How To Get Clients Online For Your Side Hustle

How to get clients online

A side hustle can completely transform your financial future. If you’ve decided on an online side hustle, the next step is learning how to get clients online.

The good news is that there are many ways to find clients online. Whether you are a Virtual Assistant, Life Coach, or Financial Coach these tips will help you build your business. Let’s explore how you can get clients online.

How to get clients online to scale your side hustle

It is undeniable that landing your first client online is a great feeling! After all, it is the start of a whole new world of possibilities. But you may be wondering how to find customers online.

If you have a service or product that customers are looking for, then you might be surprised that there are plenty of customers out there waiting for you to find them. As a freelance writer, I’ve used most of these tips to land clients of my own. Keep in mind these tips are applicable to whatever your industry or niche might be.

Here are my top tips on how to find clients online for your side hustle. 

Leverage freelance job boards

An obvious place to start looking for your first online client is a freelance job board. You can find hundreds of jobs available through sites like Fivver and Upwork.

But you can also scour individualized job boards for specific skills. For example, ProBlogger is a great place to look for freelance writing clients. Or Dribbble if you are a graphic designer.

The key to applying to jobs posted on these boards is to apply with confidence. You want to highlight why you are a great fit for the position. Make sure to be very specific in your applications. If you have any relevant experience that could set you apart, mention that clearly!

It is important to realize that these postings often attract dozens of applicants. With that, you need to take the time to craft an application that stands out from the crowd. 

Personally, I’ve found that reading into all of the details of the posting is worthwhile. You may notice a detail hidden deep in the job post that is critical to helping you land the gig.

Cold pitch potential clients online

For some, cold pitching potential clients online can be an intimidating experience. Essentially, a cold pitch involves doing research on a potential client and sending an email to offer your services. 

Although it can seem scary at first, it is absolutely worth it. You might find the perfect client through this process. But remember, the worst that could happen is that someone says ‘no.’

I recommend making a tracking spreadsheet of your cold pitches. With a handy spreadsheet, you can know when it is appropriate to follow up. Cold pitching is a great approach for how to find customers online that you may not have found before!

Join Facebook groups

Social media can be a powerful tool in many ways. With that, it is not surprising that it is one of the best options for how to get clients online.

If your clients are hanging out on Facebook, then seek out the groups they frequent. For example, if your clients are parents, then join parenting groups. If your clients are editors, then join editing groups.

Once you join the group, be helpful and courteous to potential clients. If you find a good fit, then take a minute to pitch your services.

Follow ideal clients on Twitter

Twitter can be a hive of activity for certain industries. Seek out your ideal clients on Twitter. Try to build a rapport with these potential clients. One way to do this include retweeting their posts.

If they are active on the platform, they might put out a call for pitches one day. That’s a great opportunity to land a client that is actively seeking out your service.

Engage with ideal clients on Instagram

Another way how to get clients online is through Instagram. Follow potential clients and build the connection where you can.

At some point, you may decide to pitch the client through the platform. Or you may have an opportunity to reply to a call for pitches that you can deliver on.

Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an underutilized resource that could help you find clients online. Some professionals consistently use LinkedIn as a place to advertise job postings and network with potential service provides. Take some time to update your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure that the page is optimized so that clients know what you can offer as soon as they arrive at your profile. Additionally, make digital connections with potential clients. You never know who might be in a position to offer you a gig.

Ask for referrals from existing clients

Existing clients likely know others in their situation that need someone like you to help with their business. At first, it can seem a little bit awkward to ask current clients for referrals. But it doesn’t have to be.

Simply reach out to let them know that you have some availability. Existing clients should be happy to refer you to other potential customers if you do great work. Utilizing referrals is a great way for how to find customers online fast.

Network in person

In-person networking is also an effective way to make initial contact with potential clients. If possible, go to conferences to connect with potential clients in your industry.

Although this strategy is not always possible, it could help get your foot in the door. After you make an in-person connection, take the time to follow up online with an email that reiterates what you could do for the person. If it is a good fit, the conversation will progress from there.

Build your portfolio through guest posts

Last but not least, I have to acknowledge that it can be difficult to learn how to get clients online if you don’t have an existing portfolio. Whatever service you are selling, clients will most likely want to see some samples of your previous work.

That’s a great way to prove yourself if you already have a portfolio. But if you don’t have a portfolio yet, it can be more challenging to find a client that is willing to give you a shot.

If you are in this situation, then I recommend building your portfolio with some free guest posts about your expertise or niche. A robust portfolio will help you stand out. But don’t do too much for free. After a handful of guest posts, you should be ready to start pitching paid clients.

Include pitching clients online in your schedule

My top tip for successfully finding customers online is to set aside time specifically for pitching clients. It is entirely possible to learn how to find clients online. But it will take some dedication to make the endeavor a success. With a regular time commitment, you can make progress toward your goal of landing more clients.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes a bit of time as you work towards this goal. It might not happen instantaneously. But the hard work of finding clients is just the beginning!

You can find clients online and build a thriving side hustle!

As you build a side hustle, finding clients online is critical. Luckily, there are several ways to accomplish your goal. Try out these different strategies that make sense for your industry and align with your ideals.

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