9 Reasons Why We All Need A Lazy Weekend And How To Have One!

Lazy weekend

How often have you felt like you should be productive when you really feel exhausted? Phrases like, "I've been so lazy, I really need to get some things done," are very common. Most people feel bad about being what they would consider unproductive, but maybe what we all need the most is a lazy weekend!

So, let's discuss why it's okay to be lazy and nurture yourself sometimes, plus how to have an incredible lazy weekend!

Is it okay to be lazy sometimes?

Sometimes we think constant busyness or working very hard is something to be proud of and an ideal. But actually, we need time to unwind and have a break. It's healthy to relax and let yourself recharge.

People often feel guilty when they're "doing nothing." But what is nothing, really? If you're doing something that you enjoy, like watching a tv show, reading a magazine, or sleeping in, that isn't really "nothing".

In fact, it can help you to feel rested enough to get back to doing work tasks. Laziness has a lot of positives, anyway, like innovative ideas and finding faster processes that don't take extra energy.

So rather than judging ourselves too harshly, it's essential to recognize that everyone needs downtime. We aren't meant to work constantly! In fact, rest helps us enjoy the time that we have free to do as we like. It breaks up our weeks and months, so we aren't constantly using our energy.

Why rest is necessary

Everyone needs time to rest and restore their minds, bodies, and emotions from a demanding workweek or a busy schedule. Rest is a core part of who we are. If it wasn't, we wouldn't need to sleep each night. We'd just keep going forever without stopping from work.

Fortunately, humans don't operate like this. We are wired to sleep and rest, just as much as to be productive. Let's check out more reasons why you need a lazy weekend.

Why you need a lazy weekend

Everyone needs time to be lazy, and there are many great reasons why. Some may resonate with you more than others, but here are some of the main reasons you most definitely need a lazy weekend soon.

1. The workweek is busy

You work hard, right? Working hours can be pretty stressful for some, and it's vital that you don't go back into your office on Monday feeling just as exhausted as you were on Friday evening.

Lots of people spend the weekend catching up on all the tasks they couldn't do throughout the week, such as cleaning the house, grocery shopping, or bill paying. But what if you saved those activities for another time and truly relaxed? You might feel better than you'd think when the workweek begins.

2. You'll feel less stressed or burnt out

When you add more activities and more work to an already busy schedule, you might think this will relieve stress because you're getting more done, but it could do the opposite.

A lazy weekend is an opportunity to let go of all that. Instead of checking items off a to-do list, you'll be waking up later than usual, enjoying some tea or coffee, and simply being present in the moment. After all, which one of those ideas makes you feel less burnt out?

3. Resting is good for you

People need rest. In fact, many people overwork themselves trying to get ahead at their job or attempting to make everything perfect in their family's lives.

But working too hard rarely makes people feel better in the long run. In contrast, time spent relaxing and resting can be great for your body and mind.

4. More energy after a lazy weekend

How often do you feel tired? Maybe you rely on coffee or energy drinks to get you through each day. You're encouraged to lay around, sleep more, and do less with a lazy weekend.

This should leave you feeling refreshed and brimming with energy. That way, during the week, you can stay awake and have the mental power to do well with your tasks.

5. Life is more than just work

Work matters, and it's crucial to spend your time doing something that you care about. But your job isn't all there is. There are other things that matter, too.

Think about your family and friends, hobbies, and relaxing. These are all incredibly important, too, but they may not get the best of your time regularly. Change that with a lazy weekend; it will remind you to live a well-balanced life.

6. You can spend time with the people you care about

Having a lazy weekend gives you the chance to spend time with your family and your friends (for instance a girls' day!). It can be quality time just being together, without rushing to various activities or being too busy. Sometimes this is the best thing for relationships.

During the week, you may run from work to school to after-school activities without feeling like you can genuinely connect with your loved ones. But during a weekend of relaxation, there is no schedule, and there is no rush. So you can sit together, talk, laugh, and enjoy the moment.

7. It can help you be more productive

If you're just as tired from your weekend as your workweek, you'll have trouble doing even the basic things needed for the day. Maybe this seems like the opposite of what would happen with a lazy weekend, but it might boost your productivity. You'll feel ready to tackle your day head-on when you're more rested.

If you give yourself the mental space you need to unpack your week and de-stress, you may find that your clarity improves. You'll come back to work and the rest of your life feeling invigorated and making choices that will enhance productivity.

8. More time for projects and creative pursuits that matter to you

If you choose to have an unplanned weekend full of rest and relaxation, you'll find time for creativity. You can work on hobbies and projects that are important to you but you've felt you rarely have time for.

A lazy weekend is a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, paint a landscape, or watch Downton Abbey while crocheting a blanket. Whatever is fun for you!

9. A lazy weekend validates the need to rest

Rest is not given the credit it deserves. In fact, it is often considered unimportant. But a lazy weekend completely validates your need to take a break and relax. And when you see how much better you feel, you'll understand the necessity of being lazy now and then.

If you feel guilty for wanting to be lazy or longing for a day off, you can plan to actually do this instead of pushing through your work and feeling more tired.

How to have a lazy weekend

It's super important to know how to have a lazy weekend. And you want to be mindful of creating too many complex weekend routines for yourself. Otherwise, you might find yourself innocently working on projects that would be considered work and miss the whole point. Here are some great ways to have a lazy weekend.

1. Plan properly

You might not be able to have a weekend where you do nothing without planning. That means you, on purpose, don't schedule any tasks or events for that weekend. You also take the time to get things done in advance, like laundry and meal prepping, so you aren't scrambling the rest of the week.

Planning your lazy weekend will help you feel more relaxed than ever because you know everything is getting done. And you'll still have time to enjoy yourself!

2. Sleep in to start your lazy weekend

On your lazy weekend, sleep in! Set your alarm clock for later, or eliminate it altogether. Sleep restores your mind and body, and when you give yourself some extra time to enjoy this rest, you can increase your energy levels, and your mood may even boost.

Even if you wake up at your usual time, try to fall back asleep and nap for a while longer. Or simply stay in bed with a mug of tea or hot chocolate, relaxing.

3. Make meals ahead of time

Do your meal prep for the weekend and the coming week before your weekend begins. That way, you don't have to spend any time making food. You can just reheat or put meals together quickly without much thought or effort.

Plus, if you do at least a couple of days of meal prep for the workweek, you won't be worried about that come Monday.

One good idea is to prepare meals for a crockpot if you have one. Gather all the ingredients into a Ziploc bag and freeze until you need them. Then, simply dump the ingredients into the crockpot in the morning, and have dinner ready that night with no effort!

Prepping your lunches for the week also saves you valuable time and money! You'll be feeling a lot better mid-week if you do this before your lazy weekend.

4. Gather supplies for your lazy weekend

To have a good lazy weekend, you need supplies. Include anything you need for hobbies, like paint, yarn, pencils and paper, woodworking supplies, etc. It's also nice to have some lazy-type supplies like movies, magazines or books, face masks, nail polish, and other fun things.

Make sure you buy anything you need in advance. Going to the store will totally defeat the purpose of laziness! So make a list and get what you need.

5. Don't work 

Do. Not. Work. This could turn your lazy weekend into just another work-from-home day. Ensure that all projects are finished. Consider putting emails, and your phone on do not disturb if you think you're likely to get messages from work.

Also, don't do tasks that you don't consider fun, such as errands or chores. These fall under the "work" category and don't belong in your lazy weekend. It should be a time to completely disconnect and really enjoy yourself. 

6. Spend time with a friend

You can be lazy and still hang out with your friends! Invite them over to watch a movie or simply spend time together. This is the perfect chance to chill out and be social at the same time.

Consider planning some somewhat lazy activities like a leisurely day at the park, a spa day, or something else that sounds like fun to both of you. Also, spend time asking your friend about their schedule and whether they feel that they have enough time to be lazy. You might change their life!

7. Journal or color

Both of these activities can be soothing and help you be more creative, too. Coloring is a great way to allow yourself to think outside the box while sort of meditating while also feeling like you're doing something interesting.

On the other hand, journaling allows you to get your emotions out and write down things about your life. You might discover stress that you didn't realize you were holding in, and this is a very healthy practice for feeling your emotions.

Plus, you may find new ways to handle situations in your life, and it can help you relax.

8. Lazy weekend Netflix binge

Everyone likes to take a break now and then and watch an exciting show. And yes, there's a lot of negativity surrounding tv, but really, in moderation, watching a show isn't a problem, and it's fun!

So bring on the popcorn and drinks, and enjoy a few hours (or a whole day) relaxing in front of the tv. This can be even more fun with family and friends.

9. Do some yoga or go for a walk

If you're the active type who prefers not to sit still, know that yoga and walking are two of the laziest exercise activities, if there is such a thing. So you can be lazy but not at the same time! Enjoy a walk on the treadmill or out in nature if the weather is nice. Or practice yoga stretches.

Enjoy a podcast or audiobook while you work out to make this even more fun. You can learn something while doing a somewhat relaxing activity.

10. Plan out the rest of your month

Wondering if this is a bit of a cheat on laziness? Being lazy has made people even more productive because it encourages you to optimize, which is precisely what you do when you plan in advance.

Grab a favorite drink and give yourself a whole morning or afternoon. Bring your planner or online calendar and get everything scheduled.

You can go above and beyond by adding in not just work and regular weekly activities but anything that doesn't happen as often but needs to be done, like doctor or dentist appointments. You'll feel super productive when this is done, and it can help you be lazier the rest of the month!

11. Go somewhere new and have a lazy weekend away

One of the best ways to totally relax is to go to an entirely new place to you and simply enjoy the sights and sounds of a different location. Take off for the weekend to somewhere relaxing like a small mountain or beach town.

Switch to something other than your usual activities, and spend your time reading, enjoying the local cuisine, and checking out any interesting or historical sights.

Plus, being somewhere different where you are on vacation may help you separate yourself from work and your usual activities. This can help you to breathe easier and feel more comfortable being lazy.

12. Catch up with your family

What's going on with the people you love? Plan a weekend full of quality time. Have dinner or breakfast together on the weekend. Or do a family activity like a board game or hiking, or simply ask each family member how their week was, and really listen.

This time to reconnect will definitely not be wasted, and you'll see the benefits in your own life and your family's!

13. Play a favorite game or sport

Wishing you had more time for sports like playing soccer or basketball? Your lazy weekend is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills. You can spend a whole morning or an entire day having a friendly game with your family or friends.

Or work on your technique to improve your game. This is a majorly healthy way to spend time that is still considered pretty relaxing. It's a great way to relieve stress, too.

14. Play a video game

If you enjoy video games, this is an excellent time for that. Spend your weekend getting to the next level or trying to beat a video game you like playing. You can do this with friends, or on your own if you prefer. This can relieve stress and help you to do something fun and relaxing.

Plus, when you plan ahead and set aside time for activities you enjoy, like video games, it can keep you from feeling guilty or like you should be doing something else. Remind yourself you are prepared for this, and it's okay to do something you enjoy.

15. Read magazines

Catch up on some favorite reading material. Go to the store or the library and grab some magazines about topics that interest you. There are magazines about everything from horseback riding to finance to knitting.

Find something that discusses a hobby you have or something you care about. Enjoy a leisurely day of skimming articles.

You can even collect magazines from friends and family when they're done with them if you're looking to save money. They probably have some newer issues that they aren't currently using.

We all need a lazy weekend!

Everyone needs a chance to have a super lazy weekend without a packed schedule. Use the time to unwind and prepare for another week by taking a break. You can include plenty of other activities for your lazy weekend; the above ideas are just to get you started.

So, will you give it a try? Plan an upcoming weekend designed specifically for laziness. If you'd like to discover more about using your time wisely, check out our articles about Productive Things To Do or Indoor Hobbies.

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