How To Get Money Fast: 18 Ideas Outside of Your 9 to 5!

Need to know how to get money fast outside of your typical 9 to 5? We’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for ways to boost your income without getting another office job, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of genuine ways to make money. Keep reading!

How to get money fast

In this article we reveal 18 of the best ways to get money fast without requiring huge investments or years of training.

1. Host city tours

If you’re an extrovert who loves to boast about your local area, being a tour guide could be the perfect way for you to get cash fast. The hours are flexible, and it’s a fun way to earn decent cash.

What does a city tour guide do? Planning and researching your local area, finding customers, and leading excursions. In America, you’ll need to apply for a Sightseeing Guide license before you can offer tours.

The amount you earn will likely depend on where you live and your experience. New tour guides can expect to earn between $8 and $15 an hour, and guides in high-tourist areas can earn up to $150 per day. Plus, if your customers love you, you may receive tips too!

Boost your earning potential by offering a wide range of culinary, adventure, and historical tours.

2. Wait in line for someone

Will someone really pay you to stand in a queue? Yes! Standing in line can be tedious and frustrating, and people are willing to pay others to do it for them.

This is probably one of the most unusual ways for how to get money fast without a job, with minimal effort required. But patience and a professional attitude are a must!

Professional queuers make approximately $25 an hour to wait in line for events, shops, banks, book signings, night clubs, and theme parks. What you earn will vary depending on how long you have to wait.

You can find line stander jobs by using an app such as TaskRabbit and Spotblaze that connects you with people that want to pay for your service.

Be aware that some apps may charge a commission for each job you complete, affecting your overall earnings. But it’s a super easy way to make some dollars!

3. Organize things for others

Sometimes, we all need some help to organize everything in our homes. So, if you have a natural ability and passion for organization or decluttering your life, this could be how to get money fast without a job for you.

This can also be rewarding and fulfilling, as you’ll need to find new organizational systems and storage solutions that work for individuals and their lifestyles. Multi-tasking, discretion and flexibility skills, and organizational know-how are essential to do well as a professional organizer.

The salary range for a professional organizer in America is typically between $44,509 and $57,566 a year, but you can set your own rate. The more practice and recommendations you get, the more you can charge for your services.

There are certifications and courses that you can take to enhance your skills and make you more desirable to potential clients. Time to get organizing!

4. Give virtual babysitting a go

A virtual babysitter is basically someone who keeps a child entertained for an hour or so via a screen. It has become a lifesaver for busy parents who need to do work or household chores whilst their children are at home. It’s also a great money earner for people who don’t want a standard job.

Activities could include:

  • Doing homework
  • Playing games such as I Spy or Simon Says
  • Learning dance moves
  • Reading

So how much money would you make as a virtual nanny? The going rate is up to $25 per hour. You’ll earn more by going solo, but most people start out working for an agency until they’ve gained some experience.

You can use job platforms such as UrbanSitter to search for virtual babysitting jobs or start your own business. You don’t need to spend loads on equipment, but it’s worth investing in a good quality headset and ensuring your internet connection is reliable.

5. Become a mock online juror

Attorneys use mock online jurors to understand how the actual trial will go, almost like a pre-trial. When opportunities arise, it’s a great way to get money fast, but work is sporadic, so don’t rely on it for regular income.

As a mock juror, you will read case notes or watch videos and provide your opinion at the end, just like you would if you sat on a jury. Anyone can do it, but you do have to be at least 18 years old and have no criminal record.

Earnings will vary on average from $10 to 60 for a day’s work. You will likely find mock online juror jobs in your local newspaper or by signing up for online platforms such as eJury to find work.

6. Keep bees

Looking for an unusual and fun way to make money? Keeping bees can earn you a nice profit, and it’s not just about selling honey.

Here are the best ways our small buzzing friends can help us financially:

Sell pollen

Pollen is worth more than honey because it’s only available in tiny amounts. You can collect pollen via pollen traps in the beehive for a few hours daily. It’s essential not to take too much pollen from the hive because bees need it for their babies.

Once you’ve collected enough, you can either sell it fresh or preserve it by drying it (this also lengthens its shelf life).

Harvest wax

You can either sell beeswax in its natural form or have a go at making beeswax products such as candles and lip balms. This is a great, fun way to boost your profits!

The amount you can charge for beeswax and beeswax products will depend on the area you are selling in, but typically prices are around $2 to $8 per pound. However, Beeswax candles are also a lucrative market.

Rent your bees for pollination services

This method has the potential to earn you some serious dollars. But it does require more equipment and experience than the other ways to make money from bees. People typically pay around $200 to borrow your bees for pollination.

To start as a beekeeper, you will need a hive, bees, and beekeeping equipment such as a frame lifter, protective clothing, a smoker, and other hive tools. Do plenty of research first before investing in this new money-making venture.

7. Send and answer text messages for money

Do you spend lots of time on your cell phone every day? There are genuine ways to make extra cash by simply using your device.

We’ve done the research to find the top three websites and apps that pay you to text.


This instant messaging app connects brands with users via chats. When you sign up to IMGR, you will receive offers, discounts, and information on new products in exchange for points. Your points can then be exchanged for cash.


The 1Q platform is designed to help businesses gather valuable marketing data. To do this, they send users questions, polls, or surveys to answer. You only need to respond with a text message and get paid $1 for every four answers you provide.

Just Answer

Just Answer is a Q&A platform where you earn money from answering questions in an area of specialism, for example, technology, cars, or animals. As an expert, you can make more money than the other apps, sometimes up to thousands of dollars a month.

The amount you get paid will fluctuate from a few dollars to $100+ a week, but the best thing about this method of making money is that it’s quick and easy.

8. Take part in clinical trials

If you’re interested in medicine and helping develop new treatments, this is how to get money fast. It’s an unusual way to make cash, though, and it does come with some risks that you need to be aware of before signing up for a paid clinical trial.

Payment rates vary hugely and will depend on the trial itself. For example, you will make more for participating in a trial with risks.

In addition to money, you will also be covered for expenses such as travel, accommodation, and food.

Taking part in clinical trials may be worth considering if you’re comfortable with needles and taking untested drugs. The National Institutes of Health is great for paid trial opportunities.

9. Sign up for writing contests

If you write professionally as a freelance writer or as a hobby, you can get paid well to enter and win writing competitions. This is an excellent way to use your skills to get money fast.

The more contests you offer, the more chance you have of winning and earning cash. Another way of making money is to sell the stories or articles you have written for competitions to a publisher or publication. How much you win will vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

An effective way to find writing contests is to use web searches regularly. There is no limit on how many you can enter, so do as many as possible! Different search engines will generate different results, so don’t just use Google.

10. Translate for people

Translating is a good way to make money fast if you are fluent in another language. Businesses regularly need help translating text from websites and manuals to ensure nothing is misinterpreted. This is where your skills come in.

Freelance platforms such as Fiverr and are a great way to find translation work. All you need to do is sign up, set your rate, and apply for listed jobs. How about offering your services as a live translator?

Translators can make good money. The average hourly rate is $29! You can set your working hours and earn as much or as little as you want.

11. Donate plasma

This way to get money fast may be a bit on the extreme side, but it’s a legit way to make dollars.

Plasma is a yellow liquid that is found in the blood. Its role in the body is to carry nutrients and proteins all over the body.

During the donation process, a machine extracts plasma from your blood so scientists can use it to treat certain health conditions such as blood clots, burns, and autoimmune diseases.

Before signing up, there are a few things you need to know:

  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • You’ll need to drink plenty of water and eat iron and protein-rich foods before donating.
  • You won’t be able to eat junk food on donation day!
  • The process can take up to a few hours, so take something to read or listen to while you wait.
  • You may feel dehydrated and tired after you donate plasma, so it’s essential to rest.

The price you get paid for your plasma will depend on the rates set by your local donation center. On average, you can make $50 to $75 per donation, which is not bad for less than two hours of your time.

There is a however limit on how often you can donate safely, though (usually once per month).

12. Get paid to lose weight (If you’re on a weight loss journey)

If you’re on a mission to lose some pounds, you can earn some money in the process. Whilst this is a legit way how to get money fast, it isn’t for everyone, and there are things to consider before signing up.

Money is a great incentive to help you stick to your weight loss goals and help your finances too! So, how does it work? There are websites and apps that ask you to enter your goal in exchange for a financial reward if you meet it.

The amount of money you get will vary depending on the platform and plan you set yourself. Prizes can range from $200 to thousands of dollars.

Popular weight loss programs to consider are HealthyWageDietBet, and Sweatcoin. If you sign up, remember that losing weight should not be detrimental to your health, and avoid overdoing it just to reach your goal and earn money.

13. Test products

Product testing is another option if you want to get cash fast. Companies send you their products for free so you can test them out and give your opinion on their usability, visual appeal, and value for money.

In exchange, you’ll receive cash, although sometimes you may receive gift cards or complimentary products, so make sure you find out what the reward is before signing up.

Look for product testing jobs with companies such as:

Product testers can earn between $24 and $33 per hour.

14. Listen to people’s problems

If you are a good listener and like supporting people, this can be how to get money fast without a job.

Paid listeners make a massive difference in the lives of people that need someone to talk to, so it’s an extremely rewarding way to make money. You’ll hear from people with various issues, from relationship difficulties and mental health problems to those who need to learn how to stop worrying about money.

Even if you don’t have an advanced degree or certification, there are ways you can get paid to listen to people’s problems. Here are a few to consider:

Apply for jobs on FlexJobs

The FlexJobs site screens and lists genuine job adverts looking for listening experts for various roles.

Get paid to type

Transcription jobs are perfect for good listeners! Spend your time listening to audio and typing up the information. The best place to find transcription jobs is on job sites or transcription sites such as Rev.

Listen to podcasts

Everyone loves a podcast, and a lot of work goes into creating them. Editing podcasts is a great way to use your listening skills and get paid. Find podcast work on sites such as Fiverr and FlexJobs.

15. Sell your breast milk

Ok, so this method of how to get money fast isn’t for everyone, but it can help moms and babies who need milk to be healthy and thriving.

If you want to sell your breast milk, selling it via a milk bank is the safest way to earn money. Mother’s Milk Cooperative is a fantastic online community of moms who choose to sell or donate excess breast milk. 

If you’re currently nursing your own baby, you won’t be able to donate spare milk until your baby is at least three months old. You’ll also need to pass a donor and blood screening process first.

16. Play games

Yes, it’s totally possible to get cash fast by playing games! Earning while playing can be a good money earner if you know where to look.

Here are a few of the best apps that will pay you real money for simply playing their games. Keep in mind that you want to play games to win, meaning you should not be putting any money upfront. This approach is considered gambling and can be very dangerous.

Blackout Bingo

Play the classic game of Blackout Bingo against players worldwide. Climb the leaderboard and receive cash and prizes.

Solitaire Cube

The game of Solitaire Cube is a race against the clock to complete each game. The quicker you complete it, the more bonus points you receive. Play head-to-head with other players for cash rewards.

Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe allows you to play various games and cash out your earnings. Unlike some gaming apps, you only need a balance of $0.20 to cash out, so it’s an excellent way to make money quickly.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular gaming sites. It offers members new games regularly that you can play for cash.


The Mistplay app encourages users to try new games in exchange for cash rewards and gift cards. There’s a wide range of card games, strategy games, puzzles, and survival games to suit everyone.

Exactly how much you earn will vary depending on pay rates and how much you play.

17. Sell your hair

Human hair is in high demand, and not just for the fashion industry. Hair is used to make wigs and extensions for people that lose their own due to age or an illness.

So, if you’re considering having the chop, why not make a difference in someone’s life and make some money too?

You can sell your hair online via eBay or other selling sites or direct to wig makers and some hair salons. Your hair must meet specific rules and criteria before the buyer will part with their cash, so ensure you know these before getting your hair cut.  

This isn’t going to earn you mega bucks (hair usually only grows up to six inches per year), but it’s a great way to get money fast.

The value of human hair can range from $100 to $1000, but here’s a handy hair price calculator to help you determine how much you could get paid.

18. Look for taste-testing opportunities

If you’re a real foodie, getting paid to eat food may sound like a distant dream. But it’s actually a genuine way to earn approximately $10.14 per hour!

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree for most taste-testing jobs, but you do need good taste and odor sensory skills.

Here are some top tips to help you find work as a food tester:

  • Look out for market research companies and sensory testing businesses that often hire panelists in your local area.
  • Restaurants sometimes hire food testers for market research purposes.
  • Register with companies such as Focus & Testing and NC State University Sensory Service Center to hear about their latest opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Earn a living whilst trying delicious food. It’s a win-win!

Expert tip

To make money fast, you need to leverage modern technology and take on more than one small job. Not sure which is the right money earner for you?

Make a list of your skills and hobbies that make money, then narrow down that list to things that you want to spend your time doing (whilst making dollars!).

How can I get quick money right now?

The best way to get your hands on cash ASAP is to do something you can start right away and get paid quickly for it. Examples of things to do include, selling items, product testing, hosting city tours, listening to people’s problems and taking online surveys.

How can I get $1,000 cash fast?

The easiest way to make $1,000 cash quickly is to choose a hustle that has a higher chance to earn you more. For example, a small business like organizing people’s homes or beekeeping is likely to make you a big amount of money fast.

Alternatively, you can try out several methods at once to bring in more money quickly. Consider this guide with “how to start business from scratch” ideas.

How can I earn $100 a day?

Earning $100 a day can be achieved by selling something for cash. Ideas of things you can sell include electronics, home-made skincare or beauty products, furniture, clothing, accessories and more.

Other side hustles that involved offering a service can also help you earn $100 a day. For example, tutoring, babysitting, organizing things for others etc.

Most of all, remember that the more side gigs you start or, the more you work on your business, the easier it will be to make $100 in a day.

If you enjoyed learning about how to get money fast, check out these other articles for more ideas!

Earn money fast to help with your finances!

Once you know how to make money without a job, there will be no turning back to wishing your days away sitting in an office.

There are so many opportunities to earn cash these days but watch out for scams and remember to do something you love – life is too short to do anything else! And to make the most of your earnings, try out a money saving game!

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