How to Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear

How to stop buying clothes

Are you trying to figure out why you have a closet full of things you never wear and how to stop buying clothes? Clothes can say a lot about our personalities. They're a way to show people what we think of ourselves, highlight our creativity, or create a classic look.

Buying clothes is fun, so it can easily turn into a habit. You might find yourself reading through email offers from clothing stores daily or purchasing new clothes every few weeks.

It's time to start asking what constant shopping is costing all of us. After all, do we even wear the majority of the clothes in our closets? I bet you've sometimes felt like you have nothing to wear!

The chances are good that you've purchased something and then later realized you don't even like the style or it doesn't fit well. We all have! Meanwhile, our bank accounts get lower and lower.

Want to know how to gain control of your wardrobe and how to stop buying clothes you don't like or need? It's possible to ditch the shopping binges, and it can save you some money, too.

Before we cover how to stop shopping for clothes, let's dive into why you keep buying clothes you never wear.

Knowing how to stop buying clothes means first understanding why you do it

While it may seem like this is just a bad habit that isn't connected to anything else, there are reasons for buying clothes you never wear. Usually, it has something to do with what you think or your emotions. Here are some of the top reasons for buying new clothes:

Getting emotional

It's pretty easy to see an outfit on display and get emotionally attached. You may find yourself thinking about what life would be like if you were wearing that outfit. Sometimes an outfit can make you think that your life will become perfect if you wear it.

Getting emotional about clothes, thinking they'll make you feel or be a certain way, is very common. This is one of the reasons people buy clothes they never wear.

You also can get a rush of happiness when you buy something new. This might make you feel like the purchase was worth it, even when you later realize it wasn't.

Feeling insecure

If you don't feel good about your wardrobe, you might keep buying things that don't fit your style or personality in hopes that they'll make you feel more confident. However, confidence doesn't come from your wardrobe but from what you believe about yourself.

Being bored

Sometimes you buy clothes you never wear out of boredom. Shopping is easy to justify when it seems like there's nothing else to do. It's important to remember that shopping when you're bored can lead to overspending, which can quickly bust your monthly budget.

External influences

One other thing that could cause you to constantly be buying new clothes you never wear is all the external influences in the world. Social media is a massive influencer.

You see someone on YouTube talk about how great a new pair of jeans is, and pretty soon, you go buy it. It's super easy to get influenced when you follow specific influencers and brands.

Another external influence is friends. For example, you might notice that someone you know got a new outfit, so you want one, too. Or maybe your friends constantly want to go shopping, so you end up buying things you don't want.

Any external influence could cause you to buy when you know you shouldn't. So let's look more at how to stop buying clothes and why it matters.

Why buying new clothes all the time isn't a good idea

Although it can be fun for a moment, buying new clothes all the time is not a good practice. There are a few reasons for this:

Contentment and happiness

Fleeting happiness can come from buying things. But what usually makes you a happier person is appreciating the things you already have rather than constantly looking for something new.

Two things that usually bring happiness are contentment and thankfulness for what you have. This can't happen if you're always buying something new and don't take time to enjoy what you already purchased.

The environment and being responsible

There are many reasons why buying clothes you don't need can be harmful to the environment. Since many clothes are dumped into landfills when they're thrown away, it creates a lot of waste and damage for the earth.

Buying clothing is fine, but being responsible can help a lot, so it's best to only buy what's necessary and not be wasteful.

It costs money

This is one of the biggest reasons to stop buying clothes. It really adds up! And while that $15 shirt may look great in the store today, if it's in the back of your closet next week, never to see the light of day again, then that is basically just throwing away money.

Think about how hard you work to earn cash, and then ask yourself if you want to spend it on something you don't even really like.

It's essential to be responsible with your money. While you may not think of buying outfits as an irresponsible thing to do, it can be if it's constant, and you never wear the things you buy.

How to stop buying clothes you don't need/never wear

Are you ready to stop buying things you never wear and enjoy some time on ban island? Here are 4 top tips on how to stop shopping for clothes!

1. Stop buying clothes by identifying your shopping triggers

The first thing you can do to prevent overshopping is to identify your shopping triggers. For example, do you tend to shop online after scrolling social media? Maybe if you had a bad day at work, you like to blow off some steam with retail therapy.

After you discover what triggers a shopping impulse, learn to replace it with something else. If you know that scrolling, social media makes you want to buy things, try yoga or reading instead.

If a lousy workday causes you to purchase new outfits, avoid the stores and unwind with a favorite TV show instead.

Knowing what triggers shopping will help you spend less, and when you do shop, you will be motivated by buying what you need or truly want. Identifying your triggers is how to stop shopping for clothes you never wear.

2. Explore your wardrobe to create a personal style

You can't develop personal style if you are always buying new things without giving yourself an opportunity to explore your existing wardrobe. Take some time to check out the fashion pieces you already have. Maybe you shop because you think your clothes are boring.

But if you take out some items from your wardrobe and rearrange them into new combinations, you'll find something that feels new and creative. Creating a personal style with your wardrobe is how to stop shopping for clothes without spending anything.

3. Create a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is built from pieces that all go together. Usually, it involves a lot of neutrals and versatile clothing items. It can save you time, and you can pick colors that flatter you, so you always look great.

You can check out this link for building your very own capsule wardrobe. A style uniform is another option you can consider. To get things started try out a no new clothes challenge and instead shop your closet!

4. Find other things to occupy your time

Instead of spending your time online shopping or checking out department stores, you can find other ways to enjoy your days off and new things to occupy your time. Of course, there are plenty of ways to do this, depending on what's interesting to you.

But it's a good idea to find at least two new activities. That way, you can jump to those activities when you feel like buying new clothes you never wear.

What to do instead once you decide to stop buying clothes

Here are some fun and productive things to do instead of buying new clothes!

1. Budget

Instead of spending money, save it by budgeting! Spend time creating your own budgeting method that works well for you. You can add in some money for clothing, but the chances are if you stop buying clothes you don't really wear, you won't need a lot each month.

So instead, you can look at what you have, what you'd still like to purchase and make budgeting goals based on what you'll actually need to buy. Try setting up a fund for clothing that you can use when you find something truly perfect for your wardrobe. Something that you'll wear consistently, not just one time.

2. Save money for something specific

Calculate what you usually spend on clothes each month, and subtract it from what you've decided on in your budget. Then, with the excess money, make savings goals for a specific purpose.

It can be anything you want - a vacation, extra investing money, a rainy day fund, you name it.

3. Try a new hobby

Now that you've got some extra time and aren't constantly shopping, you'll want to try out some new hobbies. Think about your interests and what you like to do. Hobbies are great for you! Not just as ways to spend your time.

Hobbies can help reduce stress and prevent burnout. These are only a few great reasons to try out a new hobby! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Running
  • Bicycling
  • Kayaking
  • Yoga
  • Sewing
  • Reading

You can even start a money-making hobby too!

4. Appreciate what you have once you stop buying clothes

Something else to think about to stop buying clothes is to remember to appreciate what you have. Try to wear all of your clothes and take good care of them. If you do, they'll last longer and look better.

And that way if you do buy something new, you'll know it's because your wardrobe needs it and you've thought about it, rather than impulsive spending.

5. Shop smart

Last, you'll want to shop smart. That means that you don't buy without thinking. If you're going clothes shopping, make a list. Know precisely what you need, rather than simply seeing what catches your eye. Shopping smart can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, so try not to neglect this step.

Save money and stop buying clothes you never wear

These are our best tips for how to stop buying clothes you never wear. While clothes shopping can be fun and is sometimes essential, it's good to recognize the difference between what you need, what you really want, and what is simply an impulse or a way to distract yourself.

Remember to shop smart, find hobbies and other ways to occupy your time other than spending, and enjoy what you have. These things will help you have a more balanced budget and help you stop buying clothes that aren't the right style or fit.

In addition, if you budget and decide in advance what to buy, you'll keep yourself from buying clothes you never wear.

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