tool

Credit Karma helps you to keep track of your money easily using an app. You can track everything you spend.

Link your accounts to see all your finances in one place. It's free, and effective money organization is one of the best hacks to get money.

31. ShopSavvy App

So if you love getting the best deals, Shop Savvy is a great app for you. If there's something you want to buy, scan the barcode and find out who has the best price. You may wind up saving a ton of money when buying things that you need.

Start using these hacks to make money (or save more)!

These are the best hacks to get money because some take very little effort to do! An excellent place to start is trying out a couple from the first category - simple hacks to make money. Add some of these ideas into your life and see how much you can save and earn without a ton of effort.

Then you can move on to the other money hacks to start earning even more! If you aren't already, it's also a good idea to begin investing your money, possibly with one of the methods mentioned here. Investing is kind of the ultimate money hack.

You make more money over time, without a lot of effort. Learn more about investing with our completely free "How investing works" course! For more great money-making tips tune in to the Clever Girls Know podcast and YouTube channel!

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