8 Ways To Focus On Finding Happiness Within Yourself

Happiness within yourself

Happiness can be a somewhat elusive state of being. Although it can sometimes be challenging, it’s possible to find happiness within yourself. As with almost everything in life, you’ll need to practice in order to find happiness within.

Are you ready to focus on finding happiness within you? Let’s explore how you can make that happen!

Why is it important to focus on finding happiness within yourself?

The reality is that we live in a society that places a lot of value on finding happiness in material possessions, external experiences, and other people.

For example, you might get bombarded with ads that seem to promise that you’ll find happiness if only you buy the perfect handbag, wear the perfect clothes, or plan the perfect wedding.

Although the world might tell you otherwise, it’s completely possible to find happiness within yourself.

In fact, it might only be possible to find lasting happiness by looking into yourself instead of hunting around for another person or item to give you the feeling of happiness.

When you can find happiness within yourself, it’s possible to transform your entire outlook on life. With that inner peace that accompanies happiness, you can be more prepared to enjoy life whether or not you have the latest gadget.

Finding happiness within is good for your well-being in several ways. Not only can this quest improve your emotional well-being, but it also helps boost your financial well-being by removing some of your spending temptations.

8 ways to find happiness within yourself

If everyone could easily find happiness, then our world would likely be a better place. But sometimes, finding happiness is easier said than done.

The good news is you can find happiness within yourself. Although it might not happen overnight, you can slowly transform your outlook into a happier one.

As you start your quest for happiness, give these strategies a try.

1. Be kind to yourself

First things first, it’s important to make a concentrated effort to be kind to yourself.

If you're like me, this might not be your natural state of mind. Unfortunately, it’s easy to constantly be down on yourself. Whether or not it’s true, you might be unnecessarily cruel to yourself.

One idea to increase your happiness is to simply be kind to yourself. Try to avoid saying anything mean to yourself, even in the privacy of your own mind. For example, if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, please don’t say it to yourself.

Give yourself the space to breathe when you need it. If you naturally have negative thoughts, make an effort to reframe them.

2. Take care of your body

When you are living in a healthy body, it’s easier to be happy. After all, it’s easier to take on the world if you feel good in your own skin.

Some of the most basic ways to take care of your body include eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.

If you aren’t currently taking care of your body, it’s okay to start small.

For example, you might take a walk around the block at lunch. Or swap out your fast food dinner with a pre-made salad from the grocery store. Even relatively small choices can add up in a big way.

3. Step away from social media

Research has found that social media use can impact your mind in a negative way.

And it’s easy to see how social media can drain away our happiness. If you scroll through the platform of your choice, you’ll likely see a never-ending loop of people living their best life.

Of course, the reality of their situation might be different from what they choose to portray on social media. But you won’t usually see that side of someone’s life posted for all to see.

If possible, try to reduce your time on social media. If you like a challenge, try a social media detox.

4. Declutter your home to find happiness within yourself

The space you call home can have a big impact on your mental health. If you are constantly living in a state of clutter, it’s easy to feel unhappy. Personally, I know I love the feeling of sitting down after cleaning my home.

The process of decluttering isn’t always fun. But once you complete the task, you’ll be happy you purged unnecessary items from your home. 

For some inspiring ideas, check out this list of things to get rid of.

5. Set aside time to explore

If you aren’t sure how to find happiness within you, it’s time to give yourself the space you need to find out. For some, this task is easy. But for others, it can take some serious soul-searching to determine what makes you happiest.

Set aside the time you need to explore life’s simple pleasures while seeking happiness within yourself. If you feel a spark of joy in your heart along the way, follow that thread to your happy place.

6. Start a journal

Although it doesn’t make for the happiest life, it’s natural for your thoughts to be a jumble. At least for me, it’s hard to know how I truly feel about an issue until I start writing things down.

That’s because getting things down on paper can help sort out the jumble of thoughts in my head.

Within a journal, you have the freedom to explore wherever your mind takes you. In some cases, you’ll find that writing things down is a therapeutic exercise that helps you feel happier. Don’t be afraid to follow your journal, wherever your thoughts might lead you.

7. Count your blessings

It’s easy to constantly compare your current situation to someone that’s further along on their journey. But covetously counting up the possessions of others won’t make you happy. Instead, comparing yourself to others can breed envy and unhappiness.

One way to bring happiness into your life is to count the blessings you already have. A few blessings might include your friends, family, safety, and health.

If possible, try to count your blessings every day to remind yourself of all the reasons you have to be happy.

8. Take steps toward your goals

Setting goals can help you visualize where you want life to take you. With the right goals, you can push yourself toward your dreams.

But sometimes, big goals can get overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed, the goals might inspire sadness instead of happiness.

If possible, break down your goals into more actionable steps. For example, if you have the goal of saving $1,000, try to save $10 this week. Even a small step in the correct direction can give your happiness a boost.

Finding happiness within yourself is possible with some effort and time!

Finding happiness within you can take time and effort. But with the right attitude, you can achieve the level of happiness you desire.

As you start this journey, be kind to yourself along the way. Remember you're making progress toward happiness as you make healthy choices and choose to be grateful.

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