Three Ways To Create A Millionaire Morning Routine

Millionaire morning routine

Is becoming a millionaire one of your life goals? If so, you’ve probably started implementing some financial habits to help get yourself there, like saving, investing, and paying off credit card debt. In addition to those things, there is another way to speed up your ascent to the millionaire club, and that’s with a millionaire morning routine.

Want to learn how to create a millionaire morning routine of your own? If so, read on for more on million dollar morning routines, what a routine might look like for you, and tips on how to create one that you can actually stick to – no waking up at 4:00 a.m. required.

What is a millionaire morning routine, and why should you start one?

A millionaire morning routine is a set of activities done every morning to set yourself up for a successful day and life. Before we go into it further, it’s helpful to discuss what a millionaire morning routine is not.

What a millionaire morning routine is not

First, it’s not about simply copying the morning routines of millionaires and billionaires. That’s not going to get you where you want to be. Those routines are often extremely time-consuming and elaborate, and duplicating them won’t make you a millionaire.

For example, Oprah’s daily routine takes three hours to complete and involves meditating in a special stone chair and taking a walk on her 65-acre property. Most of us mortals don’t have that kind of time (or property!).

During the early days of her career, Oprah probably had a million dollar morning routine that likely contributed to her success. It also probably didn’t look anything like her current one. Trying to emulate her routine won’t make you a millionaire (or, in Oprah’s case, billionaire).

Second, a millionaire morning routine isn’t about creating a punishing, hours-long routine that you must complete to win the day. Again, most of us don’t have the time to meditate, run, read, and work on our side-hustle at 4:00 a.m.

We have kids, careers, sleep, and other responsibilities that take up time in the morning. The millionaire morning routines that work are tailored to reality and your life, not to an aspirational one.

Why should you start a millionaire morning routine?

There are proven benefits to having a morning routine. In addition to helping you accomplish your goals, routines can help you improve your overall health by decreasing your stress levels and helping you get better sleep.

If you are interested in all of those improvements, plus more peace, more time for yourself, and more ownership of your day, then there’s no better day than tomorrow to start your own millionaire morning routine!

Three ways to create a millionaire morning routine of your own

Now you know that creating a millionaire morning routine is not about copying someone else’s. But how do you create one that works for you? Here are three ways to begin:

1. Start small and add more later

In the next section, you’ll get some ideas about what to include in your million dollar morning routine. You probably already have some ideas in mind. Before you decide on a ton of things you want to include in your routine, start small.

Choose just two or three things to incorporate into your first morning routine. It might help to write them down on your calendar so you can check them off after they are completed. Remember to start really small, especially if you’ve never had any sort of routine before.

Maybe the first iteration of your routine includes taking your vitamins and meditating for five minutes. That might not sound like a lot, but it’s something!

After you’ve gotten into the habit of performing your morning routine, you can (if you want) add on to it. By starting small with your new habits, you’ll have created a routine that you can build from to create an even more extensive one.

2. Commit for a few days and reassess

A second way to create a millionaire morning routine is to commit to your routine for a few days and then reassess what is working and what isn’t.

Let’s say you’ve decided to include a morning run, drinking two large glasses of water, and a journaling session in your million dollar morning routine. Maybe you can complete that for three days, but by day four, you’ve fallen off of the routine completely.

If that happens, it’s time to reassess. Ask yourself the following: Did you give yourself enough time? Was your routine too ambitious? What adjustments can you make? Maybe instead of a five-mile run, you can commit to putting on your jogging clothes and getting outside for ten minutes.

A scaled-back morning routine is better than none, so don’t be ashamed or feel like a failure if you have to reassess and revamp your routine if it doesn’t quite work.

3. Experiment to find what works for you

A third way to create a morning routine is to give yourself a specific amount of time each morning and use that time to try out different things.

For example, maybe you have thirty minutes in the morning for yourself, when you aren’t helping others get ready or attending to work emails. Spend a week or so figuring things out during that time.

Start by brainstorming all of the things you might want to include in your routine. If you’re like most people, your list is going to be way longer than the time you have to do all of those things. You’ll have to choose some and drop others.

That’s what this experiment is for! Maybe you do an at-home workout video and cook a healthy breakfast one day. Another day you put your phone down and ignore it for the first hour of your day.

After a week of experimenting, review your days and decide what to include in your million dollar morning routine. You can always keep on experimenting and your morning routine can constantly evolve.

What can you include in your millionaire morning routine?

Your millionaire morning routine should be yours and yours alone. So include in it whatever will make you feel inspired and ready to conquer the day.

To get you started on brainstorming what you to include in your routine, here are some suggestions for the mind and the body:

Million dollar morning routine activities for the mind:

Million dollar morning routine activities for the body:

Tips for a successful millionaire morning routine

Now that you have a plan on how to create your millionaire morning routine and you’ve chosen some activities to include, here are a few tips to ensure your success.

1. Plan ahead

A successful morning routine begins the night before. Take ten minutes in the evening to set yourself up for the next day. Instead of starting the day in a state of chaos and feeling behind, you can do little things to totally transform the energy of your morning and create an environment that you can thrive in.

By doing things like setting out your gym clothes, checking your schedule, and organizing your desk, you’ll have a way better chance of completing your morning routine.

2. Create a balanced routine

Looking at the list of suggestions above, and probably the list you created yourself, you’ll see that there are different categories of activities you can do in the morning. Some involve your mind, while others are more physical in nature.

If you want to have a successful morning routine, it’s best to create one with some balance. Don’t include only physical tasks, like strength training, stretching, and running.

Likewise, you might get burned out if you are doing things that involve lots of thinking, like journaling, meditating, and listing out affirmations. Strive to have a bit more balance and you’ll be more likely to stick to your routine.

3. Give yourself enough time

Lastly, make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your routine. Don’t be overly ambitious with what you can accomplish. Remember that just because Victoria Beckham fits in two, one-hour workouts before she heads to work, most of us don’t have that kind of time.

Also, don’t be afraid to carve out the time you need. You might not have hours and hours to devote to your morning routine, but do you have fifteen minutes? If you don’t, try to figure out how to create that time.

Wake up ten minutes earlier. Start having your children prepare their own breakfasts. Let your household know that you are unavailable until a certain time while you’re doing your million dollar morning routine. Whatever you need to do, make sure you give yourself enough time for all that you’ve decided to include in your routine. You can also consider a weekend routine too.

Have you tried a millionaire morning routine and it didn’t work? Do this instead

An elaborate morning routine is not right for everyone and during every season of life. Sometimes an extensive millionaire morning routine just isn’t in the cards. Maybe you’re a new mom reading this, and you laughed at the idea of the millionaire morning routine. Or perhaps you’ve tried one in the past and found it didn’t work.

In that case, there are still ways to reap the benefits of a morning routine without committing to one. First, you can try doing just one thing. Just one! That still counts as a routine. Then, maybe once things settle down, you can add to it and eventually create a more extensive routine.

Second, nobody said this routine has to happen in the morning. If you prefer to do it at night or if 3:00 p.m. is the only time of the day when you have thirty minutes for yourself, then choose that time! The point is to get your millionaire habits done when you can and when it works for you and your schedule.

The millionaire morning routine that you can stick to is the best routine for you

Everyone’s millionaire morning routine will look different. The point is to create one that feels good to you and that you can commit to. Once you trade in your chaotic mornings for a millionaire morning routine, there will be no looking back and no holding you back from all that you can accomplish! 

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