How To Attract Money Into Your Life

How to attract money

So what attracts money? Many of us have heard about the concept of attracting money. Spiritual books and messages from media gurus, have us believing that attracting money is a magical process. That we can simply think about money, and suddenly our bank accounts are overflowing.

However, attracting money isn’t as mystical as it seems. There are practical and effective ways to attract money into your life.

When it comes to how to attract money, it boils down to adjusting your mindset and environment. This helps you to be open to the different ways money can enter your life.

So let's dive into how to attract money into your life in a practical way.

How to attract money: 6 Key ways

We all can attract more money into our lives. Most of the time, this ability is dependent on changing our behaviors and bad habits. And when learning new behaviors, it's important to implement changes one step at a time.

This way attracting more money can be something you consistently do. So with that said, here are 6 ways to attract money into your life!

1. Change your focus

Changing your focus is great when it comes to how to attract money with ease. We spend so much time concentrating on the financial problems that it creates a lack mindset.

This is when we get stuck in thinking about the money we don't have.

The stress and worry that comes from focusing on lack, won’t bring more money into our lives. What does help us attract money is shifting our mindset from lack to abundance.

When we have an abundant mindset we understand that resources, including money, are not finite. It’s being open to receiving money through different means, other than our paycheck.

With this mindset, we believe we can have more than enough money to buy the things we want and need.

Retrain your thoughts

So to train your brain to focus on this concept, you can start recognizing the abundance you have in your life. For example, appreciating that you have more than enough air to breathe.

Understanding that there are plenty of people in this world, thus a greater potential for more clients. Realizing that new businesses are developing every day and adding to the number of job opportunities.

Abundance thinking is about seeing the bigger picture. Being open to possibilities and opportunities. Imagine going to a movie theater and sitting in the very first row. When you're that close to the screen, you only see part of the picture.

You can’t see what’s fully happening. When you back up, you can get the full view. Same with your finances. When you only look at one lacking area, you don’t get a full picture of what’s going on.

2. Increase your financial literacy

Increasing your financial literacy is how to attract wealth faster. Donald Rumsfeld once said, " There are things we don't know, we don't know.” If we don’t know the best ways to earn, save and grow our money, we can’t expect things to change.

By understanding the basics of money and different financial systems, you can start attracting the money you want.

This can be as simple as learning how to create a passive income, learning the best ways to save money, or how to grow money through investing.

Knowledge is always at our fingertips with finance books, money podcasts, and online courses. Financial literacy is obtainable.

On the Clever Girl Finance website, there are free courses around creating a functional budget and solid savings plan. As well as courses on how to eliminate debt and raise your credit score.

Knowledge in these areas is the basis of financial literacy and a simple way to attract more money into your life.

3. Speak positively about money

One of the easiest ways to attract money is to speak more positively about it. Everyone is guilty of speaking about money negatively. We’ve all had reactive moments of saying “ I could never afford that" or “I’ll always be in debt.”

Mentioning these comments can feel appropriate at the moment, but they aren’t helping us achieve the financial freedom we desire.

Instead of complaining about your money problems, you can have a productive conversation. You can shift your language to asking questions and seeking advice.

For instance, using positive financial affirmations is an excellent way how to attract wealth while developing a better mindset. (We also have a list of money affirmations that work fast to change your mindset!).

Here is some positive money language you can use to replace the negative money talk.

Recognize the benefits of money

Remember that money helps you to do many things such as buy food and pay for a roof over your head.

You can appreciate money by saying how thankful you are to receive a paycheck or being grateful every time you go to the grocery store. This kind of positive talk will help you in many ways.

Ask questions instead of making complaints

So, unfortunately complaining about not making enough money doesn't give you more money. If it did, we'd all be rich. Instead of complaining, you can ask yourself how to increase your income.

Or pose the question of how to monetize your skills. This creates an opportunity to find a solution instead of dwelling on the problem.

Surround yourself with people who speak positively about money

Say you have a friend who has achieved financial goals such as paying off debt or buying a house. This is a great opportunity to ask that friend how they were able to achieve that goal.

Along with sharing knowledge, talking about money is a great way to relieve some of the stress around money.

4. Enhance your environment to attract more money

Enhancing your environment means changing your environment so that it reflects the money and the lifestyle you desire to attract.

You can start by clearing clutter and unnecessary objects. Then enhance your space with things that make you calm and happy. This doesn’t mean going out and buying a bunch of things.

Instead, you can put affirmations and reminders on your wall of the money and achievements you hope to attract. Creating spaces, where you are constantly reminded of your goals is how to attract money. This allows your brain then start to create ways to achieve those goals.

5. Take action to attract money

What attracts money fast? Taking action! With your environment enhanced for attracting money, it’s easier for you to feel inspired and take action.

Many money attraction methods focus on visualizing. Closing your eyes and seeing the money and things you want.

But that’s just the first step. What tends to happen is you can get stuck on visualizing. The next step is to take inspired action to make that vision a reality.

Here are two ways to take action:

Get clear on the amount of money you want to attract

Start with how much money you're already attracting through your income. Be sure to include money from side hustles, tax refunds, and other income means. Knowing how much money you've attracted shows your mind what you're capable of.

Next, figure out what your income is not covering. Perhaps you want to know how to attract more money for a vacation. How much will that cost you? Maybe $3,000 or $,6000.

When you have a specific number it helps give your brain a clear direction. With a clear number, you know how much you may need to save or earn to achieve your goal.

Ask yourself who you need to be to attract the money you desire

One of the many reasons why some millionaires start with very little and eventually earn and grow their wealth is because they became the person they needed to be. Say you hope to attract more money through a better-paying job.

What are the characteristics of a person earning a higher salary? Do they advocate for a higher wage? Do they have certain connections?

Attracting more money means taking on the traits of those who have a wealth mindset. With this mindset, you too can learn how to attract wealth.

6. Your happiness is what attracts money

We all think that we would be happier if we had more money. Besides having enough money to survive, the media tricks us into thinking that the more money we have, the happier we'll be.

Unfortunately, most of the time money itself doesn't make us happy. After all, money is simply pieces of paper. It’s the things that money can do for us that make us happy. Money to travel, money to buy a new car, money to take time off and spend with family.

When we focus too much on the money we forget that it adds to our happiness. It doesn’t create it. So focus on your happiness, and you will find that it is much easier for you to attract money into your life.

You can attract money into your life

Now you know how to attract money in your life. It’s more than just thinking about money. Attracting money is dependent on our mindset. It’s about increasing our financial education along with speaking positively about money and enhancing our environments.

Attracting money is a result of taking action towards our goals. And living a life, we love and not waiting on money to make us happy.

Following these key steps will help you attract money into your life and is the first step in attracting wealth. Attracting wealth means creating financial stability with your money. Generating more than enough money, so all your needs are met.

Attracting an abundant income so that you can save. Having the freedom to invest in things that matter to you, such as owning a home or traveling the world. 

Remember that attracting money is all about creating more opportunities for you to earn and receive money.

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