How To Make An Extra $1000 A Month: 33 Ways

Finding out how to make an extra $1000 a month can help you reach your big financial goals faster. Whether you work full-time or are a stay-at-home mom, extra money is always nice.

How to make $1000 a month

Not sure where to get started? I’m sharing some cool ideas and options to help you make $1000 a month and also give you the opportunity to accelerate your financial dreams!

Is it possible to earn an extra $1000 per month?

Before we dive in, it’s essential to realize that it is totally possible to earn $1000 per month, even if you have a full-time job. Although it will take some time and hard work, you could bring in your first $1000 sooner than you think.

Once you start bringing in the extra cash, you can set it aside to reach financial goals like building your emergency fund or funding your next vacation budget.

Job ideas for how to make an extra $1000 a month

Luckily, there is not a shortage of ways to earn extra money. You simply have to set the intention to succeed by making an effort and then taking action to make this money!

Want to learn how to make $1000 a month? Here are some realistic options!

1. Freelance writing

Becoming a freelance writer is a lucrative way to produce extra income. Although the work will likely be low-paying at first, you can quickly move into higher-paying work.

Freelance writers make money by writing articles, blog posts, or website pages. The topics are incredibly varied, and some are more high paying than others, like finance and digital marketing.

You can choose to use sites like Upwork to find jobs or reach out to companies and blogs directly to see if they want help with their content.

It’s also a smart option for people who like to make their own schedules and work remotely. Plus, you can write about whatever subjects you are an expert on or learn about new topics that interest you.

2. Virtual assistant

If you’re an organized person, then you could excel as a virtual assistant. The tasks that are available for a virtual assistant range from email management to customer service support, for example. There are many different tasks that customers will hire a virtual assistant for.

You can either start a business or apply to work at a virtual assistant company. And this is an option as a part-time job or also full-time work.

You should have a good setup for this type of work, meaning you have a desk, computer, and dedicated workspace. That way, you can work without distraction.

Want to learn more? Read our tips for how to become a virtual assistant with no experience.

3. Online English tutor

Teaching English online is a very popular side hustle. With several companies ready to hire you, there are many opportunities for you to start online teaching.

For instance, VIPKid and Qkids are good places to start your search.

Make money on your own schedule with this type of work. You can earn money easily and work around a full-time job. In addition, you can work from home.

And some companies, such as VIPKid, will even plan lessons for you, saving you time.

4. Data entry

Data entry can be a tedious task. But many businesses are willing to pay you to tackle their data entry needs. You’ll need to be detail-oriented to find opportunities for paid data entry.

Take care to avoid scams in this industry. For example, if someone asks you to pay for an opportunity to work with them, it is likely a scam.

You can make an income this way if you have excellent money making skills such as typing and communication. Accuracy is important, too.

Discover more about how to start work as a data entry professional and start making an income!

5. Proofreading

Proofreading is a type of job where you read through articles or manuscripts and check for errors in grammar and make other small edits right before the writer’s work is published.

It’s an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to understand how to make an extra $1000 a month and has a good eye for grammar.

In addition, you can make around $24 per hour as a proofreader. Although finding your first gig as a proofreader can be a challenge, a course like Proofread Anywhere will guide you through the process.

6. Blogging

Becoming a blogger may not be a good fit if you want to make an extra income immediately. But it is possible to bring in $1000 from a blog if you build one over time.

The long-term reward can be worth the upfront work. But there is a lot to do.

For example, you’ll need to create blog posts, learn about affiliate marketing, and build an audience. Choosing a specific topic is also important, as niche websites tend to be popular.

Interested in this opportunity? Discover more about how to become a blogger.

7. Social media manager

Even if you prefer social media minimalism, you can’t deny that social media has become critical to businesses.

With that, if you can effectively manage a social media presence for a business, then owners will be willing to pay you.

You should expect to earn about $26 per hour as a social media manager. But be sure that you are confident in your skills before taking on your first client.

You may start out working with small businesses and, over time, begin taking on larger companies as clients.

Make $1000 a month infographic 1

8. Resume writer

A good resume can help someone get hired for the job they want. Whether that person is a new graduate or a seasoned expert, most need help crafting the perfect resume.

In addition, you can help them create a resume that gets them the job. You could make hundreds of dollars per resume!

You can make a career out of this or at least a great side hustle if you have great writing and organizational skills. For even more credibility and the opportunity to make more money, consider getting certified as a resume writer.

9. Graphic designer

Graphic design requires a combination of skills and creativity. You’ll create unique designs and images for online, print, etc. If you have the skills, business owners will be happy to pay you for help.

Graphic designers may work in the field of web design, animation, illustration, or other professions.

With the right skills and experience, you could charge nearly $50 per hour for your services.

But building your portfolio will take time before you command a higher rate. You can find job opportunities on sites like Fiverr and also Upwork.

10. Website designer

A website is a critical component for most businesses in today’s world.

Because of this, many are willing to hire a website designer to help them create a website that stands out. A designer will create the layout of the website, add graphics and make navigating the site easy.

Although it can take some time to build the skills needed to design a website, you could find a big payoff for your efforts. Similar to graphic design, sites like Fiverr and also Upwork are great places to get your starting gigs.

Then you’ll work your way up to charging more money as you improve your high-income skills.

11. Online store owner

A classic idea for how to make an extra $1000 a month is to sell something.

Although you might not have the resources to get a product into physical stores, you can absolutely sell things online. Answer the question, “What can I sell to make money from home?” and then get started with Etsy, eBay, or Amazon to create a lucrative online shop today.

There are many ideas for what you can sell, from sewing patterns and decorations to furniture. You can decide what you’ll sell based on your skills and the time you have. So you might create a product, or you can sell items that you already have.

Another great online location is Facebook Marketplace, especially if you prefer to sell items locally.

12. Sell printables

Printables are one of the unique side hustles you can start online. There are printables for planners, coloring pages, cards, and more. Focus on one type of printable or sell several.

Typically, you’ll have to create a printable only one time. You can use programs like Canva to help you create printables your customers will love.

Then you can watch the somewhat passive income roll into your life. Esty is a great place to get ideas and start selling your printables.

13. Sell a course online

Online courses can be a great way to educate yourself on a particular subject. But they can also be a great way to learn how to increase your income.

Consider creating a course if you have a particular skill or knowledge that others can benefit from. Business, technology, and marketing are very popular course subjects.

First, make sure to create a curriculum and ensure that the information you give is helpful and comes from your expertise. Then organize those ideas into a format that is easy to understand.

14. Transcribing work

Transcribing audio files into text can be a way to earn extra money. In most cases, you’ll be paid a rate based on the length of the audio file.

In addition, you’ll need to be quick at understanding the audio and clearly writing down the text. It can take some time to develop an understanding of this type of work.

But if you have a lot of patience, this could be a great opportunity. Pitching podcast hosts who need transcripts services for their websites is a great way to get hired. Other situations that may require a transcriber include business meetings and seminars.

15. Online stylist

If you love fashion, then you could learn how to make money in fashion by becoming a stylist.

That’s right! You can find customers that want your help developing a clean look. Or even teach them how to build a capsule wardrobe!

One idea is to work with a company like Stitch Fix to help style people. Or start your own business by launching a website and finding clients on your own.

16. Deliver groceries

Delivering groceries through a service like Instacart can help you make an extra $1000 a month. It won’t take long to get started. But you’ll quickly reach the upper limit of your hourly wage potential.

You can start this side hustle very easily with minimal start-up costs. To work with Instacart, you just need transportation and a phone, in addition to some other basic requirements.

Make $1000 a month infographic 2

17. Pet sitting

If you love pets, then getting paid to watch other people’s pets might sound like a dream come true. Plus, it can be a fairly lucrative option depending on your location.

Pet sitters usually feed animals, do dog walking, and just generally care for animals while their owners are away. You will likely stop by the pet owner’s house or sometimes stay there to take care of the animals.

Want to give this option a try? Check out Rover to connect with pet owners in your area.

18. Flip items

Flipping items means that you buy something at a lower price, and then you sell it at a higher price. You’ll get to pocket the difference.

Flipping can be an entertaining way to make extra money if you enjoy combing through thrift stores and online marketplaces to find items to flip. I’d recommend setting a starting budget and working from there.

For instance, you can begin by checking out garage sales and seeing what items you can flip for a low cost.

19. Babysit

Babysitting can be an enjoyable way to make extra money. A good place to start looking for gigs is to ask friends and family if anyone they know is looking for childcare help. Beyond that, you could post flyers in your church or local community.

You’ll likely be able to earn at least $17 or more per hour as a babysitter. And I know several nannies that earn a very high hourly rate.

You may be able to babysit for a couple of kids at one time, or if you have the time, take on a couple of different jobs a week.

20. Yardwork

Take a look around your neighborhood. Is there anyone that looks like they could use a hand with their yard work? Ask if they would pay you for yard care.

In many cases, you’ll find that the answer is yes, and this can be one of the best side hustles for women.

You might choose to mow lawns, care for gardens, or even branch out and include some home maintenance, like painting a house or cleaning windows.

21. Clean houses

Although cleaning houses may not be glamorous, it’s a good idea when you want to gain knowledge about how to make an extra $1000 a month. With less than 20 hours a week, you could easily meet your goal.

You can work with a cleaning company or discover how to start a business with no money, as the start-up costs aren’t terribly high. You’ll need supplies, licenses, and insurance to begin.

You will likely make a higher income from starting your own cleaning business. And you can choose what clients to work with and what times you work.

22. Bookkeeping work

If you are good with numbers, then running a bookkeeping service is a good option for starting a side business. Bookkeepers keep business finances organized. Many business owners want help managing their books and are willing to pay for it!

You’ll need bookkeeping software and a website, in addition to insurance, and a set plan for your business to get started.

Start by advertising to small business owners and local businesses to see who needs help.

23. Help people declutter

People typically have a ton of stuff they want to get rid of or declutter. Sometimes, decluttering your life can seem daunting, and it’s also the reason why shows like The Home Edit on Netflix are such a big hit!

So why not start your own decluttering services side hustle? Help people to organize their stuff and get rid of things they don’t need, so they can simplify their life.

You might try helping out friends and family before you look for clients and then document the decluttering journey for their homes. This will show potential clients how you can help them.

Get a copy of the book, The Side Hustle Guide!

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24. Airbnb

You can rent a room or a home on Airbnb if you have the space in your home to do so or if you happen to have an extra real estate property. It’s a straightforward and fun way to make money, and you can easily make $1000 this way, or possibly much more.

To do well with Airbnb, be a good host and keep the home clean. You’re well on your way to winning with this business if you do those things.

25. YouTube videos

You can set up a YouTube channel if you know a lot about a niche topic or have a great idea for a channel. Want to know how much do YouTubers make? The pay varies, but the potential income is high!

You can teach people about new subjects or entertain them, and as you build a following, you can start making affiliate income.

26. Real estate investing

Love real estate? Start investing money into real estate, or save up to buy a property and then start earning rental income. Building an income this way won’t happen overnight, though!

Consider real estate investment groups or real estate investment trusts to begin your investing journey.

Do your research before starting this income idea, but know that passive real estate investing can be a smart way to make money for many years into the future.

27. Teach a class

Try to locate a place to teach a class if you have a talent for something like painting, yoga, weight lifting, etc. The options are endless, it just depends on what skills you have and can teach to others.

You can ask your local community center or gym and see if they’ll allow you to teach there. Then advertise your class and make some money!

28. Write a book

A bit time-consuming but potentially worth it. Writing a book or an eBook will allow you to make passive income.

Of course, you need to first write the book, edit it, publish it, and then advertise. But you can do really well with earning money this way if you’re a good writer and can get people to read your work.

You may choose to write a fiction book or write a non-fiction book about a topic you are knowledgeable about, such as blogging or gardening.

29. Home repairs

Great at home maintenance? Make some money by fixing everything from a leaky faucet to helping with a home remodel. You can help your customers by going to their homes and fixing any issues that come up with home maintenance.

You should go through the process of obtaining insurance, getting a bank account, and setting up a legal entity, in addition to other things, before you start.

With the necessary skills you can earn a ton of extra money. Depending on what your plans are, certain licensing may be required.

30. Prep meals or cook for people

Are you an excellent cook or a professional chef? Earn an income prepping meals for busy people or even cooking all their food for them!

Becoming a chef requires schooling and work experience, while a meal prep business requires licenses, a business plan, funding, and more.

Try asking your relatives and friends if they know anyone who’s looking for a personal chef or help with their meals, and try to find clients that way. You’ll also need a food handling license as a chef, in addition to other skills.

31. Become a coach

You can become a coach if you have specific skills in business, fitness, or something else. To succeed, you should be good at encouraging others and communicating well.

There are wellness and career coaches, in addition to team coaching, life coaching, and more.

Coach people in person or online, and help them to achieve all they can by motivating them and aiding your clients in making plans to succeed.

32. Sell real estate

Become a real estate agent and sell houses! It can be an enjoyable career if you like networking, negotiating, and of course, real estate.

Help your clients find a home they love and also make an income.

You need to be licensed for this, but then you can start selling homes.

33. Notary

Make money notarizing documents. It’s an important skill and a good side hustle. A notary acts as a witness while people sign documents.

Some of the jobs for notaries include a notary public, a personal banker, a loan processor, and more.

There may be some training you need to do, and you can see what requirements are needed for your state here.

Expert tip

There are hundreds of ideas to make extra money, but what’s important is choosing the right option for you.

Make sure that the job or side hustle you choose works with your schedule and time commitments and fits with your overall financial plan.

Extra ideas for how to make an extra $1000 a month

There are plenty of ways of earning an extra $1000 per month.

However, you need a plan to actually achieve your earning goals. Check out these ideas to help you meet your goals.

Try more than one strategy

With so many options, it’s difficult to pick just one. After all, you won’t know what works for you until you try it.

I recommend trying out 2 or 3 of the listed earning options and then going with what works for you. Remember, you can always switch things up if the first choice isn’t going smoothly. And you can also try these 5 ways to achieve your goals.

It’s also a good idea to pick two income ideas if you want to make even more money. For example, you can try pet sitting and also make money from survey sites. Or deliver food with Uber Eats and also clean houses.

Be ready to work hard

Starting a side hustle will take a lot of time and energy. Although the financial reward can be worth it, it likely won’t be an easy ride. Look at your schedule and dedicate time to this new side hustle.

Once you have the time set aside, remember why you’ve chosen to learn how to make an extra $1000 a month. The motivation behind your efforts should help you stay on track.

Keep a positive attitude

Earning extra income will come with ups and downs. It is probable that you will run into obstacles along the way. But that’s okay! Decide to focus on the good and keep working.

Simply pick yourself up and start again. With determination, you can make this goal a reality. And continue to remind yourself of what an extra $1000 a month will mean for you and your finances.

Make a schedule

You’ll probably have to work more hours than a typical work week. You need to stay organized in this case.

Use a planner or scheduling app to keep track of your to-do list and what hours you’re working. That way, nothing is forgotten, and you can continue to make a good income.

Can you make $1000 a month in passive income?

Yes, you can make this amount passively. You can earn an income passively through investing and real estate, although most of the ideas here focus on jobs that are not passive.

If you chose to explore passive income routes, be sure to do your research and check out our list of best passive income stream ideas!

How quickly can you start making $1000 extra?

It varies depending on the job you choose, your level of determination, and how much time you are willing to dedicate. But within a few weeks or a few months, it’s possible to build up your income to make $1000 extra.

What to do with an extra $1000 each month?

With $1000 extra, you can pay bills, pay off debt or save for a vacation, invest, or even save for a house downpayment. What you do depends on your financial goals!

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Now that you’ve learned how to make $1000 a month, it’s time to take action.

Pick a side hustle and make the leap today! Keep your financial goals front and center as motivation, and remember, your hard work is key to success!

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